The Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller with Dr. Akoury

Breast Cancer Journey of Sharon Keller healing has begun and every day is spent on many IVs to clean the internal environment so that cancer is not welcome anymore.  Once I get things all cleaned out….. Then on to low dose chemo with IPT. That is a great thing. My wonderful husband is such a great support and comes to the clinic everyday with me. That is one of my greatest blessings. Fear still wants to rear its ugly head and Dr. Akoury and the caring staff keeps trying to encourage positive healing thoughts to help my  body. I never realized that the body, mind, and spirit is all part of the healing. I pour over scripture and write scripture on note cards to read “real truth” instead of the lies that my body tells me with symptoms. The truth of the matter is you can feel rough with all of the detox and immune boosting ivs and supplements. It is all good to not feeling well as I know my body is cleaning out all bad things. I am starting to lose weight which is a good thing. I was so inflamed and swollen when I first came to the clinic. Diet plays such a huge part of the healing too. One of the hardest hurdles was the ingesting of all of the supplements. They are all wonderful for you but my stomach stuggled to accept them. I got a tip from another sweet patient that says she uses chocolate coconut milk to make her shakes. That masks the taste and things go down sooo much better now.  Healing is taking place!! Praise God!!

Dr. Akoury gives so freely to her patients as she tries to educate us along the way. She tells us how to heal our guts where so much of our immune system is at… I have learned that the body can heal once it has a clean environment. There is such a necessity for good bacteria to be added to our gut. Ghee can be fermented and added to everything. This picture of us was when I had an appointment with the surgeon to see when I should have the breast lumectomy. What doctor goes with you?  Dr. Akoury does and to say she gives her heart to her patients is an understatement. I came into treatment so scared and so many times would get worried and would be able to regain a confidence in my healing after a phone call or a time spent with Dr. Akoury. I would never have gotten this kind of treatment with conventional treatment. I can not imagine being in full dose chemo and what it can do to me…. missing my home but I am so grateful for this treatment plan. I have grown in my faith, confidence, and health. To God be the Glory!!!I have autoimmune diseases that complicates things but am healing!

I would be glad to talk to anyone considering integrative oncology as a cancer treatment plan. Call Awaremed and talk with Seina and she can give you my phone number.