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Cognitive behavioral treatment approach

Cognitive behavioral treatment

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach essential in restoration of human health and productivity

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach: Understanding cocaine craving

Even as we adopt the cognitive behavioral treatment approach for addiction, patients need to recognize that experiencing some craving is normal and quite common. Craving does not mean that something is wrong or that the patient really wants to resume drug use. This not always the case. And for a better understanding, doctor Akoury who is a veteran addiction experts alongside her teams of experts are going to be very instrumental to us in bringing this discussion into perspective. Therefore we want to encourage you to stay with us on the link and get the best you can in dealing with cocaine addiction and the best possible way of solving that problem.

Now according to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, it is true that because of the frequency and the variety of circumstances in which cocaine is self-administered, a multitude of stimuli has been paired with cocaine abuse. These may act as conditioned cues or triggers for cocaine craving. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most common triggers including being around people with whom one used cocaine, having the money or getting paid, drinking alcohol, social situations, and certain affective states, such as anxiety, depression, or joy. Triggers for cocaine craving also are highly idiosyncratic, thus identification of cues should take place in an ongoing way throughout treatment.

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach: The genesis of finding cocaine addiction solution

We can never be settled in life if any member of our family is suffering from an addiction whether it is to cocaine or any other substance, it, therefore, means that for us to have the comfort we desire in life, we must all play our individual parts in solving the problem of addiction and that is where a cognitive behavioral approach of treating addiction come in handy. Doctor Dalal Akoury is very objective and categorical that lasting solution to cocaine addiction starts with the individual victim. In other words, the individual addict must make a certain decision before third parties and family members get in to help. By the way that doesn’t mean that members of the family should just sit back and watch their loved ones sink in addiction. Not at all, however, it is Important that the acknowledgment on the part of the direct victim that he or she has a problem is very crucial in the treatment program.

Upon attaining this then the fear of denial shall have been dealt with paving way for the commencement of treatment that will translate to Ideal sobriety to the direct victim. This is what doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center do best. Therefore if you or anyone you know is struggling with cocaine or any other drug, then help is only a phone call away. You can call doctor Akoury to schedule an appointment so that all your addiction concerns can be addressed professionally today for a better and more refreshing life thereafter.

Cognitive behavioral treatment approach: Understanding cocaine craving





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Discouraging sugar consumption

Discouraging sugar consumption

Discouraging sugar consumption by taking other natural fruits that does cause any damage to health

Discouraging sugar consumption: Putting sugar addiction to check naturally

People like sweet things and sugar being what it is, many just loved it. We are not saying that sugar is bad, but when we get addicted to it, there will be some consequences. Therefore, even as we use it, this must be done proportionately. Any act of discouraging sugar consumption in excess is a worthy one. When we begin craving for sugar, its sweetness is altered to addiction bringing with it other chronic health conditions in human life. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under doctor Dalal Akoury’s care recommends that when one begins to get into this stage of usage, such a person should seek for help from medical experts. Any hesitation in taking action can be very costly as we will be discussing progressively with the help of doctor Akoury as follows:

Discouraging sugar consumption: Diet tips for fighting sugar cravings

Consumption of refined sugar is the common practice across the globe creating great concerns to experts. Take for example in the US it’s estimated that an average American citizen is consuming up to 160 pounds of refined sugar yearly. This high is not happening in America only but also in most of the western countries. Studies have positioned western world to be leading in the prevalence number of health conditions associated with sugar consumption. Some of those health conditions include diabetes, certain types of cancer, obesity and overweight, and tooth decay. Besides that, it is also very important to note that the consumption of too much sugar can also have an impact on individual’s mood causing them to feel tired, irritable, anxious and aggressive.

