Antidepressants  Sex Drive is Reduced Greatly- Exercise Is

the Best Remedy

Antidepressants Just like love, trust and faithfulness are needed in every relationship, Sex is a need that every relationship must have in order to keep the wheels of love spinning. It is the spice, a moment in which the partners get lost in their own pleasures not only to make themselves happy but also to the other party satisfied. Relationships have been broken as a result of sex. when the sex is not satisfactory, when it does nothing to the other party and when it isn’t awesome as it ought to be then the party not satisfied in the relationship will hunger for more, he or she will look for a better alternative to fill this vacuum that cannot be filled by his or her partner and when this happens they call it infidelity! Great sex can save a marriage of all this crap and create a more romantic fortress around the partners making them feel there is no other couple that has it better than they do. Never underestimate the power of sex, it is so powerful that it can wreak a well cemented marriage where trust and love was but also it can make a marriage last even longer. Sex is therefore a necessity in every relationship not only as a way of procreation but as a special gift that you present to your loved one with lots of passion and love.

However most marriages have lacked this special gift and are merely moving on for the sake of saving their reputation and maintaining their pride but behind closed doors men weep and wet their pillows with tears over guns without bullets. They never rise to occasion and this is a strong wave that may sweep the relationship to its ultimate destruction. Women are also not left out and they too suffer lower libido and all these have been linked to use of antidepressants Sex Drive.

Antidepressants Sex Drive Robbers

The human psychological being is made up of different chemical reactions that make it function as it is supposed to. However any intake of a strong drug will interfere with the chemical reactions that make the psychological being work therefore altering all the psychological functions. The reactions between the drug components and the body processes may have negative implications in your body. Sex drive-the psychological need to engage in sexual activity can be adversely affected by use of externally induced strong drugs. One of the strongest drugs is the antidepressants sex drive. These drugs have a way of reducing a person’s Antidepressant sex drive, (antidepressants Sex Drive). Researchers have proved that these antidepressants sex drive, are very instrumental in decreasing a person’s sex drive. Doctors have warned patients to restrain from long term use of antidepressants so as to avoid its side effects that are quite destructive to a person’s sex life.

Antidepressants Sex Drive affect women in a destructive Way!

Researchers have revealed that the use of antidepressants sex drive is even more destructive to women. They deplete their urge for sex as they will not desire to initiate sex nor be part of the activity. With such a low sex drive the sexual life of a woman becomes spoilt and that may be the beginning of marriage storms. Appetite for sex in women should be high if they need to get satisfied in bed too. Taking a woman who has no appetite for sex to bed is like a soft rape, she is not psychological prepared for sex and this may cause irritation in the vagina as the vagina will not be moist enough for safe sex. In the end it may beckon other diseases that may rise from such persistent bruises. This may in itself change a woman’s perception of sex. As sex is becoming increasingly painful a woman will begin to view sex as rather punitive and not as a special gift that it is supposed to be.

Antidepressants Sex Drive Could be Enhanced with Exercise

When a woman has lost her sex drive, it is hard to regain her initial appetite for sex. However doctors have given hope to those women who are struggling with low sex drive. Exercise is a good way of regaining your lost appetite for sex. The word exercise to most women means strenuous activity that will take the better part of the day, this is not true just sparing thirty minutes daily for a workout in the gym daily is enough to revive a woman’s sex drive. Regular exercise is the cheapest and easiest way to fight low sex drive.

A well-researched article published by experienced scientists in the Depression and Anxiety journal states that regular exercise are very helpful in fighting the side effects of antidepressants sex drive, very destructive on a person’s sexual life. The benefits of exercise have been echoed into our brains but it is better to note that exercise is non-invasive remedy for low sexual drives. Using sexual boosting tablets may not yield long term results and may cause serious collateral damage.

Antidepressants and sex drive

Antidepressants Sex Drive Greatly Reduce: Keep Off!

A research was done on 52 young women who used to take antidepressants sex driving. The women had sex for the first thirty days without exercise. The women were then divided into two groups where one group had intense exercise after which they had sex while the other group had sex regularly but exercised at any suitable hour. This went on for a month. The schedules of these two groups were exchanged for another month. The women were then interviewed on their sex drive and satisfaction. Most of them said that they enjoyed sex more when they exercised. They admitted that having sex after exercise was more fulfilling.

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Antidepressants Sex Drive is Reduced Greatly- Exercise Is The Best Remedy