Breast Cancer Battle

Let go of Fear and embrace Faith

Sharon Keller Breast Cancer Battle

Fear or Faith?

Breast Cancer Battle; this journey of cancer has taken many twists and turns. The twists and turns of a breast cancer journey involves three components and is a journey like I have never traveled, nor ever wanted to travel. I do have choices to make on this journey.  Fear or Faith? It is my choice.

The truths in this breast cancer battle from Dr. Dalal Akoury

The cancer is what it is and I am told by Dr. Dalal Akoury that I am to live in the moment. I am to embrace the present time I am in and find joy. I am to tame the cancer and learn to live with it. My faith tells me she is correct in this cancer journey. God is in control, not me…. I am to trust the Lord who created me as He  has every hair on my head counted. I am to embrace the journey in a way to have an awakening of myself. I need to forgive, love, and live in peace. I know what scripture says and that Dr. Dalal Akoury is right in her advice.

My breast cancer battle with mind

I know to the depths of my soul that Big C is Christ not cancer and little c is cancer. The Big C has already taken care of the little c. I know all of that. I thought I knew the truths in my soul to my very core. Breast cancer revealed what was in my heart. I do have faith. I love the Lord and trust him. Doubt and fear creeps in when I do not feel well after chelation, Vitamin C treatments. Fear creeps in in the middle of the night when I wake up all alone when the whole world is sleeping. The Big C becomes the cancer. I have a choice to make minute my minute and day by day. I have the choice to draw from the tree of life or the tree of death with my words and thoughts.

The choice is mine in this breast cancer battle

I get amazing and loving treatment during my treatment with Dr. Akoury. I get all the treatments I need. I get IPT, low dose chemo, ozone, along with any other treatments she decides for me. I take the reins from there in my choices as to how I receive those treatments.  I choose life, I have purpose that God has revealed to me through this journey. I choose life when I look at the faces of my beautiful grandchildren. I have a purpose in their life to be an example to them that you can overcome and thrive when unexpected things are thrown at you. In this moment and in this hour and in this day, I choose life and the words and thoughts that bring healing and life. I can tame this little cancer and be a stronger person because of it. Dr. Dalal Akoury’s words ring in my ears even when I am shaking in my shoes because I hurt and the lump seems bigger.  I will choose truth. Truth is real. Faith is real. God is real. Cancer is one of life’s lessons to find these truths. I will choose to hold on to that and walk out this amazing breast cancer journey to healing and purpose.

I would be so glad to talk to anyone interested in integrative oncology and Awaremed. Please call the office and ask for my phone number.  Ph: 843 213 1480 is the Awaremed office contact number. cancerjourney  Visit this site to follow my progress and help me