These complications can cause serious discomforts if treatment is not sought for in good time. With these conditions, one would wish to take action immediately. Nonetheless, it is always very difficult to cut back on sugar because many have a natural tendency to like sweet things a nature’s trick to save us from poisonous plants which usually have a bitter taste. A sweet tooth was valuable to the survival of our ancestors also because sugary foods provide a quick source of energy. The problem these days is that we eat far more sugar than our ancestors ever did. Also the type of sugar we tend to consume makes us more vulnerable to health problems: rather than indulging in healthy sweet treats like berries or fruit we often opt for unhealthy snacks containing concentrated amounts of white table sugar. This highly refined sugar has little nutritional value; yet it is high in calories. With that said and done let us now get to the natural means of discouraging sugar consumptions or cravings, and remember that the presentations we are going to give only represent diet related tips to help you fight off sugar cravings but are not in any way substitute the professional medical or nutritional advice by the professionals. In that connection, you can seek for more information by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for professional input.

Discouraging sugar consumption: Putting sugar addiction to check naturally


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Cross addiction nightmare in addiction recovery

Cross addiction nightmare

Cross addiction nightmare in addiction recovery coupled with denial and frustrations can ruin any progress made in treatment process

Cross addiction nightmare in addiction recovery: Dealing with PAWS

Most cocaine addicts struggle with the idea of total abstinence. If you’re addicted to cocaine, you know you never want to use cocaine again. Cocaine has ruined your life, it has cost you a lot of money, but you’re not sure about stopping alcohol. Maybe alcohol has never been a problem. But because of cross addiction, if you want to stop using cocaine you must also stop all addictive drugs including alcohol and marijuana.

Alcohol is a common trigger for cocaine use. You’ll start with just a few drinks a week. Maybe you’ll drink moderately for weeks or even months without using cocaine. But then one week, you’ll have a bad week. Bad things happen. During that week, everything will go wrong. You’ll be stressed out at work. You’ll have an argument at home. And by the end of the week, you’ll really want a drink. But instead of just a few drinks, you’ll want maybe three or four drinks to take the edge off. After the first one or two drinks, your inhibitions will be lower. After two or three drinks, you’ll reach a magic number, and your brain will suddenly say “Bingo. I remember this feeling, and I remember something that feels even better.” And you’ll be off using again.

These are the temptation techniques which can be avoided by choosing to remain sober through constant consultation with the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury from time to time. Remember that doctor Akoury is a veteran addiction expert and has been of help to many people across the globe and your condition will be very safe with her but first you need to make that commitment of scheduling for an appointment with her today.

Cross addiction nightmare in addiction recovery: How to deal with PAWS

Doctor Akoury is registering that in dealing with Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) challenges of inconsistency will always be there. This is because PAWS often come and go. Because of this many people will find relief within a very short period of time and with that in mind, the following tips can help you in increasing your recovery process:

  • Ensuring that they eat a balanced diet and taking nutritional supplements as prescribed by their doctor. If these symptoms are being caused by nutritional deficiencies then eating a balanced diet should help to address this.
  • Exercise is not only good for physical health but also for mental well-being. It is important that people in recovery devote at least a little time each day to physical activity.
  • Meditation is a wonderful tool for improving concentration and developing inner peace. Those who are dealing with PAWS can find it difficult to mediate nonetheless; they can begin by learning some simple breathing exercises.
  • Those people who belong to a recovery group are likely to find that this provides them with support and advice.
  • One of the important tasks for early recovery is for people to develop skills for dealing with stress. A good reason for attending rehab is that it gives the individual a head start in developing such coping mechanisms.
  • It is important that those who are dealing with PAWS realize that these symptoms will almost certainly disappear once they are established in recovery.

Cross addiction nightmare in addiction recovery: Dealing with PAWS






Marijuana addiction awareness and treatment

Marijuana addiction awareness

Marijuana addiction awareness and treatment effectiveness in the transformation of addiction recovery

Marijuana addiction awareness and treatment: Also known as cannabis sativa

Many at times we are faced with certain misleading statements about illicit drugs, with their users making every effort to convince non-users of how good these illicit drugs are good and should be used freely. The truth is that once illicit it is bad and nothing can be good about it. Looking at the way drugs ruin families, societies and even nations, I cannot just sit and pretend that things will normalize with time without doing something about it. And that is the reason why doctor Dalal Akoury MD a renowned addiction expert of several decades made a very passionate decision to create a medical center (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to finding their own inner healing power and exercising it for total recovery about all kinds of addictions. And as we explore on all kinds of addiction, we want to narrow down on the marijuana addiction awareness and treatment progressively.

