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Illicit drugs effects to the skin

Illicit drugs effects

All Illicit drugs effects to the skin complexion and health negatively

Illicit drugs effects to the skin: Protecting the largest body organ

The skin being the largest body organ deserves all the protection from all the dangers attached. Illicit drugs effects form the biggest culprit in causing harm to the skin. We all want to have a radiant looking skin. and that is why doctor Dalal Akoury founded a health facility known as AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. This is a medical doctor who has made a lot of change in people’s lives across the globe in her more than two decades of skin care treatment experience. Calling doctor Akoury today for an appointment would mark the first step towards your skin and beauty transformation of a lifetime. To help you understand the magnitude of being lazy with your skin, we are going to discuss in this article how drug abuse affects the skin in all seasons.

There is no better drug anywhere on the surface of the earth. They are all Illicit and some of them include heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. All these and much more can take a severe toll on the health of your skin. Heroin, for example, is a central nervous system depressant that slows heart rate, blood circulation, respiration and metabolism

Skin popping as it is commonly known or the practice of injecting heroin into the top layer of the skin leaves distinctive round sores along the skin’s surface. These sores can easily become infected, resulting in permanent scars. For users who are anxious, restless or experiencing cravings, the scabs can become the focus of obsessive picking. Picking at the sores increases the risk of cellulitis or the infection of the soft tissues underlying the dermis.

Skin lesions are common in heavy methamphetamine users. This central nervous system stimulant can cause a condition called delusional parasitosis, or the false believe that the user is infected with organisms that are crawling across her skin. This condition which is also known as “meth mites” or “cocaine bugs” can lead to severe self-mutilation if the user is acutely intoxicated.

Illicit drugs effects to the skin: Hopes for compulsive behaviors

Skin picking and hair pulling, like drug or alcohol abuse are not conditions to be taken lightly. The consequences of not taking immediate action can be very destructive. Because we are dealing with a very delicate organ. When strong substances like heroin are abused, the effect on the skin can be very wanting. I encourage you to take the beauty restoration of your skin seriously by scheduling an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for an elaborate treatment procedure. She will help you regain the life of your skin professionally.

Remember that the main objective of doctor Akoury and her team of experts are to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. It will interest to note that doctor Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. Take that bold step and call her today so that you can have your beauty back with the most experienced professionals.

Illicit drugs effects to the skin: Protecting the largest body organ


Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women

Physical causes

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women are many and can be avoided by seeking for early treatment

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women: The female gender

When it comes to the physical causes of sexual dysfunction in women, a lot of body systems are affected including disorders of the genitalia and the urinary system, such as endometriosis, cystitis, vaginal dryness, or vaginitis. Beside the listed conditions, we also have other conditions such as:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy

These can have an impact on sexual desire and ability. Surgical removal of the uterus or of a breast may contribute psychologically to sexual dysfunction if a woman feels her self-image has been damaged.

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women: Prescription and over the counter medications

Besides all, there certain prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as the use of illegal drugs or abuse of alcohol, may contribute to sexual dysfunction. Cigarette smoking, for example, will have a serious and negative effect on sexual arousal in women and although women can remain sexually active and experience orgasms throughout their lives, as they (women) approaches their sunset days i.e. tentatively the age of 60 their sexual activeness will begin to deteriorate. While appreciating that this may be attributed in many cases to be due to a lack of partners, changes such as dryness of the vagina caused by lack of estrogen after menopause may make intercourse at this stage painful and reduced sexual desire. After menopause, about 15% of women feel a strong decrease in sexual desire.

Finally, having been enlighten of the possible causes of female sexual dysfunctions, you can do a self-evaluation and if you notice any of the discussed points then it will be very important that you get in touch with Dr. Dalal Akoury MD, who is an expert in correcting all kinds of sexual dysfunctions naturally and professionally. In her passion for helping people doctor Akoury made a decision to create a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Calling her to book an appointment will work well for you in many ways because it is in Dr. Akoury’s practice to focus on a personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. I believe that this is what you need, total restoration and not patching up symptoms.

If we are we still together up to this far and you are realizing that this discussion is addressing your condition or of anyone you know. The time for action is now, you may want to call doctor Akoury now on telephone number 843 213 1480 for a one on one professional touch.

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction women: The female gender

Adrenal Exhaustion Female sex addiction

Female gender sexual problems

Female gender sexual problems

Female gender sexual problems are treatable for the good of intimacy and relationship

Female gender sexual problems: Ailing women sex drive

For a couple of weeks now I have been sharing about sexual dysfunctions for both sexes highlighting various insights on creating an opportunity to be very much interactive even as you get an opportunity to meet with the specialist and professionals to help you address your disturbing condition. I have from the several concerns raised by those I interact with realized that the problems of sexual dysfunctions are not small as we may think. The population suffering in silence is worrying and many people have lost their cherished relationships because of problems relating to sexual inabilities. What does this communicate to you? A lot more needs to be done and so we are going to continue expounding on what we have been discussing and introduce much more fresh articles going forward so that our effort of containing the problem can be counted. To help us kick start the discussion, we are going to be looking in four parts the female gender sexual problems and how low libido in women is decreasing their sex drive, sexual dissatisfaction in women and lack of sexual desire in women in the following context.

