Botox Beaty without Botox

Your Secret to Botox Beauty without Botox

There is no Fountain of Youth, unfortunately. As we age, we are constantly looking at our reflections, wondering how we can best improve upon our looks and maintain our youthful complexion and beauty. We have sought out moisturizers, creams, injections and the like in order to maintain the semblance of youth. It’s become an incredible, multi-billion dollar industry that has employed thousands worldwide, and yet, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune to maintain beauty.

There are a few simple steps everyone can follow in order to continue to be beautiful, and they are inexpensive and easy. By following these steps and incorporating them into a daily routine, virtually anyone can stay beautiful. Botox Beauty without botox or fillers is easy to attain ask Dr. Dalal Akoury?

1. Clean and moisturize daily: You should wash and moisturize your face at least twice daily. Ensure you use a cleanser designed for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you should use a cleanser specifically for oily skin. Tea tree oil-based cleansers, for instance, would be ideal for combination skin, as it’s good to dry out the oily skin, but not so harsh that it would abuse the dryer skin.

It’s also important to consider the sort of moisturizer you are looking at applying. Most moisturizers now come with a variety of SPF levels in order to help protect your skin while it’s hydrating your skin at the same time. There are also moisturizers designed specifically for certain skin types, so it’s important to realize that you need the right one for your skin.

2. Water – it does a body good: Botox Beauty without botox or fillers is possible when you remember the importance of drinking those 8- 8 ounce glasses of water daily can not be emphasized enough. Not only does it keep your system running smoothly, water is vital for the efficient running of your body and its systems. You have to remember, the human body is made up of 70 per cent water, and as such, drinking enough water is critical. The added benefit of drinking nearly two liters of water daily is that it keeps your skin clear and your body running efficiently. However, drinking that quantity of water can lead to going to the washroom a lot, so it’s important to remember to go to the bathroom regularly and not hold the need to go back.
3. Brush your teeth: It should come as no surprise that good teeth health helps keep your body healthy as well. In addition, there is something to be said for the power of a beautiful white smile to help people look younger. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time. To brighten your smile, use a whitening toothpaste on a regular basis. That will help your smile continue looking its best. That is the easy way to experience Botox Beauty without botox or fillers.
4. Get green: The population of the western world has a tendency to not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The problem is, we need to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables per day. If we don’t, our bodies tend not to run as smoothly and we also don’t look as healthy physically. Eating a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables ensures your skin will continue to look healthy and glow youthfully.
5. Exercise, exercise, exercise: It’s important to realize how very vital regular exercise is to the efficient functioning of the human body. Exercise not only keeps your blood flowing well, it also helps improve your digestion, as material moves through your digestive system more smoothly while you are exercising. That’s why so many people like the idea of going for a walk after dinner; they need to improve their body’s digestion of what may have been a heavy meal.
6. Relax and stay natural: Keep makeup to a minimum, for starters. Most cosmetics will block pores to an extent, which means you could run into issues in terms of keeping your skin clear. Avoiding a lot of makeup can mean you look more natural, which is generally a great deal more appealing than someone who has heavy makeup on. In fact, there is definitely some appeal to keeping your face makeup free, as you look natural. Avoid unesessary makeup to enjoy Botox Beauty without botox or fillers.
7. Smile! Another way of looking natural is simply by smiling. So many people like the look of someone who is honestly and genuinely smiling as it makes the person seem far more open and friendly than they usually do. In fact, smiling and friendly people seem far more appealing to people than people who are frowning.
8. Sleep: It’s really important to get enough sleep on a regular basis for the simple fact it keeps the body running at optimal efficiency. If we can’t get enough sleep, we know that we get shadows under our eyes and our skin may look puffy and generally worn. It’s really hard, at times, to get enough sleep, simply because we live in a very busy 21st century world. However, it’s always important to get enough sleep; not only will that have an impact on how we look overall, a lack of sleep can affect our judgment and reaction times when we’re engaged in activities requiring our full concentration, such as driving. If you get into an accident, you will definitely struggle with looking beautiful and feeling beautiful.

There are many different strategies we can all make use of when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful. Certainly, there’s a lot to keep in mind, particularly since today’s society is so busy. Many of us are eating highly processed food, which definitely means that we are running the risk of putting on unnecessary weight, which definitely can have a significant impact on how we view ourselves in the first place. It’s also important to drink plenty of water, smile at people, and generally try to get enough sleep. Without taking the time and ensuring all of this is being done – particularly the water drinking – you have a really hard time ensuring that you can maintain your own personal level of beauty as naturally as possible.

Your Secret to Botox Beauty without Botox

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