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      Mens Health Supplements

      Most men like to think that they are indestructible; they do not need remedies because they do not get sick. Of course this is a myth. In many cases men and women would take the same remedies however men do have special needs. Specific to men are prostate problems. Both prostate cancer as well as prostatitis is common in men.  Prostatitis is when the prostate becomes inflamed because of stress, drinking too much alcohol, the intake of too much caffeine or lack of exercise. Some symptoms to watch out for are painful urination, difficulty emptying the bladder completely, frequent urination throughout the night, pain when sitting, chills and fever and sometimes blood in the urine. There are men’s health supplements available that this will respond well to. It is common knowledge that maintaining a healthy diet and getting good regular exercise can be the best remedy for nearly anything. This includes the prostate and maintaining proper function. If you take at least 20 minutes of each day to go on a walk or do a simple workout you can do wonders for maintaining a healthy body. So many of us in today’s society sit at a desk all day and have limited movement. Our bodies need exercise in order to stay healthy. Increasing your daily intake of vitamin E, calcium and magnesium as well as zinc should put your body back on track and have you back to normal. Seeking the assistance of professional who is knowledgeable in supplements and vitamins, like Dr. Akoury, at Aware med can be helpful in deciding what is best for you.

      Men’s health supplements that should be taken on a regular basis are calcium and magnesium, vitamin E and zinc. It is also recommended that man eats 2 to 3 cucumbers a day and about a half cup of pumpkin seeds. It is a general rule that the supplements can help maintain a healthy prostate. You are better off receiving most of your vitamins by eating your food and leaving supplements for crisis situations. In order to get vitamin a you should eat green or yellow vegetables such as broccoli, winter squash, apricots, peaches and cantaloupe. For vitamin a and beta-carotene your best bet are broccoli, peas, cabbage, tomatoes, apricots, mangoes, spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots. Vitamin C is found in oranges, grape fruits, berries, melons, cabbage as well as cauliflower. A and C are founded brussel sprouts, leafy greens, spinach, tomatoes, sweet green and red peppers and sweet potatoes. Other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E and zinc can be found in spinach, cooked oatmeal, whole grain cereals, beef, cashews, eggs and turkey. Getting just 15 min. of exposure to sunlight without wearing any sunscreen can give you all of your daily vitamin D dose. Eating as much as you can each day of these foods that include more than one vitamin is your best bet. However there are plenty of foods available for you to choose from in order maintain the proper levels of vitamins and minerals every day that your body needs. On a daily basis you should be eating 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables. The most effective way to prepare your vegetables is by steaming them or just eating them simply raw. By boiling the vegetables many of the vitamins and minerals that you are looking for are lost in the water.

      Men’s health supplements should include high fiber intake. Once he reaches 50 a man should also strive to have a low-fat diet. It is at this age and beyond that a man is more likely to develop prostate problems. Fat can help promote these problems while fiber will help fight against them. When adding fats to your diet they need to be good fats that can be found in poultry and you need to receive omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in fish. Try to avoid using vegetable oil and use olive oil instead as is healthier for you. When you go shopping, start looking at the labels on the food that you are buying and try avoiding saturated fats. Herbs are also important for a man who is looking to keep healthy. Hawthorn should be taken daily by any man over the age of 50 as this can help increase the health of their hearts and lower their cholesterol levels. Saw Palmetto is also supplement that should be added to your daily diet if your family has a history of prostate cancer. This can greatly decrease the risk of developing it. By simply eating garlic a man can also lower his blood pressure as well as spice up his food in a delicious and healthy way.

      When it comes to men’s health supplements many men are concerned with the natural remedy that will help them fight impotence. Horny goat weed can help when it comes to circulation and if taken daily along with a healthy diet and a healthy exercise schedule can be a very effective male stimulant. You can find this in any health store and it is not hard to get a hold of. There are numerous herbs that can help with impotence. It is important to remember that once a man has reached the age 50 they should yearly receive a prostate exam to make sure that that there are no signs of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer one found early can be very effectively treated.

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