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choose Life Breast Cancer

I Choose Life Breast Cancer

I choose Life Breast Cancer, I choose life over Breast Cancer everyday.  Choose Life Breast Cancer; I have made a decision and that is to choose life over breast cancer.  That was not an easy decision. When I first started my breast cancer journey, I never thought anything but cancer would be in my future. I was consumed with the fear of not getting through this ordeal and did not feel well. I have autoimmune issues of Hashimoto disease, chronic lyme disease, and chronic osteomyelitis of the upper jaw. I felt so sick and defeated at first. Dr. Akoury and my husband kept telling me to trust God and let go of the fear and anxiety. I could not see our from under it  It actually would frustrate me to keep hearing from Dr. Akoury that you learn to live with the cancer and tame it.

Choose Life Breast Cancer, Changing how I think in this breast cancer journey

Dr. Akoury believes and tells me…..It is your friend that allowed you to know something was really off balance in your body and you now have the gift to change your life. It has awakened you. I did not embrace those truths at all at first. Something changed. I am not sure when but it was after a month or so of treatment. Well, I have to be honest at about my stubbornness as it was about the second month of treatment that I started to embrace those truths.  As I pour over God’s truth, he allows me to see the different reality that I am truly walking. I have a choice. I can embrace and hold on to the trauma of breast cancer or I can take this opportunity to embrace the life that he has given me. I CHOOSE LIFE BREAST CANCER! I choose to look at it as an awakening of my life. I have a purpose. I have a journey. I have a family that I love. I have a husband that I want to spend time with and enjoy. I have a newfound family and help in Dr. Akoury and Awaremed and her wonderful staff. I may have days I don’t feel 100 percent and days I am tired of supplements and strict diet and cancer treatments. But I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper and plans for a hope and a future. I choose life and the awesome gift of it.

I choose life over breast cancer.

When I embraced that something changed. I wake up with a song in my heart. I find myself singing. I smile again. I love myself and people again, I feel joy again. I now smile when Dr. Akoury tells me to smile and love life. I get it now….. Breast cancer, or for that matter, any cancer is not a death sentence. It is a chance to find your life and reinvest in it. Of course life will never be the same. I am now convinced that I do not want it ever to go back to the place where I was at. My attitude can help keep cancer at bay. My diet, treatments. and lifestyle are all huge, but I am the driver of this ride. I choose life over breast cancer and always will.

The mission with Dr. Akoury and other cancer patients

I want to help Dr. Akoury with her mission and life passions to help people. I want to learn for myself and others how to keep on this path of healing. Life is good – very very good and God is better! I choose life over breast cancer and with Dr. Akoury I am learning how to complete my journey. I would love to talk to anyone considering this path. I am sure it has been a path of healing and not poisons from full dose chemo and radiation. It has become a discovery of healing with IVs of chelation, detoxing, Poly MVA, amino acids, high dose vitamin C and other healing therapies.  I am so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Akoury for the detoxing IVs and the ozone treatments with the IBV light. and the IPT that helps my low dose chemo tame cancer. Thank you, God for life and leading me on this breast cancer journey to discover life again. Thank you, dear jeff for the commitment to stand by me.  I would be so glad to talk to anyone considering this path of treatment. It is a chance to discover the ability inside your self to heal and become whole again. It is a journey of breast cancer, or so I thought when I started, but now know it is a journey of finding life and purpose. Seina is  the office manager of Awaremed and would gladly give you my phone number to allow me to answer questions about this treatment option. It brings you to life again.  phone number 843 213 1480

