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Picking fitness regime

Picking fitness regime that works well for you is all you need to succeed

Picking fitness regime: The suitable gym that won’t affect your daily schedule

Weight management is a major problem to many people. Because of this many have not made any attempt of taking corrective measures. As experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Centre under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury, MD losing weight is a must for people whose BMI is above the normal rate of 25. One challenge that people face is picking fitness regime for your physical fitness. This is what we want to help you address so that you can take a good and informed decision. That is to say when considering registering to a fitness program it’s important to note that not every fitness program will deliver the same result for everyone. The program should fit in your schedule and you also need to get a fitness program tailored to your needs, the following factors are essential;

Location and duration

Accessibility is important meaning the location must be conducive. This will avoid any inconveniences. Besides the location depending on your availability, the duration must also be a point of concern. The choice program should allow you to go for your sessions at convenience so that you can be consistent and available.

Picking fitness regime: Membership and instructors

Some gyms attract people of one gender while others attract people of certain age group and of some class. This means you can find yourself in a gym with very gentle people and times you can find yourself in a gym of very rogue people. You need a gym that will provide a good environment for your exercise needs without fear of embarrassment. You can tour the gym facility when it’s on the session and make a judgment based on the environment and membership convenience. Alongside that, you need courteous and supportive staff members in a gym for you to exercise and achieve your weight loss goals. You may want to ask for certification of the staff to provide some assurance that you will be dealing with professionals.


One of the things which make me forget about a gym is the hygiene problem. Any gym you want to join for a fitness program should be clean and that includes the personal hygiene of staff members. Carry out a self-audit by inspecting the changing room, the bathrooms as well as toilets, towels, basin, the equipment etc. this is very important since most gym facilities are public and anybody can walk in and become a member easily. You must not take chance with cleanliness.


Finally, check on the fees charged. The fees should be reasonable compared to other fitness programs. Ask your friends or workmates for gyms and their rates so that you don’t join a program that will burden you. All these factors should help you find a fitness program that won’t interfere with your daily schedule as well as your budget. You can also seek for more professional input from doctor Akoury for any concerns you may be having overweight management and picking fitness regime today and you will be attended to professionally.

Picking fitness regime: The suitable gym that won’t affect your daily schedule