Coffee Enema’s Role in Cancer

The liver is an essential body part that aids in body detoxification. Through this process the liver gets rid of toxins in the body. This in turn enables the body to normally perform essential internal functions. In the case of cancer, the liver loses it functioning. For this reason, detoxification does not occur.

It is common knowledge that cancer is characterized by an over growth of cells. The body loses its control functions and the cells begin to grow uncontrollably. This leads to the formation of cancerous tumors. The cells forming the tumor end up releasing toxins into the host tissues mass. These toxins are associated with cancer pains.

In a cancer patient, the liver does not perform its detoxification functions. Toxins end up accumulating in the body and this causes a lot of pain. Cancer cells continue to multiply and more toxins are released in the body. The patient is therefore in a lot of pain.

The main treatment for cancer is removal of the cancerous tumor through surgery. Other methods such as chemo therapy and radiation therapy are applied to kill the cancerous cells and prevent them from multiplying. Others include such things as immune therapy, stem cell transplant e.g. bone marrow transplant, gene therapy among others.

Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema’s Role in Detoxification

Coffee enema is an internal cleansing purification of the liver that involves the detoxification of the liver. It also involves the cleansing of blood in general. This allows the liver to go back to its initial function of detoxifying the body. When the liver is healthy then the whole body is healthy.

Coffee enema has been used for years as an alternative for not only cancer therapy but also constipation. It works in cancer patients by detoxifying the liver by aiding the removal of wastes. This activates the cancer reversing process.

Most people feel indifferent about coffee enema process because it involves the anus. Many individuals prefer sipping their coffee than taking it through the rectum. What you did not know is that you might reap maximum benefits from the rectum process. The benefits of this process are high and complications area very rare. So why not go with it?

It is applied in the Gerson therapy where cancer patients are given about five coffee enemas in a day. Coffee enema assists the liver in detoxification process. Coffee Enema assists it in the removal of toxic substances to enable the body go back to its normal functioning.

When toxins accumulate in the body, to some of us our bodies are unable to fight these toxins. The liver is bombarded with so many functions that its effectiveness goes down drastically. It is unable to remove toxics and this translates to a lot of pain especially in cancer patients.

When a patient is put on the coffee enema therapy, juices, food and medication combine to form an effective fighting mechanism. This strengthens the immune system to be able to attack the tumor. The cancer cells surrounding the tumor are killed in the process. The process also flushes out the toxins that have accumulated in the body tissues. If the detoxification does not take place, the liver stands the risk of being overburdened and this could lead to its poisoning. This is extremely dangerous as it means a complete failure of the body processes. The liver is an important organ for detoxification. If it is poisoned it means that the toxins in the body accumulate and poison other organs. This could lead to a complete shutdown of the body leading to death.

The coffee enema is an important therapy as it ensures that the liver remains in top gear. It is able to detoxify the body and rid it of toxic substances that could poison it. In a cancer patient the liver is already damaged and is unable to carry out its functions. This therapy detoxifies the liver and it is able to go back to its functions.

Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema for cancer cure

The therapy works by opening up bile ducts and this helps the liver to release the accumulated waste products. Waste product accumulate for years from taking in of bad water, food additives and chemicals, poor air, viruses, toxic substances and germs. When they accumulate they form toxics in the body. In the case of cancer, the liver in itself is not able to detoxify the body and this therapy helps in getting rid of some toxins. The liver is thereby not overloaded with toxics and pain is reduced.


The Coffee Enema Therapy

The coffee enema therapy is cheap and can be done at home. All you need is to prepare the coffee just like you do with the one you drink. Pour the coffee in a bucket when it has cooled at room temperature. When done insert the tube into the bucket clamp it until the solution begins to fill up. Then insert it into the anus when lying down, open the clamp to allow the solution to flow and monitor the amount of coffee that goes in.

The bucket should be placed in a higher place to ensure the solution flows under pressure. In order to retain the coffee inside remain in that lying position for about 15 minutes. This will ensure that the solution is retained for long inside in order to reap maximum benefits. This therapy may be difficult for a first timer so ensure you consult with your medical practitioner before doing anything.

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Curing Cancer: Coffee Enema’s Role in Cancer