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Depressed sex life has no pleasure

Depressed sex life

Depressed sex life has no pleasure and watching porn will not help either

Depressed sex life has no pleasure: The pain of depression

Life is full of challenges that cause us to be anxious and depressed. These effects impact negatively on us in all dimensions. Take, for example, a depressed sex life will never have the satisfaction that comes with sex. Even though we need to work and make ends meet, if this is going to affect your social life, you should begin rethinking of seeking for help. In fact, according to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, when depression stretches for a long time in life, such individual stand a high risk of being affected negatively.

That is why doctor Akoury is reiterating that there will never be any association between depression and pleasures of your sex life. The dangers of depression eliminate all the sexual life pleasures which cause serious consequences in any relationship. What that communicates is that if you are depressed, the whole of your life will feel it, because it is the characteristic of depression to drain the beauty out of life’s pleasures, it also robs enthusiasm, and makes everything feel weak and flat including your sex life. And to correct this, doctor Akoury established this facility to help you have an individualized treatment that is tailored towards restoring your depressed sex life in totality. You can schedule an appointment with her today for the commencement of your recovery program.

Depressed sex life has no pleasure: The expanse between depression and sex pleasures

To understand this better, we need to appreciate the functions of the brain. As a matter of fact, sex is in the brain. When the brain is under attack by depression or any other thing for that matter, the sexual outcome will not be pleasurable further explaining why a depressed sex life has no pleasure. From the expert opinion, doctor Akoury is registering that because the brain controls all sexual drive, arousal, and sexual function through the release of hormones and nerve impulses, there can never be any pleasure if one is depressed. Further to that, depression stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that imbalance can cause interference with an individual’s ability to enjoy sex or perform sexually. Besides the following sexual complications are also linked with depression:

A decrease in libido – The findings of a study of some depressed patients showed that more than two-thirds of respondents reported a loss of interest in sex. The decrease in their libido grew worse as their depression grew more severe.

Erectile dysfunction – Depression and anxiety are leading psychological factors interfering with a man’s ability to have and sustain an erection.

Inability to enjoy sex – Depression can limit or eliminate the pleasure normally drawn from sex. Depressed men feel disconnected from any sexual experience. It’s a dehumanization kind of situation.

Finally, and away from these associations, the cure of depression can worsen the situation than the disease, and this too can be true when it comes to depression and sexuality. For instance, we are aware that the antidepressants are part of the first-line treatment of the mood disorder, but one of their chief side effects can be sexual dysfunction. The decrease in libido is most often reported, but patients also have found that antidepressants can cause erectile dysfunction and inhibit sexual pleasure. That is one reason why you need help.

Depressed sex life has no pleasure: The pain of depression




Extreme sexual performance package for men

Extreme sexual performance

Extreme sexual performance package for men that solve all the problems of erectile dysfunction

Extreme sexual performance package for men: Peak performance at any age

The question that keeps lingering in most people’s minds is whether the individual male sexual performance deteriorates with time as one approaches there sun set days or not. This needs to be clarified since it has generated a lot of myths around it. Some people have convinced themselves that male sexual desire and their abilities to perform sexually decreases or dies as they become older. Professionally doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President, and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center reiterates that this school of thought is not true and should not be relied on. The truth is men can remain sexually active delivering sexual satisfaction even in their old age, and as a matter of fact their sexual life maybe even be at its best ever at this particular time.

Of course, there is no doubt that as one get older, a certain proportion of physical changes are inevitable. And for that reason you may experience some delay in the attainment of the desired sexual power or erection may take a bit longer to achieved. The consequences may be that your erections are not as firm or hard, or the penis is not as large as it used to be, you may lose your erection after an orgasm more quickly, and it this could take longer before another erection is possible. All these are occurrences which happen as age sets in, however it must be appreciated that it doesn’t only take aging to bring on these kinds of symptoms, for instance, the stresses of work, the demands of fatherhood, and everyday life are some of the life conditions which can also affect your sexual desires and ability to enjoy your love-life.

