Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery: Why we must defeat Relapse

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery is often the beginning of lasting treatment for patients suffering from addiction

When dealing with drug addiction by all means there will be numerous challenge along the way. How you go about those challenges will determine how determine you are with the treatment program. Ideally it will not be a walk along the park and occasionally you may stumble, that is very normal however the way you will behave when you stumble matters a lot to your recovery process. Many have relapse and stood up to pick the pieces and have succeeded while others have relapsed and deteriorated further into addiction of the substance they were taking and even more. This article is going to help us comprehend the challenges involved in addiction recovery and how best we can overcome them. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center tells us that comprehending the challenges involved in addiction recovery is not very easy due to the fact that most addicts are in denial and do not want to acknowledge that they have a problem.

In our last article we mentioned that a healthy mind and clear goals are very crucial when dealing with challenges involved in the treatment process. When the mind is not healthy, goals cannot be realized. That is why many are in great denial because their minds have been corrupted with the substances they are abusing. However it is not only a clear conscience that will help in this challenge, there are very many factors which when addressed properly, the issue of will be settled and that is what we want to further on this discussion.

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery: Healthy Relationships

You may get the best professionals like doctor Dalal Akoury taking you through the recovery process but if the people around you are not supportive in your course, then the treatment efforts will be greatly affected. Remember that these drugs are very addictive and life threatening. Therefore maintaining your sobriety goes hand in hand with caring for the relationships in your life. There is no two ways about it; the relationship must be healthy and supportive by all means. And for the avoidance of doubt a healthy relationships will offer you support in your recovery program best. This support is very essential in drug relapse prevention. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, a healthy family environment contributes in many ways including the following:

  • Providing support in sobriety
  • Creating a stress-free environment
  • Providing happiness and overall well-being
  • Offering a healthy outlet to talk about your feelings openly

How then do you bond with your family? Because these people will be there for you, it is very important that you strengthen your relationships with your family by attending family therapy with a mental health counselor. You and your loved ones will work on your communication skills with one another and strengthen the bond that you share through the therapy. You will learn to work through potential conflicts in healthy ways and establish a healthy family atmosphere says doctor Akoury.

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery: Reaching Out to Others

Oh yes, education or reaching out with addiction recovery programs is very important not just to the recovering addicts but also their counterparts who are yet to register into the program. If you have made the first step of acknowledging the problem treatment becomes easy and even drug relapse prevention becomes attainable. At this level you can become a very good tutor tor the other addicts. Therefore creating awareness to other drug users and surrounding yourself with drug prevention materials encourages you to stay sober and serves as a reminder of how far you’ve progressed. Drug relapse prevention is strengthened by holding yourself responsible for spreading encouragement and education to others.

An opportunity to reach out is to speak to members of our youth such as students at a high school. According to the 2010 NSDUH report, 10.1 percent of youths ages 12 to 17 use illicit drugs. Speaking to youths about your addiction promotes drug-free habits in young people, and working with them is very rewarding for some addicts. Educating others about drugs helps you feel empowered and reinforces what you know about drugs and the effects of addiction. This will lessen your risk of relapse as you will continue to feel good about what you’re doing. You will begin to feel responsible for your work as a drug educator and feel a sense of accomplishment. This feeling of accomplishment will help you in drug relapse prevention.

Educating young adults is especially helpful in alcohol relapse prevention. Over 15.6 percent of college-aged persons are heavy drinkers, and 42.2 percent are binge drinkers according to the 2010 NSDUH report. These rates are extremely alarming, and a recovering alcoholic may find solace in educating students about alcoholism and sobriety.

Attending group meetings for addicts is very beneficial for recovering addicts as well. Meeting with other addicts provides peer support for recovering addicts. Other addicts understand what you are going through and provide encouraging words to help in recovery. Seeing people who have maintained sobriety for an ongoing period is uplifting and helps in drug relapse prevention.

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery: Mistakes Do Happen

As hard as recovering addicts try, some may slip up and relapse. If you suffer a relapse, do not fear that your path to recovery is blocked, because you are not the only one who may go through ups and downs on the road to recovery. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 40 to 60 percent of substance abusers relapse at some point in recovery. Drug relapse prevention is an ongoing process that may need to be adjusted after treatment.

Should a relapse happen, it is important to immediately seek treatment for yourself or a loved one? Starting the addiction treatment process over again is most beneficial as you or your loved one will relearn the essentials of sobriety and detox in a safe environment that is free of temptations. It is also important that the addict remains in treatment for as long as needed. According to NIDA, the most effective treatments for substance abuse addiction last longer than three months.

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery: The Best Drug Relapse Prevention

As with treatment, the best form of drug relapse prevention varies by the addict. Different addicts need different kinds of treatment to continue recovery. The most effective method of drug relapse prevention is one that not only treats the substance addiction but also any underlying physical or mental conditions that may exist. And that is what we will give you at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Get to that phone and call us right now and we will be there for you all the way to your total recovery process.

Comprehending the challenges involved in Addiction Recovery: Why we must defeat Relapse