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Cocaine addiction

Problematic substances patterns

Problematic substances

Problematic substances patterns moves with wrong choices

Problematic substances patterns: Treating sexual addiction concurrently with drug abuse

When examining problematic substances patterns and who they are use in individuals seeking help for a sexual addiction, it becomes clear that the two are indistinguishably linked together. It is estimated from the various studies that between 40-60% of individuals struggling with sexual addiction also meet the criteria for alcohol or drug addiction. And according to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center it is evident that many individuals with sexual addiction problems have actually admitted to using substances in order to deal with, or escape from, the pain caused by their sexual behavior. Besides that it is also very common that many people are currently using substances to get over their inhibitions in order to engage in sexual behaviors that might be uncharacteristic for them if they were not drunk or high further explaining the significance of multi addiction.

We must therefore seek for information by way of investigating how multiple addictions can feed into one another. This is very important because it is possible that individuals may use one of their addictions to mask or dismiss the other addiction and this could be influenced by various reasons including fear and shames especially those elements that are considered shameful addiction. Like for instance, an individual may deny having a problem with sexual addiction and insist completely that their problematic sexual behavior is only caused by intoxication. The truth of the matter in this case may be that the drugs or alcohol are merely concealing the pain and shameful acts that are associated with the sexual addiction thereby helping the person to be spared from the emotional consequences of his or her actions. By the same token, both addictions may work on intensifying one another in such a way that the person only engages in their sexual addiction under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These rituals then serve to protect the addiction and ensure that patterns of use are stable and predictable and this can be very dangerous if not dealt with expeditiously.

Problematic substances patterns: Addressing the whole addictive process

A major concern with treatment of substance use disorder alone is that untreated sexual addiction often precipitates a relapse of substance use. Dealing with one addiction while ignoring the other may end up intensifying the problem that has not been addressed. A good example would be when a person in early recovery from a substance addiction turns to sexual performance enhancers in order to continue the ritualized sexual behavior that was previously enhanced by the substance use. This sexual behavior can continue to be problematic for the individual. The individual may continue to feel a sense of shame and pain.

Therefore recovery is about addressing the entire addictive process, not just those associated with a particular substance or behavior. The addictive process, whether related to sexual behavior or substances is often characterized by a pattern of secrecy, cognitive distortions and rituals. Consequently recovery from addiction regardless of type, would involve embracing and attempting to live a life of honesty, authenticity and emotional growth. All these are attainable with professional guidance from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Problematic substances patterns: Treating sexual addiction concurrently with drug abuse


alzheimer’s disease treatment

Bone metastasis pain relief

Bone metastasis pain

Even though metastasis pain can be treated scientifically, Bone metastasis pain relief can also be sought from healthy living practices

Bone metastasis pain relief

If you have bone metastasis, you can help manage the pain by keeping track of it. A clear understanding of the pain is going to help the most. Doctor Akoury advises that you need to keep all records of pain in a pain diary so that you can respond effectively to the questions asked by your oncologist. Some of those questions may include:

  • How severe is the pain on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • What is the pain like? Is it burning? Sharp? Dull?
  • When is your pain the best and worst for example, with movement or when lying down?
  • Where is the pain located? In one place? In several places?

For effective treatment, provision of such information responses is very important. It will not only give you the best treatment solution, but a good communication is equally going to get you the best pain relief, say doctor Akoury.

The best treatment for you

The normal practice is that your doctor will carry out an evaluation and consider many factors when determining your treatment options. They may consider the location of the pain. For example, metastasis in a weight-bearing bone is more painful than in other bones. This may affect the approach to treatment. Pain management may also depend on how widespread the pain is. If pain is just in one place we would manage that somewhat differently than if it is in multiple places.

If you have pain only in one or two spots, it is possible to target the cancer with radiation therapy. This uses high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells and help relieve bone pain. Often, though, the pain is in several spots. It is not possible to focus a directed therapy such as radiation on many spots. In such cases the use of a more total body treatment for the pain, such as drug therapy may be applicable.

