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Hormones imbalances

Rediscovering medicine profession

Rediscovering medicine profession

Rediscovering medicine profession primarily to make it more profitable to the medical personnel

Rediscovering medicine profession: Do you know your physician well?

Until not long ago the medical profession was the love of every school going, child. You ask any young person what she or she would want to become in future and out of 10 students eight will tell you titles relating to medicine. I want to be a neurosurgeon, dentist, optician, dermatologist, gynecologist name it. That was then, today the number has gone down and I won’t be surprised if on two out of ten will still be confident to associate with this noble profession. So what has gone wrong? That is what we want to find out even ad we focus on rediscovering medicine profession in our time.

If you have been living in America, you must have heard that many doctors are miserable to the point of committing suicide. And from the previous statistics, it is evident that up to 300 physicians take their life annually with the remaining suffering from depression and frustration. This is worrying and we spoke to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to establish the root course. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is also the founder of this establishment agrees that there is a big problem in the medical profession. She can trace this from poor remuneration to working condition and lack of promotion even when job appraisal is done annually among many other problems.

And because of this, the once prestigious profession has become very miserable with many physicians opting out. This can be very dangerous to mankind hence the need of finding solutions. And that explains why doctor Akoury having listened to the needs of many depressed physicians, founded I-AM-I (Integrative Advance Medicine Institute) to help in training medical staff in the new ways of administering treatment that is more rewarding not only in the financial aspect but also delivers satisfaction and comfort in work delivery both for the patients and the doctors.

Rediscovering medicine profession: Taking the first step to liberty

If you are a doctor outside there, you are not new to the misery and frustration we go through with the current system being used in medicine. I think that time has come for you and the many physicians out there to be appreciated adequately and not taken for a ride. If you are in agreement, then the starting point will be to get the right skills for the elimination of depression and frustrations with the current system. And that is why rediscovering medicine profession becomes important. With this piece of information, a lot may be going on in your mind right now. We appreciate that and therefore if you want to find more about I-AM-I you are welcome and you can always call on doctor Dalal Akoury MD on telephone number 843 213 148 for further insight about this new treatment dispensation that will bring a total turnaround in the lives of many miserable physicians in America and beyond.

Rediscovering medicine profession: Do you know your physician well?


Recovery success

Adventure treatment therapies

Adventure treatment therapies

Adventure treatment therapies when offered professionally can bring out the health perfection we all desire

Adventure treatment therapies: Recreational activities involved

When making reference to integrative treatment therapy, we are alluding to the fact that all alternative treatment approaches are also given a chance in the administration of treatment to health complications. That is why Adventure treatment therapies are experiential psychotherapy in which participants complete challenging activities within a safe and closely supervised environment also comes in. Under this arrangement, nothing is left out, ropes courses, problem-solving activities, outdoor experiences, and trust-based activities are just but a few examples of adventure therapy. And speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury, MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, doctor Akoury registers that adventure treatment therapy is interwoven into all the treatment programs at this facility, with residents typically alternating between a therapeutic adventure activity and equine therapy periodically. These are all group activities, though some have an individual component to them that requires the rest of the group to offer encouragement and support to one member.

At this facility, it is important to appreciate that we give all the residents an opportunity to participate in adventure treatment therapy via 16 elements on our challenge course, as well as numerous indoor adventure therapy activities including.

  • The challenge course and adventure activities provide the perfect opportunity to face interpersonal issues.
  • Residents gain a heightened awareness about behavior and consequences, acceptance, and trust.
  • They also may discover personal limitations or that they have greater reserves of strength, capabilities, and courage in the process.

Adventure therapy is voluntary

Though effective adventure therapy is accomplished in a safe, nurturing, and closely supervised environment, some residents may still be hesitant to participate. Those who prefer not to take part in certain activities always have the option of simply observing or attending another AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center group in which they feel comfortable. In all these our therapeutic recreational and activities program are all designed to promote recovery and encourage residents to make healthy lifestyle changes even after their time with us during the residential treatment.

Comprehensive fitness assessment

Each resident at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center receives a thorough Fitness Assessment, which is used in planning activities to enhance the individual’s treatment process and to facilitate continuing care recommendations pertinent to recovery. The attending physician assesses his or her appropriate level of activity throughout the course of treatment. We emphasize the importance of health and wellness by teaching residents how to practice self-care on a daily basis.

