Overweight obstructs sex drive

Overweight obstructs sex drive and the sooner you get into a weight loss program the better

Overweight obstructs sex drive: Better sex with healthy weight

Sex is a good thing in any relationship and needs to be enjoyable. However, many things are coming on the way of this enjoyment. We’re talking about how being overweight obstructs sex drive in many unions. If this is affecting your relationship? We have good news for you. You can schedule an appointment with experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD for a solution. Doctor Akoury agrees with the research findings has since established that up to 30% of obese people seeking help controlling their weight sighted problems with sex drive, desire, performance, or all three.

Other studies have also shown that these problems can be traced to physical conditions that co-exist with obesity. Remember that medical conditions high cholesterol and insulin resistance have the ability to impact negatively on sexual performance particularly in men. And because both conditions can cause the tiny arteries in the penis to shut down when vessel-clogging fatty deposits begin to form impotence or erectile dysfunction is often the result.

A man who has problems having an erection is going to lose his desire for sex in not too long time. Men aren’t alone with sex problems caused by poor blood flow. Research shows overweight women’s sex drive and desire is affected by the same problem. We are beginning to see that the width of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris which is the area of the vagina most closely related to sexual response in women are affected by the same kind of blockages that impact blood flow to the penis. When this happens, a woman’s body is far less responsive, and a drop in desire is not far behind.

Complicating matters further for both sexes: The more body fat you have, the higher your levels of a natural chemical known as SHBG (short for sex hormone binding globulin). It’s aptly named because it binds to the sex hormone testosterone. Doctors theorize that the more testosterone that is bound to SHBG, the less there is available to stimulate desire.

Overweight obstructs sex drive: Think sexy and you’ll be sexy

Finally, what goes on in your mind can be the reason why you have inabilities to deliver sexually like for instance, for some people, getting physical problems under control is all they need to trigger up the flames of desire. Yet for others, it’s still not quite enough. Experts believe that one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying sex at any size is poor body image. They caution that the inability to accept your weight and your size can leave you sleeping single in a double bed. There is this idea out there that if you accept your body and your weight that it’s somehow going to take away your motivation to change the way you look in a way, society almost tells us that you have to hate your body before you can improve it.

Overweight obstructs sex drive: Better sex with healthy weight