Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems: Understanding the Herb Gotu Kola

Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems

Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems

Over the years people have often embraced traditional medications for various types of illness. The practice is becoming acceptable even to the mainstream scientific medication. One of the ancient herbs that have been in use for decades is gotu kola and it is going to form part of our focus in this discussion. We want to look at the benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the stems in the treatment of various health conditions we do have today and even in the past. But before that Gotu kola is a swamp plant that originated and grows naturally in Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and many parts of South Africa. Its dried leaves and stems are medicinal and are used in herbal remedies. The active compounds in gotu kola are called saponins, or triterpenoids. Gotu kola is also used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to treat skin wounds. It is important to note that Gotu kola is not in any way related to the kola (cola) nut and doesn’t contain caffeine or stimulants.

Some clinical trials have looked at the use of gotu kola and its compounds in people with poor blood flow, usually in the legs. These limited studies suggest that gotu kola may help reduce swelling in the legs and feet, although more scientific studies are needed. Other research that has looked at gotu kola in humans has been limited by small numbers of patients and problems in study methods. Although at least one laboratory study of tumor cells showed reduced cell growth with gotu kola, available scientific evidence does not support claims of its effectiveness for treating cancer or any other disease in humans. Therefore to help us get the answers to some mostly asked questions, we are going to be talking to doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility whose primary objective is to transforms people’s lives through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. As we progress into the discussion, if you have any concern about your health and the medications you are using whether herbs or scientific, you may want to schedule for an appointment with this great medical professional who has been in practice for over two decades and she will be of great help to you professionally and in confidence.

Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems: How is Gotu kola promoted for use?

A lot of theories are being used when it come to the application of gotu kola. Some experts who support it use have reported that gotu kola possesses numerous curative qualities. At the same time some physicians maintain that gotu kola eases fever and relieves congestion caused by colds and upper respiratory infections. It is also reported that some women have used gotu kola for birth control, and some herbalists claim that gotu kola is an antidote for poisonous mushrooms and arsenic poisoning. Some believe that it can be applied externally to treat snakebites, herpes, fractures, and sprains. It is evident that gotu kola has several opportunities through which its application is being promoted. Like for instance in some folk medicine traditions, gotu kola is used to treat syphilis, rheumatism, leprosy, mental illness, and epilepsy. It is also used to stimulate urination and to boot out physical and mental exhaustion, high blood pressure, eye diseases, diarrhea, asthma, liver disease, dysentery, urinary tract infections, eczema, inflammation and psoriasis. Some manufacturers of the herbal supplement claim gotu kola can be used to treat cancer as well. That is a testimony of a host of applications opportunities and this introduces us to our next point of concern “what does it involve?”

Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems: What does it involve?

Over the years this herb has been evolving and each time new development for it applications is being discovered. A lot of improvement has been made on it and today gotu kola is available in capsules, eye drops, extracts, powder, and ointments from health various food stores across the globe and over the online market (Internet). Doctor Dalal Akoury states that dried gotu kola can be made into dust form and be used as tea. She continues to state that if you are purposing to use this herd in whichever form, it would be advisable that you consult with your healthcare provider for advice on the right dosage. This is because the right and recommended dosage depends on the condition being treated and there is no general agreeable dosage. Now that you are up to date with its usage, let us walk you through the history journey of gotu kola herb.

Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems: What is the history behind it?

Like we have already stated in the introduction, this herb (Gotu kola) has a long history in the folk medicines of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar including South Africa and is still widely used in these countries to date. For a very long time this herb has been used for generation to generation in India to promote relaxation, improve memory, and aid meditation. In traditional Chinese medicine, the herb is believed to promote longevity. The Chinese name for gotu kola translates to “fountain of youth.” A Sri Lankan legend says that elephants have long lives because they eat gotu kola. It therefore means that gotu kola has a very rich history and anyone wishing to join the history can do so.

Finally when opting to use gotu kola or any herb for that matter, it is not just enough to get information from the internet and by reading books and without further finding more go ahead and start using these herbs. Majority of herbal medications may not pose any threat but the fact that no tangible scientific evidence has been established about them, makes them only applicable on the instruction of the professional. Therefore I will advise you that before opting for gotu kola, seek for more information with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of Doctor Akoury’s care.

Benefits of Gotu kola leaves and the Stems: Understanding the Herb Gotu Kola