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Understanding medics addiction

Understanding medics addiction problems is very important if patients are to be attended to professionally

Understanding medics addiction problems: Treatment for the treating experts

If there is anything that doesn’t have any respect to personality, education, social standing in the society, then it must be drug addiction. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center acknowledges that in more than two decades of her engagement as a medics, understanding medics addiction problems has been one hilly mountain to climb. Across the globe medical experts are not just personnel from various health institutions but a distinguish people entrusted with people’s lives. Theirs is a calling and not just a job for remuneration. In this profession doctor Akoury says that it is all about professionalism and integrity. What disturbs me she continues is the rate at which men and women in this profession are sinking in various types of substance abuse. Even though health facilities are a drug free zones, if you were to walk across the road where smoking zones have been designated, it will surprise to note that majority of smokers there are medical support staffs, nurses, administrators and doctors.

Understanding medics addiction problems: The evidence of a greater problem 

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you come across such professionals crowding in smokers corners with smoke billowing over their heads? What is really the problem? Are we losing the moral duty by some of these actions? For how long are we going to be encouraging patient and other people to make healthy lifestyle choices as part of our responsibilities when we are doing exactly the opposite? Yes medics are humans too but what morals do we have to advice patients if we are equally subjecting ourselves to the temptations of drug use, smoking, alcohol abuse and overeating?

My fellow colleagues don’t miss understand me. As a professionals I am not being too judgmental or preaching a sermon to the few who engages in such habits. I appreciate that we are all grown-ups with equal rights of enjoying the freedom of making choices as we may wish. Nonetheless, allow me to pose and say that there are certain special cases. Addiction is a health problem and when medics are the ones struggling with it, they become patients and therefore it is very important that we start looking at some of our actions through the eyes of our patients. And by the way for us to succeed in understanding medics addiction problems, the following questions will be very helpful in understanding the magnitude of the matter:

  • Can overweight nurses’ advice patients about weight loss?
  • How is stress affecting nurses and their patients?
  • Will patients listen to advice on smoking cessation when you smell like an ashtray?

We will finally discuss each of these questions in our subsequent articles but for now fellow colleagues, if you are struggling with any kind of addiction, you need help just the same way as your patients. AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center has very specific treatment programs tailored just for you. This will be done in confidence and your reputation will be protected zealously. We want to help you. So please talk to us today.

Understanding medics addiction problems: Treatment for the treating experts