Benefits of therapeutic recreation

In addition to the many therapeutic benefits that can be gained from participating in these activities, therapeutic recreation also allows residents to discover new and productive ways to fill their leisure hours, as well as process everyday stresses and pressures. For individuals who previously spent much of their days acquiring and using drugs or who responded to stress by engaging in self-harming activities learning healthy new pursuits can be a key element in promoting recovery and preventing relapse.

Adventure treatment therapies: Types of therapeutic recreation

The following are examples of the innovative and effective therapeutic activities that we use to help our clients address their unique needs and meet their personal goals. Because of the individualized nature of treatment, participation in these activities is determined on a case-by-case basis for the benefit of each patient.

  • Adventure Therapy
  • Challenge Course
  • Climbing Wall
  • Expressive Arts
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy

Adventure treatment therapies: Recreational activities involved


Fighting opioid addiction

Global painkillers addiction epidemic

Global painkillers addiction

Global painkillers addiction epidemic is causing more health trouble than we can imagine

Global painkillers addiction epidemic: Opioids pill form energy

The prevalence of addiction in our societies demands that we be on high alert in dealing with all kinds of addiction including tackling the global painkillers addiction epidemic. A well-thought approach from all sectors of health care that includes all primary, secondary and tertiary care methods; clinical care approaches and even financiers like insurers working with providers to reduce barriers to addiction treatment that will secure prescription avenues to prevent over-prescription is very essential. Doctor Dalal Akoury, MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is reiterating that when fighting opioid addiction, opioids pill forms energy and addiction, it is important that everybody needs to be involved including the pharmacies. Doing this will fundamentally reduce the risk of addiction for all patients and will directly benefit individuals with a history of or tendency to opioid pills (painkiller) addiction.

Global painkillers addiction epidemic: The most desired form of pain killers

Most of the opiates being abused by addicted patients are in pill form. These are easy to open up, transport, and also provide the brain toxicology-altering high that addicts seek. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are categorical that the easiest ways to fight addiction are to eliminate the reward from the situation entirely. This can be done by compounding oral painkillers into up-to-date creams and gels were possible with this the compounding pharmacies can lower the risk of addiction significantly. The good news about this is that not only do topical compounds deliver more localized pain relief and cause fewer complications due to lower absorption rates, a topical compound does not alter brain state the way oral opioids do when delivering the much needed high by users.

Besides that doctor Akoury registers that pharmacies can also provide alternative options for traditional painkillers which are typically reserved for patients who have allergies to certain medications thereby necessitating the need for compounded alternatives, using a painkiller alternative for Vicodin or Oxycontin that can lower prescriptions for the highly addictive and readily available painkillers. Patients or doctors with patients who are working on overcoming drug addiction can also work with a compounding pharmacy to help with “tapering,” or the act of slowly reducing ingested levels of opioids to safely treat the body’s addiction without abruptly cutting off the supply.

Finally, according to the information available with the public health sector, it is evident that compounding pharmacies contribute a lot to the fight against opioid addiction on both fronts at the macro level by working with researchers and other health care professionals to understand the broader development of these public health issues; and at the micro level by working with patients and physicians to use compounding to reduce the addictive properties of medications. If you are struggling with any kind of addiction we want to let you know that help is on the way and you can be well again in a very short time at affordable rates. Speak to us today and we will attend to you professionally.

Global painkillers addiction epidemic: Addiction prevention and treatment




choose life breast cancer, Sharon cancer, Dr. Akoury

choose Life Breast Cancer

I Choose Life Breast Cancer

I choose Life Breast Cancer, I choose life over Breast Cancer everyday.  Choose Life Breast Cancer; I have made a decision and that is to choose life over breast cancer.  That was not an easy decision. When I first started my breast cancer journey, I never thought anything but cancer would be in my future. I was consumed with the fear of not getting through this ordeal and did not feel well. I have autoimmune issues of Hashimoto disease, chronic lyme disease, and chronic osteomyelitis of the upper jaw. I felt so sick and defeated at first. Dr. Akoury and my husband kept telling me to trust God and let go of the fear and anxiety. I could not see our from under it  It actually would frustrate me to keep hearing from Dr. Akoury that you learn to live with the cancer and tame it.