Finally management of cancer pains from bone metastasis is very effective however the patient must be proactive for treatment to be very rapid and timely. It may sound less important but the information that will come out of the answered question derived from the notes you kept will be very useful in treatment solutions. This disease is not very friendly and anything however little you have concerning the disease cancer is worth sharing with the specialist. We recommend that you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury MD and also the founder and President of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for all your concerns about bone metastasis pain relies today and all your concerns will be addressed professionally and to the benefit of your health.

Bone metastasis pain relief:




stem cell medication

Stem cell and future medication

Stem cell therapy is undoubtedly the most innovative treatment that is currently available. But it is easy to miss out on some important facts if you base your judgment on the controversies revolving around it.

You need to understand clearly that a lot of research is still going on to find out the limit this treatment can go without leaving out the potential benefits and threats. In this article, I’m going to take you through some few things you need to know about stem cells.

How are embryonic stem cells obtained? Does the procedure defy ethics?

An embryonic stem cell is simply a product of the embryo. But to get a working stem cell, the embryo must be obtained after the egg of a woman is fertilized by the sperm from a man. The fertilization can be achieved either in a laboratory or the body of a woman.

If the embryos that are obtained via a laboratory procedure aren’t placed in the womb of a woman, then they can be used for medical research. Instead of throwing them away, scientists choose to harvest these eggs from which they obtain the stem cells.

What to keep in mind is that stem cells are never acquired from the fertilized eggs that are inside the human body. They are obtained from a laboratory and multiplied using cell cultures. Once obtained, they are frozen and shipped to wherever they are needed for treatment.

Other sources for stem cells

Adult stem cells are also useful but are only used to reproduce cells of their kind. For example, if the adult stem cells are muscle cells, they can only differentiate to form muscle cells. However, some studies have shown that contrary to what the scientist are claiming, adult stem cells just like embryonic stem cells can differentiate into other cells, but this is yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, embryonic stem cells have the ability to differentiate into all kinds of cells.

Why is the world so concerned about stem cells?

Simple, stem cells have the ability to differentiate into other kinds of cells. This makes them quite useful in solving many other health complications affecting humans today. However, there are a few of those who don’t fully accept the use of embryonic stem cells due to other ethical issues. Due to this, President Bush decided to restrict the research to stem cell sources that are existing.


stem cell medication

The objective of stem cell research

Scientists are more interested in their ability to differentiate. The main reasons embryo makes the main target is the fact that it can create all kinds of human body cells. But to achieve this procedure, scientist are trying to figure out how genes make a decision of creating specific kinds of cells.

They are also more interested in the information targeting the change in cell development. Figuring out all these will help them come up with cures for birth defects as well as cancers. However, all this depends on several issues that need to be addressed by both the government and the scientists.


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dental pulp stem cells

Understanding How Dental Pulp Stem Cells Use and Banking Works

Dental pulp can simply be defined as the soft living tissue that exists inside your tooth. These soft tissues contain stem cells that are known as DPSCs. Just like any other stem cells, DPSCs have the ability to become any cell in human body.

Among the best functional Dental Pulp Stem Cells can be obtained from the baby’s milk teeth either on the lower or the upper incisors and canines. Studies have shown that this kind of stem cells can also be found in the wisdom tooth of a young adult.

Dental Pulp Stem Cells can be likened to mesenchymal cells known to be quite beneficial in various treatments. These cells can differentiate to form different types of cells in the body that includes, osteoblasts, adipocytes as well as chondrocytes.

Potential Uses of Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Dental Pulp Stem cells are among the vital requirements in regenerative stem cell therapies of several degenerative related complications. They offer a variety of potential therapeutic applications that include.

  • Myocytes: Muscle tissue repair
  • Neuronal: Brain and nerve tissue regeneration
  • Adipocytes: Fat tissue generation
  • Chondrocytes: They can generate and regenerate cartilage vital for joint injuries and arthritis treatments.
  • Osteocytes: Generation of Bones

In summary, dental pulp stem cells have the ability to generate some structures in the body that include bone, cartilage, dental tissue and more.

