Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery: Alternative therapies for people in recovery

Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery

Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery can be a better option in finding the solution to the problem of drug addiction.

Because of the intensity of drug addiction in our communities, a lot is being done to minimize the effects of drug addiction. Even though there are significant improvement on the approaches taken today from treating addicts as people with weak morals to the realization that addiction is a disease that needs to be treated objectively, a lot more still needs to be done if we are to defeat this problem in its entirely. We spoke to the experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and also the founder of the same and doctor Akoury is very categorical that recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs can pose a serious challenge, nonetheless, she acknowledges that there are many great resources available that can make the process easier. She continue to register that any minor discomforts that the individual experiences during the initial settling in period to sobriety may be challenging but all the same they are worth it owing to the accruing benefits to be gained by this new way of living. Professionally she says that it is very possible to reduce these discomforts significantly to their very minimum levels. One way of doing this is to make use of alternative therapies such as the application of aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery. This is what is going to form the basis of our discussion in this article and I would want to encourage you to stay on the link for more worthy health information about aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery.

Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery: What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest practices that we can speak of today dating back for several centuries. It has been experienced by different cultures around the world – it is believed to date back to time immemorial to say the least. Doctor Akoury says that even though aromatherapy has not been scientifically proven, it is today classified as one of the types of alternative medicine for holistic treatment. It involves using various plant materials and aromatic ingredients in order to produce scents that are believed to be beneficial to the mental, physical, and spiritual health which are commonly under attack by the prevalence of drug addiction. The individual benefits from the properties of these mixtures which are administered to the body through inhalation with essential oils forming the bugger part of the ingredients used in aromatherapy. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, it is important to appreciate that these essential oils are made from the oils of plants or other compounds. These oils are usually obtained by distillation which is the method of separating mixtures through boiling. The different essential oils that are created by this process are not only used for aromatherapy, but can also be useful in cosmetics and sometimes even food. It therefore means that there are very many different types of essential oils that are used for a multitude of purposes with one single essential oil being rich in up to a hundred different compounds inside it.

Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery: How aromatherapy works?

The good thing about aromatherapy is that it is pocket friendly, in other words an individual can begin reaping the benefits from aromatherapy without having to spending much money. All that you will need is some essential oil and a diffuser. The purpose of the diffuser is to heat the essential oil so that it can enter the air as a vapor. There are also some aromatherapy products that can be directly inhaled or applied to the body. However, this should only be done with products designed for this purpose. If you ask me how pocket friendly are these oils then the response will surprise you because the essential oils vary in price with small quantities of 15 ml costing anywhere from $5 to $50 noting that these days it is possible to find things at much cheaper prices online. That is why it is important to only deal with a reliable supplier. Having talked about diffusers, it is important to appreciate that there are different types of diffuser available with some using candles while others will use a special electrical light bulb to heat the essential oil. It is usual to mix the oil with water in the diffuser. Doctor Akoury advices that patients must be careful enough to carry out thorough investigations about the types of products in the market to make very informed decisions on which product that will serve them better and deliver the healing.

Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery: Aromatherapy benefits during recovery

Even though this is an alternative to addiction treatment, it is important to note that aromatherapy cannot cure addiction absolutely however its compounds can be of value to people recovering from an addiction. The following are some of the benefits of using these products:

  • Some essential oils can be effective at helping people relax. Ordinarily this can be very important for people in the early stages of recovery who often find it difficult to adjust to their new life free from the substances they were using before.
  • It is fairly common for people in the initial period of recovery to complain of a fuzzy brain this can occur as a result of the initial withdrawals or post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). There are some essential oils that can increase mental clarity.
  • Many people complain of difficulties in sleeping during the early days of recovery. Essential oils in evening will be able to relax them and put them in the mood for good and comfortable sleeping time.
  • Meditation can be of great benefit to those who are recovering from an addiction. Some people find that essential oils help them fall more easily into a meditative state although people need to be careful because if the aroma is too noticeable it will act as a distraction.
  • Some of these products can be good at lifting people’s mood.
    There are oils that can help people reduce their anxiety levels.
  • They can also help lessen the impact of withdrawal symptoms such as body discomfort and nausea.

Finally the fight against substance abuse is never going to be over if we do not face it as it is and make efforts in its prevention. We as a society must pool together to have this scourge out of our communities and lives by engaging the experts who understand addiction squarely. For that reason I want to introduce you to the home of experts (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) under the able leadership of doctor Akoury for any concerns you may be having. If this means anything to you then you make that call today and schedule for your appointment with some of the veteran addiction experts in the medical discipline and all your concerns will be professionally addressed with lots of confidentiality.

Aromatherapy for people in drug addiction recovery: Alternative therapies for people in recovery