Extreme sexual performance package for men: Orgasm Shot and P-Shot

From the above point, none of these are insurmountable sexual problems. We now have new treatment procedures which can be administered to reignite your passion and ability, so that you can have the best sex ever regardless of your age or lifestyle. And for clarity, I am referring to new innovations like the Priapus Shot (P Shot), Orgasm Shot (O-Shot) among many other new treatment procedures. And as we progress into this discussion, it is important to note that, these treatment procedures are advanced and must be done by qualifies experts. Therefore, if you are looking for the physician for the job, we have good news for you. AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is the only male and female sexual wellness center within reach for your treatment. This is where we offer our exclusive and maximum sexual performance package for both men and women delivering ultimate sexual perfection. And so you may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury for the commencement of your treatment now. But in the meantime for the male gender, the following are some of the results you can expect with this new technological way of handling sexual performance:

  • Easier, stronger, and longer erections
  • A decrease in premature ejaculations
  • Increased desire
  • Enhanced self-confidence, self-image, and body image
  • Improved mood
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improvements in your relationship that come with better partner satisfaction

Extreme sexual performance package for men: Peak performance at any age

sex addiction

Men ejaculation disorders pains

Men ejaculation disorders

Men ejaculation disorders if not addressed can cause frustrations not just to the men but to women as well

Men ejaculation disorders: Erectile Dysfunctions

For a long time in many societies and beyond, matters relating to sex were held sacred to the point that any discussions about such topics were unheard of or better still seen as a taboo and unacceptable. This has made even simple conditions about people’s sexuality to be very difficult to handle. And as a result, many people have been and are still suffering in silence for conditions which could be easily treated if they come out to seek for help. As professionals from the AWAREmed health and wellness resource center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, we understand the predicaments this tradition has done to people and we believe that time is up for us to take U-turn over this because for sure sexual dysfunctions come in different ways and for the purpose of this article we are going to be discussing men ejaculation which is equally becoming very prevalent by the day.

Ejaculation encompasses coordinated muscular and neurological events that involve deposition of semen in the urine channel (emission) and ejection of the fluid from the urethral meatus (ejaculation proper). Emission is accomplished by contraction of the vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and ejaculatory ducts. This process is under adrenaline control. Ejaculation proper results from the rhythmic contractions of the muscles around the urethra, which causes the forcible ejection of the ejaculate. Within the spinal cord lies the ejaculation center which is the area involved in the coordination of signals from the brain and penis that eventually lead to ejaculation. There are however four main ejaculatory disorders that are seen in clinical practice and they include the following:

  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Retarded ejaculation (orgasm) and,
  • Failure of ejaculation (an ejaculation).

Men ejaculation disorders: Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is the process whereby the semen is passed in a retrograde fashion into the bladder as opposed to out the urethra. There are 3 potential causes to this problem;

  • Anatomic (following bladder neck surgery or from a congenital process),
  • Neurologic (due to disorders that interfere with the ability of the bladder neck to close during emission, such as diabetes mellitus, retroperitoneal surgery)
  • Pharmacologic (due to paralysis of the bladder neck by certain medications)

This process is diagnosed by the finding of seminal fluid or sperm within a urine specimen obtained immediately after orgasm.

Finally, the treatment of retrograde ejaculation depends on to some extent on the cause. Like for instance, anatomic causes are rarely curable and sperm harvesting from the bladder is required for those patients wishing to initiate a pregnancy. Pharmacologic causes are generally reversible by the withdrawal of the offending medication. Neurologic causes are difficult to treat if there is complete nerve damage such as may occur in spinal cord injured patients. In those patients with a partial neural injury (diabetes), the use of certain medications (pseudoephedrine for example) may convert the patient to an-retrograde ejaculator. Whichever way you look at it, this a medical problem which needs medical attention and not embarrassment. We want to encourage you to come out of your suffering position and schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury immediately for help. You have your life to enjoy and a simple problem of ejaculation disorder should not stand in your way.

Men ejaculation disorders: Erectile Dysfunctions



Penis enhancement using Priapus Shot

Penis enhancement

Penis enhancement using Priapus Shot for the deliver of sexual satisfaction

Penis enhancement using Priapus Shot: Repercussions of sexual dysfunctions

It can be very frustrating and embarrassing if you were to be in bed with your partner only to realize that you have lost your erection ability. What will follow will be very devastating. This is becoming common in many households ware women are not able to get their full conjugal rights because the man is either not able to keep his erection for the duration of sexual intercourse or he has lost his erection ability completely. Many families have been broken as a result of such inabilities. The consequences are heart breaking and frightening. Because of luck of sexual satisfaction many marriages and even relationships outside marriages have been terminated. We can correct this professionally through the use of penis enhancement using Priapus Shot. We are going to be looking at that in a little while but in the meantime, the following are some of the repercussions of not being able to meet your partner’s sexual needs:

  • The introduction of sexual infections due to unfaithfulness
  • Divorce
  • Children living in broken families
  • Increase in immorality and prostitution
  • Possible crime rate increase due to spouses trying to defend their relationship
  • Getting into problems with law enforcement agencies

The list is endless and what does this communicate to you? We must find a lasting solution for this problem. Sex is a major component of in any relationship and its omission results in the many consequences listed above. Therefore If you are unable to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection or your penis is less than desirable size, you now know the impact it can have on your sex life, intimate relationships and by extension your social life. Creating an ideal penis health and size has a number of components to consider.

