Breast Cancer Treatment At Awaremed with Dr. Dalal Akoury

One of the first days of treatment.

Sharon Keller’s Journey with Breast Cancer Treatment under Dr. Dalal Akoury Care

We traveled from Pittsburgh Pa to Myrtle Beach for my breast cancer treatment once my husband and I decided this was the best place for me. This was based on the amount of treatment options available and environment for this healing journey.   Dr. Akoury firmly believes in positive thinking, and a beautiful and calm environment for my breast cancer treatment. Each treatment room has beautiful decor with the smell of essential oils to enhance the senses and create an environment of healing.  My  journey began with a contacting phone to Awaremed and Seina, the office manager, answering a lot of questions about the treatment plans. In my case, Dr Akoury called me and talked to me from the airport to introduce herself and connect with me. She is warm and caring and like no other doctor I have ever known. You become family. In a time of sickness and fear, and  pain and concern, and being far from home,you are welcomed into the practice with open arms, smiles, and positive encouragement. Thus the breast cancer treatment and journey has begun. Fear tries to grip my heart and there is no place for it. Smiles, walks on the beach in barefeet, soothing music and laughter takes its place along with much prayer.

Sharon Keller’s first day of Breast Cancer treatment with Dr. Dalal Akoury

If you have any questions about treatment from a patient’s perspective, I would be more than happy to talk to you. I can be reached by calling Siena, the office manager of Awaremed and asking her to give you my phone number.  I would be honored to help you on your wellness  journey. You will never be the same in a good way. Life matters, people matter, and do not worry about the small stuff.

AWAREMED – phone number 843 – 492-4884. Seina will answer your questions and ask her for my number and I can give you a patient’s perspective.