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Various cancers origins traced to alcoholism

Various cancers origins

Various cancers origins traced to alcoholism and that explains why we must desire to stop alcohol consumption

Various cancers origins traced to alcoholism: Experts views about cancer

Alcohol consumption may be legal, but that has not spared it from being the most dangerous drug. In fact, various cancers origins can be traced from alcohol consumption. That is to say, alcohol use increases the risk of contracting head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer. These are only a few types of cancer that are closely associated with alcohol consumption. And as we dig deep into that, let’s consider some facts established from various studies concerning the link between alcohol and cancer. According to doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the risk is not as evident in other cancers like cancers of the pancreas, ovary, prostate, stomach, uterus, and bladder. In these cancers cases, studies have not established any close association with alcohol or where there is evidence it was inconsistent.

Nonetheless, for cancers renal cell (kidney) cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), multiple studies have shown that increased alcohol consumption is associated with a decreased risk of cancer. A meta-analysis of the NHL studies (which included 18,759 people with NHL) found a 15 percent lower risk of NHL among alcohol drinkers compared with nondrinkers. The mechanisms by which alcohol consumption would decrease the risks of either renal cell cancer or NHL are not understood.

Various cancers origins traced to alcoholism: Alcohol increases the risks of cancer

Speaking to doctor Akoury a veteran addiction experts for many decades, it is evident that many studies have established numerous ways through which alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer as follows:

  • Metabolizing (breaking down) ethanol in alcoholic drinks to acetaldehyde, which is a toxic chemical and a probable human carcinogen; acetaldehyde can damage both DNA (the genetic material that makes up genes) and proteins
  • Generating reactive oxygen species (chemically reactive molecules that contain oxygen), which can damage DNA, proteins, and lipids (fats) through a process called oxidation
  • Impairing the body’s ability to break down and absorb a variety of nutrients that may be associated with cancer risk, including vitamin A; nutrients in the vitamin B complex, such as folate; vitamin C; vitamin D; vitamin E; and carotenoids
  • Increasing blood levels of estrogen, a sex hormone linked to the risk of breast cancer

Besides, that alcoholic beverages may also contain a variety of carcinogenic contaminants that are introduced during fermentation and production, such as nitrosamines, asbestos fibers, phenols, and hydrocarbons. With all these immediate action needs to be taken and doctor Akoury and her team of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center will be glad to do just that if you can schedule an appointment today.

Various cancers origins traced to alcoholism: Dangers of multi-drug abuse

Epidemiologic research shows that people who use both alcohol and tobacco have much greater risks of developing cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx (throat), larynx, and esophagus than people who use either alcohol or tobacco alone. In fact, for oral and pharyngeal cancers, the risks associated with using both alcohol and tobacco are multiplicative; that is, they are greater than would be expected from adding the individual risks associated with alcohol and tobacco together.

Various cancers origins traced to alcoholism: Experts views about cancer




female beauty

Skincare dangers to keep away from

Skincare dangers

Skincare dangers to keep away from for the beauty to be exposed

Skincare dangers to keep away from: Sun rays exposure destroys your skin health

The beauty of your skin is dependent on many things especially those that are initiated by you. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD eating healthy and being sure not to overdo sun exposure will help protect your skin immensely. Nonetheless, take note that, these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a healthy skin boosting lifestyle. Just as it’s important to eat plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, it’s important to avoid exposing your skin to lifestyle habits that can cause damage. In her experience in the skin care profession, doctor Akoury recommends the following items to be avoided for your skin’s sake:

Smoking: Smoking damages collagen and elastin while decreasing blood flow to your skin. This makes it difficult for your skin cells to receive enough oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy. The physical act of smoking can also contribute to expression lines around your lips and eyes (from pursing your lips and squinting).

Drinking Alcohol: While an occasional glass of wine is not likely to cause your skin much harm, too much alcohol can damage blood vessels over time, leading to permanently flushed skin or visible blood vessels on your skin’s surface.

Sugar: Eating too much sugar or refined carbs lead to the production of advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. These molecules damage collagen and elastin, and in so doing contribute to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Stress: Emotional stress can take a major toll on the appearance of your skin. Not only does stress lessen your skin’s ability to function properly, putting it at risk of skin diseases and increasing the length of time wounds take to heal, but stress also speeds up the rate of cellular aging, which can make you look older, faster.

