Role of Androgen in Men

androgens in menFor a man to be sexually activity and be able to perform well during sexual intercourse there must be the actions of some hormones. These hormones do a lot in enabling a man to perform better during sexual intercourse. Without these hormones it becomes hard for sex to be enjoyable. In some cases absence of these hormones can lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has continued to be a worry in the lives of many men and just enough cases has been attributed to deficiency of the androgen in men.

Androgens are a group of sex hormones that are responsible for giving men their male characteristics. And hormones are chemical messengers. They communicate with tissues in the body to bring about many different changes.  They are very crucial for male sexual and reproductive function. They are also responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, including facial and body hair growth, and bone and muscle development. Without sufficient androgens in the body of a man his may fail to achieve some of the masculine characteristics such as deep voice, broad chest and even the masculine physique. This therefore shows that that these hormones play a big role even in shaping the outward appearance of a man. There are hormones that are responsible for sexual functions in men but the major sex hormone in men is the testosterone hormone. This hormone is produced in the testes. The production of this hormone in the testes is controlled by the pituitary gland that is located in the brain. At times there might be a deficit of the male sex hormones in the body. This is referred to as Androgen deficiency. androgen deficiency is characterized by low levels of sex hormones especially the major sex hormone in a man’s body, the testosterone which is very essential for sexual health. There are very many causes of androgen deficiency. some may be as a result of a personal indulging in behaviors that are counterproductive to general body health or as a result of problems in the pituitary glands that controls the functions of the testes or when the testes has a problem that may maim their functions hence affecting the production of testosterone hormone.

Male climacteric

To begin with it is a known fact that women go through menopause and that is a period that productions of some crucial hormones in their bodies stops and this makes them unable to enjoy sex or other be actively in involved in sex as they were before reaching menopause. Men also go through this stage although hormonal fluctuations are not as abrupt as in women. They go through a gradual decrease in sex hormone levels from a longer time. This gradual decrease in sex hormones may begin at the age of thirty and continues gradually as they age.
Male climacteric is real and it happens in such a gradual process that may not be easily noticeable unlike in women where the drop in sex hormones is very abrupt. In men it takes time.

androgens in menFor this reasons old men who have reached 60 years of age are not as sexually active as a man in his early twenties. The hormone secretion is still not reduced at 20 and so men in this age tend to be very sexually active. The moment the testosterone levels drops due to age or due to sickness the sex drive of a man will tend to go low even his appetite for sex and the overall performance during sexual intercourse also becomes reduced.

Married men who have reached male climacteric ages but still needs to be sexually active often seeks the aid of other therapies like the testosterone replacement therapy to increase their testosterone levels in the body so that they can be able to regain their sex drive and be able to perform satisfactory sex to their women.

Male climacteric is a natural condition and should not be confused with erectile dysfunction. Whereas erectile dysfunction needs medical attention, male climacteric is a stage just like puberty that does not need to be treated. However as a man sexual needs may command him he may seek various interventions to increase his performance in bed like the use of sex pills.

There are other functions of the androgens except from the sexual functions. The androgens are also responsible for the strength of bones and muscles. This explains why old men will need the support of a walking stick to maintain their stability as the bones are not strong due to the lower levels of androgen in the body. In case of deficiency in androgens before the right age it is advisable to seek medical help as that is not a natural process. There should be optimum levels of the androgens in your body during your youth in absence of which there must be underlying serious disease that must be treated. However it is better to know your sexual health status, if you are experiencing symptoms of low androgen levels such as low sex drive, lethargy or low sperm production you should seek help to make your sex life more fun and enjoyable.

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Role Of Androgen In Men