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      Fix your weight-gain hormones with nine proven tips

      If you didn’t know it, the pound you gain is determined by the hormones in your body. Studies have shown that hormones in your body influence the way fat is stored in your body as well as your appetite.

      To save yourself the trouble, use these nine tips to fix your weight hormones.


      Insulin is controls how sugar and fat are stored in your body depending on what you need at a particular time. To ensure that insulin functions as required, you need to normalise its levels in your body. To do this, you are required to minimise sugar as well as carbohydrate intake. Instead, take lots of protein and healthy fats found in fish and much more. You also need to exercise regularly.


      The main purpose of leptin is to discourage overheating. Unfortunately, it might not do this if its levels in your body are either below or above what is required. Just like insulin you need to normalise it to increase its performance. The best way to do this is to eliminate foods that lead to inflammation such as sugary foods, exercise regularly and lastly, use supplements.


      The main purpose of ghrelin is to alert you when you are angry. It reminds you that your stomach is empty, and it needs filling. Improper levels of this hormone might send wrong messages to your brain encouraging you to overeat. To improve its functionality, you’ll have to avoid foods with too much sugar and eat plenty of protein.


      This hormone is released when your body senses stress. It has also been realised that higher levels of this hormone can lead to overeating. So, you need to maintain it at proper levels by eating a balanced diet. You can also need to engage yourself in some activities that help relieve stress such as meditation, listening to music or getting a sound sleep.


      Oestrogen is a female hormone produced by the ovaries. Both low and high levels of this hormone may encourage weight gain. So, it is vital to maintaining it at correct levels. The best way to deal with it is, to eat large amounts of fibre, cruciferous vegetables, flax seeds and lastly, doing some exercise.

      Neuropeptide Y

      Neuropeptide Y is a hormone produced by your brain’s cells as well as the nervous system. Its purpose is to encourage the eating of foods such as carbohydrates especially when you are hungry. Higher levels may encourage overeating. To lower its levels, you need to eat more protein, don’t starve yourself and lastly, eat lots of fibre that are soluble.

      Glucagon-Like Peptide-I GLP-1

      GLP-1 is a hormone that works best to maintain the blood sugar at proper levels. Higher levels of this hormone have been realised to decrease appetite. To increase the levels of GLP-1, you need to eat lots of protein, anti-inflammatory foods and lastly, leafy greens.

      Cholecystokinin CCK

      Higher levels of this hormones reduced intake of food in both overweight persons as well as lean persons. To increase its levels, you are required to eat lots of proteins, healthy fats and fibre foods.

      Peptide YY PYY

      Higher levels of Peptide YY is known to reduce appetite. To increase the levels of this hormone, you need to eat low-carb foods, plenty of protein as well as fibre.

      Final Word

      If you can control the levels of your hormones, you won’t need to worry about your weight

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