Understanding Dental Pulp stems cell harvesting

Stem cell harvesting is simply a procedure that involves the collection, storage as well as the preservation of Dental Pulp Stem cells. To maintain their nature, DPSCs have to be frozen and kept inside a stem cell bank. This requires the use of cryopreservation technology that maintains the stem cell’s variability. Here is the procedure.

dental pulp stem cells

Stem Cell Harvesting Steps

  1. Collecting of the cells: Here a dentist will extract the tooth from the donor and store it in a kit. The dentist will then send to the facility to be processed.
  2. Separating the stem cells from the dental pulp: Here the stem cells will be obtained from the dental pulp by crushing the tooth to access the cells. The cells will then be checked for sterility as well as quality.
  3. Preservation of the stem cells: If the stem cells make it past the viability test they will be preserved cryogenically. The cells will be frozen at a temperature of -238 F.

Advantages of Dental Pulp Stem Cell Banking

  1. Dental Pulp Stem Cells banking period is wide. It will work best for kids aged between 5 to 12 years as well as the seniors whose wisdom tooth is to be extracted.
  2. The collection from the dental pulp is easy, quick, effective and painless and the best part has no risks.
  3. Dental Pulp Stem cells have no controversies surrounding their use unlike what we see with the embryonic stem cells.
  4. They have also proven to be interactive with biomaterials putting them among the best choices for tissue repair.

The bottom line

Currently, several debates are revolving around the procedure behind stem cell application. There are ethical issues that give the proponents a hard time explaining why the world needs it. Using Dental Pulp Stem cells, on the other hand, is simple, safe and the best part, free of ethical issues.


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weight loss program

Detoxification & weight loss programs; Tips on how to make delicious protein smoothies

Contrary to what many think, making a healthy protein is very easy. What you need is a protein powder of your liking and know the number of scoops you need in your smoothie. You can then use spring water or anything close to hydrate the powder.

Don’t use fruit juice as many experts may recommend. We know it has the sweet flavors. But this is also one of the things you need to clear off your menu when trying to lose weight. Fruit juice is not only sweet. It is also among the ingredients that kindle the cravings for several foods. You don’t need that here.

You should also avoid dairy simply because they are not good during a detoxification protocol. Instead, use Coconut milk or Almond Oil. You can add an avocado, half a banana to bring out the creamy taste. Depending on the flavor you enjoy, Applesauce might sometimes work.

You can then find some organic fruits that you want in the mixture. Fruits that are frozen are much better merely because they will make your smoothie frosty. Also, find any vegetable enhancer. Most of the healthy vegetables you’ll find on the market such as spinach and kale are often not tasty, but this can be changed by the sweetness from the fruit. Here is a brief overview of the recipe.


  • 1 to 2 scoops of protein powder
  • ½ cup of spring water
  • One handful of fruit
  • ½ a banana
  • A handful of any leafy vegetable
  • A teaspoon of spirulina

The procedure is simple and not limited to a particular combination. Depending on the taste you are looking for, you can find a mixture that perfectly suits your needs. However, you need to pay attention to what we are making here to avoid the unwanted. Here are some are some great combinations you can choose.

weight loss programs

Find a mix that suits your taste

  1. You can substitute the spring water with coconut milk and pineapple.
  2. You can also mix either a mango with cherry or strawberry with a banana. But you are not limited to these. Any other berry combination of your liking will work.
  3. Pumpkin puree and applesauce can replace the banana or the avocado. If you are making a pumpkin pie smoothie, you might need a little bit of grated ginger, a pinch of allspice or nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon or a vanilla extract.

With these few tips, you can make a smoothie you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. You are not limited to what you find here. You can find a close substitute, but don’t forget it’s a weight loss smoothie. So, keep anything with more fat or sugar away. A smoothie you’ll make using the steps and ingredients above will help you maintain the cravings for bad foods away.

The final word

It is all about making something that you will not only love, but you’ll want in your diet for a long time. The goal here is to enhance your weight loss procedure by avoiding bad foods. So, eat it when you are hungry to avoid temptations.


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