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heroin addiction

Family heroin addiction problem

Family heroin addiction

Family heroin addiction problem is serious and getting out of hand. Action time is now

Family heroin addiction problem: Making the wrong choices

The things we do out of peer influence can be very costly. The motivation hear is having the sense of belonging. In the world of drug addiction, you will be amazed at what people do to achieve this and in the process, they find themselves into real problems not just in their health and peace of mind but also with the law enforcement agencies. Even though addiction cuts across, it hit hardest at the family unit, which is why family heroin addiction problem is going to be our subject of discussion. To address this, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center about heroin addiction in families and it is amazing seeing how simple desires can land us into real threats of addiction.

As a professional in this discipline doctor, Akoury is going to shed some light on how influential heroin can be in your life no matter how you got introduced to it. She says that one morning while in her office a lady walked in and was very depressed. When she gave her time to share her problem she opens up and poured out her heart on the battles she has with heroin addiction. For confidentiality, we will call her Jimssy not her real name. Jimssy is a full-time housewife and mother hardly fits the stereotypical picture of a heroin addict. However for the past two of her adult life, she was obsessed with getting high on heroin a passion she shared with her husband, Jim not his real name who has been battled his own addiction for over two decades now.

Family heroin addiction problem: Peer influence in addiction

Jim had been struggling with heroin addiction for years when his wife joined the league of shooting up heroin. Even though Jimssy was not ignorant of the effects of heroin on her husband, she voluntarily decided to test the water one day following an advice from her friend who informed her that using heroin would significantly relieve the pain of headache and muscular pains she had suffered from epileptic seizures she has been struggling with for more than 15 years now. It is amazing how friends can be very destructive to our well-being. This friend without any consideration of the known consequences approached her friend with the news she knew Jimssy would be interested in, that is the solution to her struggle with pain. Jimmy acknowledges that that was her first time and regret having such a friend in her life. She goes ahead to explain that her main reason for testing the waters even though she knew the struggles her husband, was to get better, the pain was becoming unbearable. What do you think about her decision? You may suggest that under the circumstances she was justified because she was looking for solutions about her pain. Nonetheless, it is still not right, every advice you get from a friend must be confirmed by a medical doctor and that is why doctor Akoury founded this facility where you can get all the professional assistance concerning your health and addiction at any time of the day.

Family heroin addiction problem: Making the wrong choices




Denial frustrating intoxication solutions

Denial frustrating intoxication

Denial frustrating intoxication solutions in many ways

Denial frustrating intoxication solutions: Drinking problem

Whereas alcohol consumption is not considered an illicit substance, the frustrations of drinking problems and denial by users is a big impediment in the effort of alcohol addiction management. According to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury’s care, denial is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to getting help for alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Professionally it has been established that the desire to drink is so strong that the mind finds many ways to rationalize drinking, even when the consequences are obvious. By keeping you from looking honestly at your behavior and its negative effects, denial also exacerbates alcohol-related problems with work, finances, and relationships. When an addict is in denial, treatment becomes very difficult because denial frustrating intoxication solutions and that is why before any treatment can be administered, the patients’ needs to acknowledge the existence of the problem and be willing to be assisted in fixing the problem. Doctor Akoury is pointing out at certain pointers that allude to the fact that one is in denial as we progressed into the discussion:

Denial frustrating intoxication solutions: People with drinking problem you may deny it by

  • Extremely underestimating how much you drink
  • Downplaying and underrating the negative consequences of your drinking to your health and that of your loved ones
  • Complaining that family and friends are exaggerating the problem
  • Blaming your drinking or drinking-related problems on others

When it comes to denial, users will always have a host of reason to validate their position of drinking. But will this change the facts about their drinking habits? Certainly not and just take a close look around you and you will notice that our surrounding offers a lot more elements to pass the blame on. It will not surprise you to have an addicted alcoholic refusing to acknowledge the fact that they have a problem by blaming it on their ‘unfair and un-accommodative boss’ for trouble at work or the married men passing it on their ‘nagging wife’ for your marital issues. These are common grounds for denial says doctor Dalal Akoury.

