Alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication: The pain of substance abuse

Alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication

Alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication. This kind of addiction if not addressed will bring serious health complications in human life.

Do you know the content of alcohol you take? Of what nutritional value are you getting from the consumption of alcohol? Ideally when we eat, we expect to be well nourished by the kinds of food we take. Such food needs to be rich in all the valuable nutrients the body requires to function normally. However this is not always the case. In many occasions we have violated out body by feeding it with toxic elements and other foods that add nothing of importance to the well-being of our health. This is what this article is all about and we want to unlock all the hidden information about alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and live intoxication so that we are aware of the next cause of action. When dealing with any form of addiction, it is important to involve the various experts in the line of addiction from the very beginning. And that is why in our case study, we are going to be talking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. It is not advisable that when you are struggling with addiction, you self-medicate. This is not right and the services of a physician are very vital from the onset.

Now to the topic of discussion, alcohol consumption is never beneficial to human health. This is not any secrete but a common fact to both the producers, consumers and the licensing authorities of alcohol use. Being a legal drink, its usage is not prohibited by law and so people can drink at will so long as they keep to the limit. And talking about limit, this is where the problem begins, being highly addictive in nature, it is often very difficult to adhere to the required ceiling and so the abuse continues followed by all the effects that are associated with drug use.

Alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication: The nutrition content

Doctor Dalal Akoury says that the effects of alcohol abuse is actually felt in all homes either directly and indirectly and that is causing many alcoholics malnourished, either because they ingest too little of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins or because alcohol and its metabolism prevented their body from properly absorbing, digesting and making good use of those nutrients. The consequences of this is that many alcohol users particularly the alcoholics, they suffer frequent deficiencies of vital nutrients including proteins and vitamins, and more so vitamin A, which may contribute to liver disease and other serious alcohol–related disorders.

Nevertheless doctor Akoury acknowledges that a complex relationship do exists between an individual’s alcohol consumption and his or her nutritional status. Majority of users of alcohol whether those abusing it or those taking in moderation or light drinkers who consume one to two glasses or less of an alcoholic beverage per day, consider those beverages a part of their normal diet and acquire a certain number of calories from them. When consumed in excess, however, alcohol can cause diseases by interfering with the nutritional status of the user. For example, alcohol can alter the intake, absorption into the body, and utilization of various nutrients. In addition, alcohol exerts some harmful effects through its breakdown (i.e., metabolism) and the resulting toxic compounds, particularly in the liver, where most of the alcohol metabolism occurs.

Alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication: Nutritional value of alcohol

When pointing out at alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication, the main reason behind it would be the nutritional value of alcohol if any. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are in agreement that the water forms the greatest content of alcohol, followed by pure alcohol also known as ethanol and inconstant quantities of sugar (carbohydrates). The other content of alcohol like proteins, vitamin, and minerals are usually very negligible. And since these nutrients are considered negligible leaving water and ethanol as the main factors, alcoholic beverages are often considered as empty calories. This therefore means that, any calories provided by alcoholic beverages are derived from the carbohydrates and alcohol they contain. And remember that the carbohydrate content usually varies greatly among beverage types.

At least under certain conditions, however, alcohol–derived calories when consumed in substantial amounts can have less biologic value than carbohydrate–derived calories, as shown in a study in the weights of two groups of participants who received balanced diets containing equal numbers of calories. In one of the groups, 50 percent of total calories were derived from carbohydrates, whereas in the other group the calories were derived from alcohol. The study participants were observed on the metabolic ward of a hospital during the experiments. The quantity of alcohol administered did not exceed the amount routinely consumed by these volunteers.

Although all participants received the same number of calories, those in the alcohol group exhibited a decline in body weight compared with those in the carbohydrate group. Moreover, when the participants received additional calories in the form of alcohol, they did not experience any corresponding weight gain. This suggests that some of the energy contained in alcohol is “lost” or “wasted” meaning, it is not valuable to the body for producing or maintaining body mass.

Finally it is now evident that alcoholic beverages are not nutritious as users would want us to believe. Couple with that, users of alcohol often abuses the drink to the extent that they forget to take care of themselves by way of even feeding themselves. This practice is very dangerous and has landed many into the state of serious malnutrition. If this habit is not dealt with, we will be losing many of these people to alcohol. Therefore having read about alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication, you need to evaluate yourself and see if this article is describing any of your situations or that of a loved one. If the answer is yes, then you need to seek for help immediately today by scheduling for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury to take you through the healing process in the most healthy and professional way. As you consider doing that, we are not done with this discussion, and therefore join us in the next article as we continue unlocking all the facts about alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication.

Alcohol addiction role in malnutrition and liver intoxication: The pain of substance abuse