stem cell therapy

For many years, humans have struggled to maintain a healthy life. More than enough diseases most of which are lethal have led to an epidemic, causing thousands of deaths in a short period.

The good news is, with more than enough discoveries, there are now treatments for almost all diseases that in the past threatened human existence. There are also more than enough vaccinations that have helped reduce the effects of such diseases by reducing their chances of occurrence.

The bad news is, there are still a few fatal diseases that still threaten to take the lives of many. What happened is that new diseases came into existence replacing the ones that were considered fatal in the past. This has forced scientists to carry out a lot of experiments geared towards saving the whole world from such disease.

Currently, researchers have introduced something new, the stem cell. According to findings, stem cell therapy has helped deal with a lot of complications that include the chronic illnesses as well as fatal ailments. This therapy targets a variety of complications that include, lung surgery, Parkinson’s, diabetes, retinitis, ageing, hepatitis, injuries to the spinal cord and much more. It has also been realised that it works for migraine headaches.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Works?

Stem cells are simply immature cells that are extracted from a woman’s placenta. What makes them unique is the fact that they can be differentiated into several types of cells. For the therapy to work, stem cells have to be injected into another human’s body. Unlike many other cells, there is no limit to the way they multiply.

Stem cell therapy

As a result, they have the ability to reach their targeted destination that is always a particular organ in the human body. They can also renew themselves. When they reach the organ that they were intended for, they’ll secret growth factors that rely on blood cell to produce other new blood cells.

The main purpose of the new blood cells is to replace the old damaged blood cells that lead to several illnesses.  They’ll multiply until they reach a level required by the body. Unlike many other remedies, stem cells help cure chronic diseases without the need of surgeries that cause pain. Stem cell therapy has proven to be quite helpful in dealing with complications such as migraine headaches. It is also among the cheapest migraine headache treatment compared to any other available remedies for the disease.

Among the most experienced stem cell therapy specialists is, Mexico-based, Dr Gonzales. He has spent up to 20 years working on stem cell therapy and according to him, the success rate for the treatment is quite high. The therapy hasn’t yet penetrated into many other countries, and that is the reason you might not have heard of it.

However, if you are looking for one of the best places you can visit to get the treatment, then Mexico would be your number one choice simply because it is also cheaper to go there unlike going to many other places around the world.


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