Instead of them looking at the real problem which is their drinking habit as a contributing factor to the problem, they would rather lean on someone or something. Doctor Akoury is confirming that while elements like work environment, relationship, and financial stresses do happen to everyone, an overall pattern of deterioration and blaming others may be a sign of serious trouble and should not be overlooked. Therefore if you find yourself rationalizing your drinking habits, lying about them, or refusing to discuss the subject, it is very important that you take a moment to consider why you’re being so defensive. Remember that if you truly believe that you don’t have a problem, there should be no reason for you to cover up your drinking or make excuses says doctor Akoury. However, if you do have a problem, then wait no time and schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury now for help.

Denial frustrating intoxication solutions: Drinking problem



Heroin withdrawal syndrome

Heroin withdrawal syndrome

Heroin withdrawal syndrome. When one is addicted to heroin, the brain suffers the most

Heroin withdrawal syndrome: Coping strategies

Heroin withdrawal syndrome effects and coping strategies are some of the most disturbing fears most addicts sight as reasons of their unwillingness to enroll for treatment in various health facilities for the timely recovery process. With this attitude, treatment becomes very difficult because one has to begin by first addressing the issues of denial. Making such patients come to terms with their health situation is often very difficult. Some of the pertinent questions we should be asking ourselves now that we are aware that heroin withdrawal syndrome and coping strategies are the problems may include the following: what are the actual effects of these heroin withdrawal symptoms – and how do they impact the long-term health and well-being of the individual patients?

As an institution (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Dalal Akoury’s care) we are on top of things and our objective is to kick out all manner of addictions from our societies. That is why we only post worthy health articles tailored at helping our clients/patients get the much-needed health solutions. Therefore in this article, we have particularly designed it to convey health information in the simplest language to help in shedding some light on the impact of heroin withdrawal syndrome and also to help those who are going through the process en route to their recovery whether you are directly or indirectly affected.

Heroin withdrawal syndrome: Withdrawal from heroin can cause some discomfort

There are a number of uncomfortable side effects that accompany heroin withdrawal. These symptoms are not all that life threatening as is always the general rule, but all the same, they are the leading reason why individuals relapse or add urgency to their search for that “next fix.” Some of the uncomfortable heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Restlessness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sweating
  • Twitching

Heroin withdrawal syndrome: Withdrawal can also cause emotional issues

Besides the known physical discomfort that goes hand in hand with heroin withdrawal, doctor Akoury says that there are a number of mental health issues that the individual may experience as well, such may include the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Irritability

Heroin withdrawal syndrome: Relapse

Finally, doctor Akoury agrees that the most serious effect of heroin withdrawal syndrome is relapsed. Because individual addicts are not able to live with the discomfort of withdrawal they often go back to their old habits. To escape from this discomforting experience in many instances they will turn to the only thing they know best that can provide relief which is more heroin even though they are struggling to stop their addiction to the drug itself. This is the reason why most if not all heroin rehab programs insist that the individuals must first complete the heroin detox process before they can be allowed to moving on into the main population of the facility. The risk of relapse is, therefore, inevitable in most cases. However when it happens, it will not be a sign of failure, you can always pick up the pieces and get back to the recovery process and defeat the problem. You may want to call doctor Akoury for further guidelines over this whole issues of withdrawal syndrome and coping strategies for a much better performance on your part.

Heroin withdrawal syndrome: Coping strategies Coping strategies


drug abuse

Heroin abuse ruins pregnancy safety

Heroin abuse ruins

Heroin abuse ruins pregnancy safety and it doesn’t matter the mode of administration so long as the drug is in the body system

Heroin abuse ruins pregnancy safety: Health complications of heroin addiction

Heroin abuse can cause serious complications during pregnancy, including miscarriage and premature delivery. Because of heroin abuse ruins during pregnancy, we must take extra precautions of ensuring that both the mother and the baby’s life are saved. When nothing is done, children born to addicted mothers are at greater risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as well. Pregnant women should not be detoxified from opiates because of the increased risk of spontaneous abortion or premature delivery; rather, treatment with methadone is strongly advised. Although infants born to mothers taking prescribed methadone may show signs of physical dependence, they can be treated easily and safely in the nursery. Research has demonstrated that the effects of user exposure to methadone are relatively benign.