  • One must have adequate desire and sexual energy (often testosterone related)
  • Intact nerve supply and optimal blood flow.
  • Penis size is usually a genetic matter and many men feel they would like to achieve more length and girth

Penis enhancement using Priapus Shot: Vasodilation process

Fortunately there are medications in the market now that cause vasodilation which are intended to help but most of these pills don’t always work efficiently however they can do a great job of increasing the blood flow to the penis but this can only last for a while and whatever caused the decrease blood flow resuscitates the moment the pills wears off. Besides this the side effects of these pills can trigger life threatening complications like stroke, heart attack, and headache. We’re however privileged that the revolutionary introduction of PRP Therapy for penis rejuvenation is available to help men with improvement and sustaining of erection, sensitivity and penis size. The procedure known as Priapus Shot is very simple, friendly and almost painless often done at a doctor’s office. This process incorporates the harvesting and injection of one’s own plasma enriched growth factors or PRP into specific areas of the penis.

During his process, it is worth noting that results may not be immediate. It may take a few weeks to achieve the full effects as doctor Akoury will help you understand. And on your part as the patient there are a number of things you will need to observe and practice daily during the treatment process for an optimal success. These we will discuss with you confidentially when you make this very important call to doctor Dalal Akoury who is highly qualified in this discipline to help you understand what you must do daily to increase the rate of success.

Penis enhancement using Priapus Shot: Repercussions of sexual dysfunctions



Tobacco smoking effect on sexual health

Tobacco smoking effect

Tobacco smoking effect on sexual health besides causing other serious health complications

Tobacco smoking effect on sexual health: Sexual arousal adversely affected by smoking

This is not going to be the first time we are addressing issues concerning tobacco smoking effects on humanity. This is a dangerous substance in all dimensions. Previously I had mentioned that sex is one of the most human valued assets for pleasure and needs to be protected by all means. I want to make emphasis over the same even as we settle into this discussion. There are a number of elements that causes hindrances to sexual satisfaction. Tobacco smoking effects is not left out in this. And having pointed out that all the problems affecting both men and women sex life has solutions when addressed in good time by the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury. For over two decades now, doctor Akoury has been outstanding in administering real life treatments using the new technological methods or Priapus Shot for men and the O Shot for women. It will not matter what is causing your sexual dissatisfaction whether it is tobacco smoking effects or otherwise, all that is causing your discomfort will be addressed professionally if you can call her now.

If you have been following the link by now you must have known that sexual arousal requires good blood circulation in the body for proper and sustained erection during the process of sexual intercourse, yet tobacco exerts a negative effect on blood circulation by constricting blood vessels. Several studies have been done on this and most of their findings have established that smoking has a negative impact on the arousal phase, erection and lubrication. It is primarily for this reason that tobacco is harmful for sexual health in the medium term. However, we now know that numerous substances contained within smoke may also exert a more immediate effect, leading to a significant reduction in erectile capacity after just a puff of one cigarette. Besides effects on the sexual life cigarette smoking can also negatively affect fertility, promote certain sexual diseases and lead to an early menopause.

Tobacco smoking effect on sexual health: Nicotine dangers to your sexual health

The connection between long-term smoking and arousal disorders (erectile dysfunction or lubrication problems) is well known and has been demonstrated. Although it is true that sexual health problems may be caused by many things, it is important to observe smoking as a risk factor in itself, especially when an arousal problem suddenly develops. Smoking effectively poses certain risk to cardiovascular health and given that circulation problems are the main physical cause of erectile dysfunction, it then becomes very clear that nicotine and tobacco will have negative impact on the sexual health of a smoker thanks to their detrimental effects on blood supply.

The correlation between erectile problems and cardiovascular illnesses, as well as the constriction of the penal arteries, underpins the concept of the “sentinel symptom”, given that erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of broader cardiovascular illnesses. Erectile dysfunction can therefore appear several years before the first cardiac symptoms. The harmful effect that smoking exerts on the whole network of veins seems to depend on the dosage and on how long the person has smoked.

Tobacco smoking effect on sexual health: Sexual arousal adversely affected by smoking