AWAREmed proposed Health Care Reform

The medical costs of obesity amounted to $147 billion in 2008,. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes consume 75 percent of the more than $2 trillion that Americans spend on health care. Many of these diseases are diseases created by modern civilization and industrialization; most of these diseases are preventable.

AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center offers America a prescription for Health Care Reform. “Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions deserve a true Health Care Reform that begins with raising public Awareness about Health and Wellness, coaching the Nation to change their medical and dis-ease fate through permanent Lifestyle Transformation. The public active involvement in the True Health Care Reform need to take a center stage; this will heighten the spirit of faith that will transform our nation’s health care?

It is crucial for us to realize that government policy, no matter how brilliant, cannot solve all of our problems. For example, one vital step on the path toward a healthier America is reigniting a sense of personal responsibility for health-affecting decisions. Policymakers can promote but not ensure progress toward this goal. The recent successes of some small town initiatives demonstrate how voluntary associations can play an important role.

In order to accomplish a true Health Care Reform the essential role of the Health Care Community from providers and legislators in need to encourage and assist individuals and communities to participate in healthy transforming Lifestyle programs that promote Health and Wellness supported by the entire community. AWAREmed Health and wellness Resource Center is heading a movement to encourage Health care providers to educate, and coach the public by increasing the Awareness about healthy choices that the public can make. By focusing on Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle choices we can conquer almost any disease, specially all man made diseases that are plaguing our community. By concentrating on inspiring a healthier environment act and implementing proper exercises and movement, and encouraging healthy nutritional choices and beating stress by promoting meditation and stress relief we can conquer all these man made diseases.

Lifestyle Healthy and Permanent Transformation is the only Prescription that will not only improve our Nation quality of life and intensify our productivity by preventing, restoring or reversing most diseases ailing our health care system but also will cut unnecessary Health care spending and save our Nation from reaching Bankruptcy, Our Mission at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is to motivate people to change.

Some government programs might help, but the more effective approach is the one taken by these communities, because it is based on a realistic understanding of human nature. “We’re social animals,” Carson says. “We have a profound impact on each other—for good or ill.”

This revolution that AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center embraces is most profound when every member of the community becomes involved. We will invite family members, friends, co-workers, and community leaders to work together as a team to promote a cause or, better yet, demonstrate in their own lives the benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle. We the PEOPLE can Reclaim our HEALT and WELLLNESS and together WE can Reform Health Care.