How to eat clean during the holidays

Holidays are quite a tempting time of the year with regard to foodstuffs. This is the time when all your friends want you to fellowship with them in parties and homecoming events. A lot of these may overwhelm you to the level of not having a clean track of the types of foods you are actually taking.

It is common for several folks to fall out into unhealthy eating habits, not because they are essentially careless, but because of the natural human weakness. It becomes hard to just decide what to do with all the invitations, and when you decide to attend them, you do not know exactly how to go about the plates.

As a result you often find yourself eating just so much but doing so little about your health. You do not find time to perform some exercise to be able to burn some of the calories you do not need for your wellbeing.

clean eating during the holidays

How to maneuver the eating dilemma

What is ailing you the most is perhaps the issue of indecisiveness. You are well aware of what your definition of a clean meal is. You know what is both delicious and healthy at the same time. Now, the problem comes when you go out to the friend’s place. Because you simply think it will be much of a bother to dictate what to be taken.

That does not have to be. You can avoid that sort of ‘dictation’ while at the same time serve yourself a clean meal. The moment you suspect or are even aware that the recipe to be encountered at the holiday party is not exactly what works for you then you can offer to bring along your own dish. Of course you will share this out to the folks present. But you are assured of something clean.

You need to make arrangements ahead of time; consider something that can work effectively for large gatherings. With such considerations in place there are a number of options available for you. Whole wheat flour can be quite useful in creating some of the healthiest dishes for you. You may also consider going for some uncured bacon rather than using the regular one.

These will give you a good Cranberry and Apple Turkey Roulade enough to cheer up an entire party. Just ensure you have the correct proportions of the ingredients, the bacon perfectly cut, your onions well chopped, the right rosemary, average salt; low sodium, some pepper; preferably freshly ground, chicken broth; lower sodium and fat free, the apple; granny Smith-chopped and peeled, dry cranberries, turkey tenderloins, rosemary springs, canola oil and all purpose flour in the mix.

Away from the parties

Some people may also consider not going for the white bread for the holidays. At these times there is a lot of eating going on and you may easily end up taking too much of that white bread stuff. It is not exactly healthy. So you may need to consider making use of the whole grain or whole wheat alternative as this will be a perfect way to stay clean.

Actually there are quite a wide variety of sources of starch that will replace the unclean regular dishes. Rice diehards may opt for the wild or brown rice options in place of the common white one. This will be much healthier even if taken in large quantities over time.

You could as well consider experimenting your diet with a variety of grains such as millet, quinoa or barley. These will keep you out of danger even when you take them in excess.

Such grain alternatives will fare well with side dishes. You will find the dishes adding some amazing color to your main entrée when you give them the needed attention in their making. You could get the awesome feel by roasting the vegetables to caramelize and become crispy then you serve them sprinkled with toasted walnuts, Kalamata olives or vinegar.

Remember not to have your mashed potatoes loaded with so much cream or butter. A healthier way to go about it would be to instead use roasted garlic. There are a lot of health benefits that will be attached to the garlic, or even fresh herbs, cheese or horseradish.

For your protein, you may consider taking a break from the normal chest meat-pork-mutton routine. These red meat options may not be the best for your holiday, especially now that you may be having a lot of eating to do.

holiday eatingFor purposes of a ‘clean’ alternative, go instead for some white meat. This is the time to invest in eating fish. This is basically about taking white meat instead of the normal red options. White meat will provide you with a safer alternative and a whole lot of nutritional wealth.

Even a better way to go would be to get your proteins from more organic sources. Beans will be a good source. Not only that, there is a budget question to it. The organic legumes are basically cheap in addition to the fact that they are much healthier as compared to meat.

These proteins will help you with your immunity while the whole grains provide you with the needed amino acids. With immunity strengthened, you can be certain of protection against infections that are commonly associated with the holiday season.

To top it all, do not forget about fruits in your diet. Make fruits part of your daily routine as they will be good with the vitamins. They will provide you some of the most essential vitamins your body cannot do without.

With keen consideration of these elements you are good to go through your holidays. Moreover, you can find more of these insights when you stay in touch with AwareMed because here we offer you nothing but the best knowledge about your wellbeing. At AwareMed we care about you and your safety. Information brings power and that is precisely what we give you.

How to eat clean during the holidays