Heroin abuse ruins pregnancy safety: Pregnant and using heroin

Dealing with drug addiction as adults are not very easy. This is so because may people often fail to acknowledge that they have a problem with drugs and in the process continue using drugs thereby causing rapid deterioration of their health. Because of denial, we ask is there anything that can be done to remedy the situation. Certainly yes says doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. The concern of many is the health complications that are associated with substance abuse and because of these concerns, it is only fair that pregnancy safety measures need to be taken not just for heroin abuse but to other substances as well. When we are talking about pregnant women the whole situation changes because the effect is now not just on the adult but also to the unborn baby begging the question “how does heroin abuse affect pregnant women?” this is what we want to unlock in this even as we progress into this discussion.

There is no doubt that if you are pregnant and using heroin it is fundamentally crucial that you need to be under a doctor’s care. If you are already seeing a doctor for prenatal treatment, it is not just enough to see him but it is important that you be honest and informs your doctor that you are using heroin quantity doesn’t matter the doctor needs to know if he is to help you and your unborn child get better. Remember that your case needs special medical attention and holding any information may not serve you well in this case. You may be in denial but the truth of the matter is that if you’re using heroin during pregnancy, you baby is also using the same. This is because your baby depends on you for everything food, breathing and any other needs of life while in the womb.

Heroin abuse ruins pregnancy safety: Health complications of heroin addiction


Integrative Medicine Consulting

Heroin treatment worries

Heroin treatment worries

Heroin treatment worries will always be there but the best you can do is to stop heroin addiction

Heroin treatment worries: How long heroin withdrawal last?

It may not be possible to single out with certainty the duration one is likely to during heroin withdrawal owing to the heroin treatment worries of individual patients. Nonetheless, this will depend greatly on the individual addict and their unique situation. People who have been using heroin habitually for many years are likely to experience stronger withdrawal symptoms than those who have only been using it for a short period of time. As a general rule, however, the individual who is engaged in natural heroin detox can expect their withdrawal symptoms to last anywhere from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks depending on the severity of their heroin addiction.

Heroin treatment worries: Handling withdrawal symptoms

Patients coping with heroin withdrawal can benefit greatly from the care of treatment workers and professionals. Whether at a heroin detox center or a drug rehab program, experts know how to provide comfort and medical care ensuring that the patient stays safe while getting rid of this dangerous drug.

The real dangers of heroin

We don’t have any positive health effects derived from using heroin. In fact, heroin is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance and is not available by prescription or for medical use. It’s illegal meaning that its production and distribution is completely uncontrolled. Every bag you buy is completely different from the last because it is cut differently and has a different potency. This means that even the most seasoned heroin addicts end up in the hospital or dead due to the heroin overdose. Doctor Akoury and her team of experts stand with the principle that heroin is bad from the beginning to end and that should also be your position.

Heroin treatment worries: Health conditions associated with heroin

There are a number of bad health effects of heroin. Infectious, blood-borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C are especially common among those who are regularly injecting heroin using needles and share those needles with other users. Those who use needles intravenously also will experience collapsed veins and those who use intramuscularly are more likely to develop abscesses. Infections of the heart lining and valves is also a common issue among needle users and even those who smoke or snort the drug open themselves up to kidney and liver failure and respiratory illnesses. The decreased defenses and overall health of a heroin addict mean an increased rate of illnesses like pneumonia and permanent damage to vital organs.

Finally, realizing that more deaths are being registered annually due to various kinds of addiction, Dr. Akoury made a decision to create a medical center whose main objective is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. This is the place to be for the very best in your addiction recovery. Take that bold healthy step and schedule for that lifesaving appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today.

Heroin treatment worries: How long heroin withdrawal last?