Besides that in the level of professionalism, it will interest you to note that Dr. Akoury’s practice primarily focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. And now with such a professional onboard we can proceed to sharing with you what you need to know about marijuana so that you can separate between myths and facts. In the meantime, if you have any concerns that you need clarification from the expert then you can call doctor Akoury on telephone number 843 213 1480 and she will gladly address your concerns professionally.

Marijuana addiction awareness and treatment: The hemp plant

Now back to the discussion, marijuana is derived from the hemp plant, cannabis sativa and it is a dry, shredded green and brown mix of flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used and abused illicit drug globally with the U.S being one of the highly rated in is abuse. This substance is loaded with over 400 different chemicals with the main one being that which brings alteration to the mind known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The level of THC content in marijuana after cultivation can range from less than 1% to more than 30% and has been increasing dramatically, making marijuana increasingly potent and more addictive. This therefore defeats the myth that marijuana is harmless because the fact is and according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), in 2010 there were over 572,000 marijuana-involved admissions to hospital emergency rooms. This is not a small thing that you can easily wish away, and in the same report it was also established that during the same timeframe, an estimated 11,406 emergency department visits involved a synthetic cannabinoid product, sometimes referred to as “synthetic marijuana” and commonly known by street names like “Spice” or “K2”. That can only mean that this is a very dangerous drug and this awareness is timely.

Marijuana addiction awareness and treatment: Also known as cannabis sativa


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Multiple addiction complications treatment

Multiple addiction complications

Compromising Multiple addiction complications treatment that delivers healing

Multiple addiction complications treatment: Alcohol depressive effects

For every problem there must be the spirit of seeking for solution to that problem. Without solutions the problem may escalate into even much more bigger problems further complicating the initial problem that could have been dealt with easily if somebody cared to seek for the solution. Therefore when the problem at hand is about multiple addiction complications and substance abuse life can be very frustrating. To remedy the situation, seeking for timely treatment for multiple addiction complications becomes the focus of our discussion in this article. As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and also the founder of the facility we appreciate that sometimes treatment of multiple drug and alcohol addiction can be too complicated for many treatment facilities to adequately manage. Ordinarily the instinct of many is to treat the problem as two addictions instead of approaching it as a complex, interwoven, mental disorder.

However when you visit us, be rest assured that our team of professional medical expert together with other professional support staff in different respective professions, we will and very quickly get to the heart of the problem of our patients’ simultaneous dependency issues. Upon evaluation we will professionally administer the correct detoxification procedure based on your individual multiple addictions. Doctor Akoury reiterates that on successfully completing the detox process is only then can we officially begin the behavioral health phase of treatment. We want to encourage you not to suffer in silence because help is available with us and treatment is guaranteed irrespective of how messy you may think your situation is, we will sort it out because that is the passion we have in delivering quality treatment to all our clients. We would be very glad to be part of your recovery and celebrate with you as you re possess your health and life back.

Multiple addiction complications treatment: No matter the justification, there is nothing good about drugs

As it has always been the case, there is nothing good about drugs no matter the justifications users may have. All we get from drugs is problems and problems all through. Alcohol consumption for example has serious depressive effect on it individual’s users more so when it is mixed with other substances like amphetamines. The consequences of such combinations are never good and users may experience reduced symptoms from both substances thereby causing them to continue their habit of abuse. Besides that the combination can lead to an irregular heartbeat, spasms, headaches, kidney disease and much more. That is why working with the addiction therapists and other experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to get help is highly recommended. Nonetheless what many people and particularly non-addicts often struggle to understand is that addiction is never about the drug of choice itself. On the surface it would appear that alcoholism or sex addiction stemmed from an intense love of alcohol or sex. Professionally this is hardly the case. Doctor Akoury explains that addiction represents a deep and unattainable craving-a mental, physical, and spiritual longing. It is however very important to appreciate that the item or behavior being craved is never the issue because the problem is the insatiable need.

Multiple addiction complications treatment: Alcohol depressive effects