Choose Life Breast Cancer, Changing how I think in this breast cancer journey

Dr. Akoury believes and tells me…..It is your friend that allowed you to know something was really off balance in your body and you now have the gift to change your life. It has awakened you. I did not embrace those truths at all at first. Something changed. I am not sure when but it was after a month or so of treatment. Well, I have to be honest at about my stubbornness as it was about the second month of treatment that I started to embrace those truths.  As I pour over God’s truth, he allows me to see the different reality that I am truly walking. I have a choice. I can embrace and hold on to the trauma of breast cancer or I can take this opportunity to embrace the life that he has given me. I CHOOSE LIFE BREAST CANCER! I choose to look at it as an awakening of my life. I have a purpose. I have a journey. I have a family that I love. I have a husband that I want to spend time with and enjoy. I have a newfound family and help in Dr. Akoury and Awaremed and her wonderful staff. I may have days I don’t feel 100 percent and days I am tired of supplements and strict diet and cancer treatments. But I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper and plans for a hope and a future. I choose life and the awesome gift of it.

I choose life over breast cancer.

When I embraced that something changed. I wake up with a song in my heart. I find myself singing. I smile again. I love myself and people again, I feel joy again. I now smile when Dr. Akoury tells me to smile and love life. I get it now….. Breast cancer, or for that matter, any cancer is not a death sentence. It is a chance to find your life and reinvest in it. Of course life will never be the same. I am now convinced that I do not want it ever to go back to the place where I was at. My attitude can help keep cancer at bay. My diet, treatments. and lifestyle are all huge, but I am the driver of this ride. I choose life over breast cancer and always will.

The mission with Dr. Akoury and other cancer patients

I want to help Dr. Akoury with her mission and life passions to help people. I want to learn for myself and others how to keep on this path of healing. Life is good – very very good and God is better! I choose life over breast cancer and with Dr. Akoury I am learning how to complete my journey. I would love to talk to anyone considering this path. I am sure it has been a path of healing and not poisons from full dose chemo and radiation. It has become a discovery of healing with IVs of chelation, detoxing, Poly MVA, amino acids, high dose vitamin C and other healing therapies.  I am so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Akoury for the detoxing IVs and the ozone treatments with the IBV light. and the IPT that helps my low dose chemo tame cancer. Thank you, God for life and leading me on this breast cancer journey to discover life again. Thank you, dear jeff for the commitment to stand by me.  I would be so glad to talk to anyone considering this path of treatment. It is a chance to discover the ability inside your self to heal and become whole again. It is a journey of breast cancer, or so I thought when I started, but now know it is a journey of finding life and purpose. Seina is  the office manager of Awaremed and would gladly give you my phone number to allow me to answer questions about this treatment option. It brings you to life again.  phone number 843 213 1480

If you want to help my journey –



Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller, Dr. Akoury

The Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller healing has begun and every day is spent on many IVs to clean the internal environment so that cancer is not welcome anymore.  Once I get things all cleaned out….. Then on to low dose chemo with IPT. That is a great thing. My wonderful husband is such a great support and comes to the clinic everyday with me. That is one of my greatest blessings. Fear still wants to rear its ugly head and Dr. Akoury and the caring staff keeps trying to encourage positive healing thoughts to help my  body. I never realized that the body, mind, and spirit is all part of the healing. I pour over scripture and write scripture on note cards to read “real truth” instead of the lies that my body tells me with symptoms. The truth of the matter is you can feel rough with all of the detox and immune boosting ivs and supplements. It is all good to not feeling well as I know my body is cleaning out all bad things. I am starting to lose weight which is a good thing. I was so inflamed and swollen when I first came to the clinic. Diet plays such a huge part of the healing too. One of the hardest hurdles was the ingesting of all of the supplements. They are all wonderful for you but my stomach stuggled to accept them. I got a tip from another sweet patient that says she uses chocolate coconut milk to make her shakes. That masks the taste and things go down sooo much better now.  Healing is taking place!! Praise God!!

Dr. Akoury gives so freely to her patients as she tries to educate us along the way. She tells us how to heal our guts where so much of our immune system is at… I have learned that the body can heal once it has a clean environment. There is such a necessity for good bacteria to be added to our gut. Ghee can be fermented and added to everything. This picture of us was when I had an appointment with the surgeon to see when I should have the breast lumectomy. What doctor goes with you?  Dr. Akoury does and to say she gives her heart to her patients is an understatement. I came into treatment so scared and so many times would get worried and would be able to regain a confidence in my healing after a phone call or a time spent with Dr. Akoury. I would never have gotten this kind of treatment with conventional treatment. I can not imagine being in full dose chemo and what it can do to me…. missing my home but I am so grateful for this treatment plan. I have grown in my faith, confidence, and health. To God be the Glory!!!I have autoimmune diseases that complicates things but am healing!

I would be glad to talk to anyone considering integrative oncology as a cancer treatment plan. Call Awaremed and talk with Seina and she can give you my phone number.