You Can still Achieve Beauty after Breast Cancer

BeautyBreast cancer is one of the common forms of cancers that have made many people victims. If you are not the immediate victim then you are affected in a way. this diseases has maimed many women but its effects goes beyond the need for medical care to correct the body tissues and cells affected for the sake of restoring good health but anybody who has suffered from disease and survived or have cared for anyone suffering from this disease will tell you that after breast cancer treatment you can hardly recognize them. It interferes with the beauty of our women. Before I indulge on how breast cancer treatments can have negative effects on your beauty, I think it is prudent that we know some facts about this monster. Breast cancer is disease that is caused by malignant cells that form in the tissues of the breast. The damaged cells can invade surrounding tissue, when this happens there will be more complex treatments needed to save the situation as the when the cancer cells are far spread in the body it becomes rather hard to deal with the situation as local chemotherapy can’t work any better. When the surrounding cells are affected the treatments used will often leave the patients with lots of side effects. However when this disease is detected much earlier before the breast is adversely affected and before the malignant cells affects the surrounding cells then it can be treated after which many people will continue living their lives normally.

Today it is estimated that one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. As known to many this disease affects women more than it affects men and is the second leading cause of death in women worldwide. Each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. Although breast cancer in men is rare, an estimated 2,150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 410 will die each year. This makes breast cancer both a man and a woman health threat therefore it should be addressed well by availing different alternatives to treat it so that it can be fought and one. Cancer treatments are known to leave the patients with myriads of side effects. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy that are the most used orthodox treatments for breast cancer targets to treat cancer by destroying the cancer cells on the breast tissues. Unfortunately when a person is put on either radiation therapy or chemotherapy not only the cancer cells are destroyed but also the living cells. Apart from this other side effects of chemotherapy that make women lose several ounces of beauty include;

Appetite loss– when a breast cancer patient is put on chemotherapy they will lose appetite, eating less than usual and at other times they will fail to eat a lot. How does this affect their outlook? Well, when a patient is under prolonged appetite loss they will fail to eat leading to malnutrion, loss of weight, loss of muscle mass and strength which will limit the body’s ability to heal. Lack of proper nutrition also leads to skin discoloration and dryness. The skin becomes dry and dark which isn’t any aesthetic to any woman.

Dealing with Hair loss

Patients receiving chemotherapy may lose hair from all over the body, gradually or in clumps. This side effect most often starts after the first several weeks or rounds of chemotherapy and tends to increase one to two months into treatment. Every person knows how valuable a woman’s hair is to them. During breast cancer treatment they not only lose the hair on their heads but also on other parts of the body. They lose eyebrows and eyelashes too.

Beautywomen may have very many roles in this life, they take up careers and today even perform most of the duties that were initially dominated by man but these all manly jobs that they have since dominated all in a bid to be independent which is good at all angles, they are still the flowers of this planet. Life revolves around women and not on them alone but also on their beauty. every woman spend the better part of their life pursuing beauty and tis beauty should not be completely swept off because of breasts cancer and treatments that follows it. A woman can still be beautiful after breast cancer; even after losing their hair to this monster. There are several cancer treatment facilities that are now offering several ways of restoring their beauty after cancer treatments. for the problem of hair loss there are wigs and hairpieces that are sold in shops that a person who has lost her hair can buy better yet there are wigs and hairpieces in some cancer treatment facilities that are specifically designed for breast cancer patients who have lost their hair. The choice of the wig and hairpiece to use depends on the patient, if she wants wig and hairpiece that looks exactly as her hair then it is better to choose a wig or hairpiece before her hair falls out so it most closely matches the original hair color and style.

for all problems that may arise as a result of lack of appetite, having the help of a nutritionist who can avail all the information and recommend best foods to restore good health, weight gain and solve the problem of skin dryness and skin discoloration will be a better idea. Some patients have also opted to go for cosmetic surgery to conceal the scars if they ever had to go for surgery in treatment of their diseases however for surgeries it’s good to check on possible side effects first. Breast cancer is a monster that wreaks havoc in a woman’s life but you should restore your beauty after treatment. For this purpose, contact Dr. Dalal Akoury by calling her on (843) 213-1480. She will surely be able to give a helping hand.

Beauty after Breast Cancer