lose weight

Belly dancing incorporates wave-like movements that are sometimes, quick, slow or angular. Belly dancing is also another best trick to losing weight provided you are willing to engage an aerobic like calorie-burning exercises involved in it. One of the things that make belly dancing quite useful is that it does not only help you burn fat to lose weight but also effective to sculpt your physique.

If you are well acquainted with belly dancing, you might have noticed that most regular belly dancers are not only well built but also flexible. In short, belly dancing is a way to go for if you are looking for the easiest, fastest and enjoyable way to let go of some pounds.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to eat aimlessly. Just like any other weight loss strategy, losing weight through belly dancing also requires you to watch your diet. Even with regular hours of stramineous belly dancing, you won’t be able to lose weight if what you eat is junk foods. You must be able to choose what to eat and most importantly, control the portion you take.

One of the reasons belly dancing comes out as one of the most effective weight loss strategies is the fact that it helps keep away stress. It is one of the exercises that will perfectly fit the music you love. Not only will you be enjoying your music, but you’ll be happier seeing that you can flow with the rhythm.


lose weight

Unless you have big problems, you’ll be able to do away with bad stressing thoughts. Also keep in mind that overeating might be influenced by stress. Belly dancing will help you focus on good things and as a result, prevent you from eating aimlessly.

Here is how to get the best out of your belly dancing routine.

  • Create a schedule: Come up with a schedule you can stick to. It can be thrice a week.
  • Warm up and stretch: This will make it easier for you to prevent injuries when executing your moves.
  • Play music you like and can dance to: Choose music that won’t bore you at the middle.
  • Find fat-burner moves; Figure out which moves tires you a lot.
  • Repeat and repeat: By repeating, you’ll be working on specific parts of your body that need to let go of some fats.
  • Ensure that your workout doesn’t conflict with other tasks you have before you
  • Watch your diet; as mentioned earlier, diet plays an important role here. Eat more in the morning and reduce the portion when your bedtime is approaching. Also remember to avoid eating junk foods.

The final word

Just like any other workout, belly dancing for weight loss requires you to be disciplined. You must be able to stick to your schedule and most importantly, eat healthily.


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