Skincare dangers to keep away from: Healthy skin comes from within

Virtually no salve, cream or treatment can do for your skin what a healthy lifestyle can. If you want a smooth, glowing complexion, the type that makes your friends want to know your secret, there really is no better way other than strict adherence to good nutrition. Doctor Akoury reiterates that, “By eating right and protecting your skin from damage, you’ll have visibly healthier, younger looking skin, no matter your age”. Plus, these same steps that give you a healthy complexion offers benefits that are much more than just skin deep, they’ll help you get healthier overall, too. Finally, over time I have realized that when it comes to matters dealing with human health, the doctors’ touch is very important. Therefore for the good health of your skin up on reading this article, schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury to give you clear and professional direction about your situation today.

Skincare dangers to keep away from: Sun rays exposure destroys your skin health







Old looking breast skin Causes

Old looking breast

Old looking breast skin Causes and prevention. When prevention is given a chance the beauty of breast will be appealing

Old looking breast skin Causes: Treatment that sustains

What are the causes of old looking breast skin? This question is common in this generation. That is because of the revolution of beauty cuts across all life’s dimensions. Women are the most affected by the desire to have a more rejuvenated skin which includes the shaping up of the old looking breast skin. Not very long ago I wrote several articles touching on transforming the beauty of a woman using the most modern treatment methods like vampire facelift and vampire breast lift. These are treatment methods which can give any woman a whole package of beauty. It doesn’t matter how old looking breast skin may be, just by visiting AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, your concerns will be forgotten because of the professionalism approach at this facility.

Patients with old looking breast skin suffer from very common conditions related to aging, specifical loss of elasticity, wrinkles, laxity, as well as brown and red discoloration of the breast skin. The causes for old looking breast skin are usually related to hereditary issues which predispose to a loss of collagen and elastin, which is made worse by lifestyle choices such as smoking, sun damage and use of tanning beds. The aging skin of the breast appears wrinkled, old, discolored and artistically displeasing. A woman’s breast forms part of the beauty that is so dear to every lady. Because of this concern many women suffers in silence wondering whether they can treat old looking breast skin and by what means! If you are in this category of ladies who are suffering in silence, then you will not suffer anymore because help is just a phone call away. Doctor Dalal Akoury is fellowship trained and certified in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine, as well as having more than twenty years of accumulated experience in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and a master’s degree in public health. She has also served fellowships in pediatric hematology/oncology and has performed research in leukemia and the effects of smoking. With this great experience, all you need to experience total beauty, then you need to schedule an appointment with her today.

Old looking breast skin Causes: Treatment

Restoring beauty is our primary objective and for sure patients can be treated with a variety of treatment techniques and procedures available at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care. Usually, multiple, non-invasive, non-surgical modalities can be used by many professionals to treat patients with old looking breast skin. One of the more common treatments involves the use of an intense pulsed light, or IPL photo rejuvenation or FotoFacial RF. Under local anesthesia and topical freezing intense pulse light is flashed into the skin relatively painlessly to improve brown and red discoloration.

Besides that, fractional carbon dioxide lasers and other fractional lasers and fractional radiofrequency devices can be used to tighten skin laxity of the breast and smoothen breast wrinkles. This non-surgical neck and chest treatments can be combined with other non-invasive techniques such as injectable Botox to smoothen lines and injectable soft tissue fillers injected under the lax, loose breast skin. Injectable soft tissue fillers used to improve the appearance of old looking breast skin can include:

  • Sculptra
  • Restylane
  • Perlane
  • Juvederm
  • Teosyal and
  • Fat grafting

Radiofrequency energy and infrared tightening devices such as Thermage, eMatrix, TiteFX, Freeze, and ReFirme can be used to tighten breast skin. Specific wrinkles and laxity between the breasts called intermammary lines or between the breast wrinkles is part of the chest skin treatment opportunities. Generally, several treatments of the listed therapies above may be required to significantly reduce and rejuvenate the undesirable and aesthetically displeasing old looking breast skin’s cutaneous appearance.

Old looking breast skin Causes: Treatment that sustains

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Sun rays intensity and skin cancer

Sun rays intensity

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer. The sun is the greatest thereat in formation of skin cancer

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer: Risk factors for skin cancer

The biggest victim or culprit in causing skin problems is the sun rays intensity. Skin cancer is one of the most disturbing skin problems for everyone. Skincare experts’ advices that skin cancer prevention among many other skin health complications should be prevented by all means. Prevention will not just keep our skin healthy, but also save us money, time and psychological problems. What goes in your mind at the mention of the word cancer? No one would want to associate with cancer because it is the most frustrating and traumatizing. It is because of its adverse effects that doctor Dalal Akoury established AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to bring forth preventive solutions to everyone about skincare. Protecting your skin from the harms of the sun becomes the primary preventive measure anyone can take.

