Shocking news!!! Arsenic, an extremely poisonous metallic element that has been shown to cause cancer is found in your Organic Food

Beware of rice and rice based Gluten free food, as it can be be your Arsenic Source. Scientists are warning parents to avoid some infant formulas that may contain high levels of. Baby and toddler formulas are sweetened with hazardous arsenic-containing organic brown rice syrup. The alarming body of knowledge about the harmful effects of corn syrup on the health of the population and on the upsurge of obesity has led many food manufacturers to turn to organic brown rice syrup, believing it to be a healthier alternative to the high fructose corn syrup. Now, researchers have discovered that brown rice syrup may be an unintended source of arsenic, a highly toxic metallic element that’s been shown to increase the risk of cancer when present in drinking water. Brian Jackson, one of the researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences at Dartmouth University in New Hampshire, investigated the amount of arsenic in foods consumed by babies. Jackson and other investigators randomly purchased more than a dozen baby formulas to test them for the presence of arsenic. The result of the study showed that the formulas contained very low or trace amounts of arsenic, including those that had rice starch. One toddler formula with organic brown rice syrup as the primary ingredient had arsenic concentrations six times the federal limit of 10 parts per billion for arsenic in drinking water. Researchers also found high levels of inorganic arsenic, the most toxic form of arsenic, in soy based formula. Researchers uncover that growing rice needs a mineral in soil called silica sadly arsenic looks like silica, therefore the growing rice plant absorbs both silica and arsenic equally from the ground. Unfortunately when the rice is fermented to make organic rice syrup arsenic dissolves easily in the watery brew and becomes part of the syrup. 

Researchers warn you and urge you to read labels especially if you are parent you need to read the label on every baby food products and by all means avoid purchasing infant foods that contain organic rice syrup.

Arsenic In Exposure can cause thickening and discoloration of the skin, stomach pain, numbness in hands and feet, partial paralysis and blindness, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Arsenic also increases the risk of bladder cancer and other cancers..
Again Yes your Rice may contain arsenic, There is a surprisingly high level of arsenic in rice-based organic toddler formula and energy bars.
Cereal bars that contained rice products like brown rice syrup or rice flour had arsenic levels ranging from 23 to 128 parts per billion.
Regrettably people who are on gluten-free diets and who eat a lot of rice-based foods are at higher risk to ingest large doses or arsenic.
Sadly brown rice tends to have more arsenic than white rice, however one should remember that arsenic levels vary greatly depending on where and when rice is grown. Researchers indicate that eating about a half-cup of cooked rice daily was equivalent to drinking a liter of water with arsenic at the maximum 10 parts per billion levels considered safe by the EPA.
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