  • The Facts on Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Symptoms and Complications of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Diagnosing Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Treating and Preventing Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female gender sexual problems: The facts on female sexual dysfunction

Female gender sexual problems arises when a woman is not able to fully, healthily and pleasurable experience some or all of the various physical stages the body normally experiences during sexual activity. These stages can be broadly thought of as:

  • The desired phase
  • The arousal phase
  • The orgasm phase
  • Sexual dysfunction also includes painful intercourse

Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD reiterates that it is important to note that in women, sexual dysfunctions may take many different forms and causes. And when they happen, addressing them becomes an aspect of priority. Each of the problem needs to be addressed case by case whether the problem is physical, psychological, physiological (mechanical) or interpersonal in order to have them resolve professionally. This condition is very common in women and the experts are estimating that nearly 40% of women population are currently affected by sexual dysfunction. What that communicates is that for every four sexually active women, one will be unable to achieve orgasm. These are not very good statistics and so it is important that when you notice such signs, the best thing you can do to salvage the situation is seeking for professional help immediately. You can start by talking to doctor Akoury who is more than qualifies and very experience in this line of medication to help you contain the situation before it escalates.

Female gender sexual problems: Ailing women sex drive

female beauty

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction timely for corrective measures to be taken

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction: Symptoms and Treatment

In the process of diagnosing female sexual dysfunction, getting to know the cause of sexual dysfunction comes first and is often seen as winning half the battle. The stage of sexual activity at which a woman is having problems may offer some clues. Other evidence may be found through physical and psychological testing. Your family doctor can refer you to specialists who can help pinpoint what’s causing the problem and possible solution.

In sexual desire disorder – a woman experiences a decreased interest in having sex. If the lack of interest is new and extends to all partners and situations, the doctor will likely consider causes such as medications, medical conditions such as depression, hormonal changes, or imbalances in certain neurotransmitters (the brain’s chemical messengers). On the other hand, sexual desire disorder may be caused by interpersonal factors if it’s confined to one partner or one situation.

Sexual arousal disorder – this refers to a woman’s inability to become lubricated, aroused, or sexually excited, even after being sexually stimulated.

Orgasmic disorder – it means that a woman may enjoy sexual activity but has difficulty reaching orgasm or takes a very long time to reach orgasm. Physical causes are rare, except in cases of nerve damage in the spine. Psychological factors may range from;

  • Never having learned how to have an orgasm
  • Unrealistic expectations from a partner
  • Feelings of guilt at experiencing pleasure

It is important to note that orgasmic disorder is only diagnosed when a woman has no difficulty with arousal, only with the climax. Having illustrated all this and you have been diagnosed the next question that follows on is, how do then get treated for this condition?

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction: Treating and Preventing Female Sexual Dysfunction

The first step in managing female sexual dysfunction is to see a health care provider for assessment and appropriate treatment, and this is where doctor Dalal Akoury comes in. Your problem could necessitate certain corrections using the O-Shot procedure which doctor Akoury does best and therefore calling her for an appointment will be the starting point if you are to have your sex life back and get the desired fulfillment all round. As you contemplate that it is important for you to know that physical disorders are actually treatable and so you need not suffer in silence any longer because help is right here before you, all you need to do on your part is to grab it by calling this great physician today. However as for sexual dysfunction associated with aging and dryness of the vagina, vaginal moisturizers or estrogen treatment (such as a vaginal cream, vaginal ring, or low-dose tablet taken by mouth) can be effective but even with these applications you will still need to be guided by the experts to avoid any form of complications from the possible side effects.

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction: Symptoms and Treatment



Appetizing luring foods that discourage fitness

Appetizing luring foods

Appetizing luring foods that discourage fitness has many health consequences

Appetizing luring foods that discourage fitness: Breakfast

Taking time out for a well-deserved vacation is very healthy more so after a tiresome season of work. If you have been observing your weight, such a time may pose certain challenges. There is no doubt that there will be plenty of appetizing luring foods tailored to discourage you from sticking to your weight loss programs. Take for instance breakfast, this is another area of feeding that will be very much luring. Doctor Dalal Akoury registers that it is during breakfast that you will be faced with a variety of different breakfast foods on holiday and if not careful you will very easily consume hundreds of extra calories each morning. To avoid this you may want to observe the following:

  • Breakfast hams and cheeses available in some countries may be tempting, but try to limit yourself to small portions. Cheese – particularly hard cheese – can be highly calorific.
  • Breakfast pastries such as croissants are also extremely fattening and will not leave you satisfied for long.
  • If you are tempted by Greek yogurt for breakfasts beware it contains 10 per cent fat. Instead supplement it for a pot of full-fat fruit yogurt sometimes. This will save 100 calories.

Appetizing luring foods that discourage fitness: Exercise

It is true that physical activities will be minimal during holidays however if the only exercise you ever consider on holiday is the minimal movements from your beach towel to take a momentary dip in the sea you’re probably not alone. This must be discouraged and instead, a small amount of gentle sport each day could prevent you gaining extra pounds while relaxing on your vacation. It is necessary that you look at your time during the holiday as an ideal opportunity for exercising because you have more free time, like easy access to the sea or pool and couples with that most hotels will offer a range of activities to choose from.

There are many things people can choose from that can make a difference. Even simple things like walking along the beach for half an hour can make a difference and keep the metabolism levels higher. Better still, if you do keep active while you’re away you’ll find it easier to return to your regular fitness regime when you return home. For many people, it’s not just putting on weight on holiday that’s the problem. The following guidelines can help you burn calories and keep slim if adhered to during the holiday. For instance, swimming will help you burn 250, cycling-150, horseriding-120, tennis-250 and just walking 100 calories. Finally, these are just but a few tips applicable to stay slim during holidays however for more and professional advice schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury and you will confidently keep the healthy weight even when marry making your holiday.

Appetizing luring foods that discourage fitness: Breakfast