This is one point that when you visit this facility will be emphasized because it forms the basis of the problem. Therefore, the most important way of skin cancer prevention is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays intensity. We want to use this platform to give you tips on how you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. It is equally important to protect children from the sun. Remember that the skin of a child is more delicate and sensitive to sun damage than the skin of an adult. Proper care needs to be exercise at that tender age to avert any possibilities of contracting skin cancer when they become adults. This does not necessarily mean that you and your children won’t enjoy the warmth of the sun. No the sunlight has some benefits and you can still enjoy sunshine and the outdoors. We’re only aiming at helping you do so in a manner that encourages skin cancer prevention.

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer: Sun and skin damage

I have never seen anybody who doesn’t want to have a perfect skin complexion. Because this is a common denominator to all, doctor Akoury is explaining certain facts to put more emphasis on the effects of sun rays to the skin. Too much exposure to sunlight is harmful and can damage the skin. Some of this damage is short-term like sunburn. However, permitting your skin to burn consistently in such unfriendly weather can lead to future complications like skin cancer. The damage is often caused by the two main types of ultraviolet (UV) sunlight namely UVA and UVB.

  • UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging the skin dermis (the middle layer).
  • The dermis contains the elastic tissues that keep the skin stretchy.
  • UVA rays therefore have the effect of ageing the skin and causing wrinkles.
  • UVB rays are absorbed by the epidermis (the top layer of skin). This causes sun tanning but also burning.

Finally, it is important to note that both UVA and UVB rays will intensify your risk of developing skin cancer. Receiving sunburnt is a pointing sign that you are putting yourself at risk of contracting skin cancer. Also remember that damaged skin cells also points out that you’re at greater risk of becoming abnormal and cancerous. Because of the sun rays intensity effects, you should be motivated to call doctor Akoury today for help that delivers lasting solutions.

Sun rays intensity and skin cancer: Risk factors for skin cancer

Glowing skin

Beautiful skin texture in all seasons

Beautiful skin texture

Beautiful skin texture in all seasons that feels natural and healthy

Beautiful skin texture in all seasons: Winter skincare tips

We may have seasons in the calendar year that keep changing depending on time. This doesn’t mean that our health should also change. Seasons are determined by the sun intensity. And the sun has a great impact on the beautiful skin texture of everyone. With this knowledge, we mustn’t allow the good health of our skin to be determined by the change in season. The health of your skin must be observed continuously irrespective of the season. Nonetheless, because of the pollutions and human degradation of nature, many challenges takes place that affects our skin complexion. With the help of doctor Dalal Akoury MD and her team of skin care experts, we want to focus our discussion on “keeping beautiful skin texture during winter.” For many people, the cold clear days of winter bring more than a rosy glow to the cheeks. Winter bring uncomfortable dryness to the facial skin, hands, and feet. For some people, the problem is worse. In such situations, the skin gets so dry resulting in flaking, cracking, even eczema.

During winter the weather is very cold. People warm their houses artificially in most cases. This practice of warming indoors has some negative effects on the skin. The heat emanating from the system causes the skin to dry out. The source of your heat, in this case, is secondary. Therefore, whether you’re using oil, wood, or electricity as fuel doesn’t really counts. The bottom line is that the skin gets dry. The dryness of the skin and other effects need to be corrected professionally. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center led by doctor Akoury can be of help. They have purposely made a decision to transform each individual’s life. They do this through increasing awareness about skin care and general health and wellness. The aim is to empower individuals to find their own inner healing power.

Remember that, doctor Akoury, practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices. This way, she deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. With her experience, doctor Akoury has succeeded in producing positive testimonies across the globe. Many patients who have passed through her care can attest to that. You can be part of this success by scheduling an appointment with her today. Meanwhile, the following are some of the skin care tips for boosting your winter skincare regimen:

  • Always involve specialist
  • Moisturize periodically
  • Sunscreen
  • Support your hand
  • Hook the humidifier
  • Hydration
  • Greece up your feet
  • Pace the peels

For so that your skin remains moist and healthy through the winter seasons.

Beautiful skin texture in all seasons: Involvement of specialist

For beautiful skin texture in all seasons, the above tips are necessary. We will be discusing each in our next article but for now, let’s look at the first one. The skin a delicate organ. Self-medication is not a good idea. It’s never advisable to buy skin care products across the counter without the dermatologist prescription. The professionals will examine your skin type, determine your current skincare regimen, and advice professionally. Cost notwithstanding, good products will always work efficiently. Most of the expensive products are so because of their packaging and marketing values. Take note that, what is important is how your skin responds to the product, not how much money you paid for it.

Beautiful skin texture in all seasons: Winter skincare tips