If you want to help my journey –



Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller, Dr. Akoury

The Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller healing has begun and every day is spent on many IVs to clean the internal environment so that cancer is not welcome anymore.  Once I get things all cleaned out….. Then on to low dose chemo with IPT. That is a great thing. My wonderful husband is such a great support and comes to the clinic everyday with me. That is one of my greatest blessings. Fear still wants to rear its ugly head and Dr. Akoury and the caring staff keeps trying to encourage positive healing thoughts to help my  body. I never realized that the body, mind, and spirit is all part of the healing. I pour over scripture and write scripture on note cards to read “real truth” instead of the lies that my body tells me with symptoms. The truth of the matter is you can feel rough with all of the detox and immune boosting ivs and supplements. It is all good to not feeling well as I know my body is cleaning out all bad things. I am starting to lose weight which is a good thing. I was so inflamed and swollen when I first came to the clinic. Diet plays such a huge part of the healing too. One of the hardest hurdles was the ingesting of all of the supplements. They are all wonderful for you but my stomach stuggled to accept them. I got a tip from another sweet patient that says she uses chocolate coconut milk to make her shakes. That masks the taste and things go down sooo much better now.  Healing is taking place!! Praise God!!

Dr. Akoury gives so freely to her patients as she tries to educate us along the way. She tells us how to heal our guts where so much of our immune system is at… I have learned that the body can heal once it has a clean environment. There is such a necessity for good bacteria to be added to our gut. Ghee can be fermented and added to everything. This picture of us was when I had an appointment with the surgeon to see when I should have the breast lumectomy. What doctor goes with you?  Dr. Akoury does and to say she gives her heart to her patients is an understatement. I came into treatment so scared and so many times would get worried and would be able to regain a confidence in my healing after a phone call or a time spent with Dr. Akoury. I would never have gotten this kind of treatment with conventional treatment. I can not imagine being in full dose chemo and what it can do to me…. missing my home but I am so grateful for this treatment plan. I have grown in my faith, confidence, and health. To God be the Glory!!!I have autoimmune diseases that complicates things but am healing!

I would be glad to talk to anyone considering integrative oncology as a cancer treatment plan. Call Awaremed and talk with Seina and she can give you my phone number.



Breast Cancer Treatment: Sharon Keller’s Journey

Breast Cancer Treatment At Awaremed with Dr. Dalal Akoury

One of the first days of treatment.

Sharon Keller’s Journey with Breast Cancer Treatment under Dr. Dalal Akoury Care

We traveled from Pittsburgh Pa to Myrtle Beach for my breast cancer treatment once my husband and I decided this was the best place for me. This was based on the amount of treatment options available and environment for this healing journey.   Dr. Akoury firmly believes in positive thinking, and a beautiful and calm environment for my breast cancer treatment. Each treatment room has beautiful decor with the smell of essential oils to enhance the senses and create an environment of healing.  My  journey began with a contacting phone to Awaremed and Seina, the office manager, answering a lot of questions about the treatment plans. In my case, Dr Akoury called me and talked to me from the airport to introduce herself and connect with me. She is warm and caring and like no other doctor I have ever known. You become family. In a time of sickness and fear, and  pain and concern, and being far from home,you are welcomed into the practice with open arms, smiles, and positive encouragement. Thus the breast cancer treatment and journey has begun. Fear tries to grip my heart and there is no place for it. Smiles, walks on the beach in barefeet, soothing music and laughter takes its place along with much prayer.

Sharon Keller’s first day of Breast Cancer treatment with Dr. Dalal Akoury

If you have any questions about treatment from a patient’s perspective, I would be more than happy to talk to you. I can be reached by calling Siena, the office manager of Awaremed and asking her to give you my phone number.  I would be honored to help you on your wellness  journey. You will never be the same in a good way. Life matters, people matter, and do not worry about the small stuff.

AWAREMED – phone number 843 – 492-4884. Seina will answer your questions and ask her for my number and I can give you a patient’s perspective.



Female sexual dysfunction complications

Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction complications are treatable

Female sexual dysfunction complications: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

It is one thing to have sex with your partner and it is another thing altogether to satisfy your partner sexually and this bit is what will send you thinking on what is that you are not doing right. I don’t know what you are going through in your sex life but what I know is that all is not well with the majority in our society today. The realization that all is not well is our motivation to creating awareness by wring useful information on this link and linking you with the experts to help you make things right. We have just posted an article discussing some of the causes of female sexual dysfunction and now we want to further on that by discussing the complications associated with sexual dysfunctions, their diagnosis, and possible solutions a discussion you don’t want to miss. We are going to be dwelling much on the female gender most of the discussion and so women who do not enjoy satisfying sexual experiences with their partners often report the following:

  • Lack of sexual desire (low libido)
  • Inability to attain an orgasm
  • Pain or other distress during penile penetration
  • An inability to fantasize about sexual situations
  • Indifference to, or repulsion by, having sex
  • Feelings of fear or anger towards their partners

These are pertinent experiences and must not be overlooked in any way. Ordinarily and quite often either or any of these responses have psychological complications. It may not, therefore, count whether the symptoms are associated with natural physical factors, such as menopause, or have their origins deeply rooted in the psychological triggers, the bottom line is many women are likely to have perpetual feelings of inadequacy and dysfunctional.

Female sexual dysfunction complications: Prevention of erectile dysfunction

The benefits of preventing any situation from happening are far much better than waiting for it to happen then you start the treatment process. Because of this, Dr. Dalal Akoury founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for various medical reasons. At this facility, she is offering an inbuilt treatment solution which focuses on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through the realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. Doctor Akoury is vastly experienced in treatments of all matters relating to weight and obesity, all kinds of addiction, sexual dysfunctions and many conditions relating to beauty. She has been in practice for well over two decades offering medical services which focus on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms.

For matters relating to sexual dysfunctions doctor Akoury understands that erection is very instrumental for proper and fulfilling sexual performance, therefore when you call her today for help she will evaluate your individual conditions in total confidence and administer the best treatment procedures including “Priapus Shot for men and O-Shot for women”. Your condition is not supposed to bother you any longer with the expertise advice and treatment offered by the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Akoury.

Female sexual dysfunction complications: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

weight loss tips

Developing weight loss plans that succeeds

Developing weight loss plans

Developing weight loss plans that succeeds in helping meet your objectives of leaner weight

Developing weight loss plans that succeeds: The best weekly weight loss plan to follow

In the resent past we have been posting articles tailored specifically to helping you regain your lean and comfortable weight. We have addressed various work plans and strategies and doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has been sharing with us several insights on this worthy topic. She will be progressing with the discussion on this article while focusing on the need of developing weight loss plans succeeds in delivering a leaner weight for the good of your health. To understand this task effectively, the following are very essential for the success of this program execution.

Developing weight loss plans that succeeds: Launching the plan

The first thing is to have a working strategy approval by both your physical trainer and doctor, then developing out the work plan which will set the ball rolling. To this effect doctor Akoury is suggesting that for control and monitoring purposes, you can start the work plan at the beginning of the week or the month. Through this, you can start the plan on a day you will be able to remember by noting it down somewhere in your diary indicating the commencement date so that you can monitor the progress.

Developing weight loss plans that succeeds: Monitoring the progress

When you want to burn the excess fat, start a work out plan and be sure to monitor the success. You can monitor by measuring your weight and comparing with past measure. This is so far the simplest way to see how you are performing. When you monitor, you can realize that whether you have cut any inch or whether there is no positive outcome. It’s important to monitor and see if the work out is working or not.

When you realize that you actually are reducing weight, you can give yourself a pat on the back, given the fact that things are moving towards the right direction. It’s also necessary that in the process of weight reduction, you see your doctor to assess other aspects of your body health to know how the body is reacting to the sudden change of lifestyle. Time is necessary when it comes to monitoring progress. Don’t pull out of the gym after a period of one week of exercise just because you didn’t see any positive outcome.

A period of one to three months is good enough for you to evaluate the entire outcome of the program. After one month of keenly following the work out plan, record the weight. Do this after the end of the second and the third month and see the difference thereof. When you compare the results of the first, second and the third month, you are able to note the outcome.

When the performance is positive, you can continue with the work out plan until you meet the targeted result. If the work out plan is not yielding the desired result, you are allowed to re-strategize. When there are no positive results, many people get discouraged and fall off. To successfully carry out such a program, have a motivation and be self-driven and always remember to be consulting with doctor Akoury from time to time.

Developing weight loss plans that succeeds: The best weekly weight loss plan to follow