Essentials of Relapse Eradication-Drug Addiction


All was well until your old supplier appeared. Drug addiction recovery is possible but is frustrated by relapse. Keep new friends and you will make it.

In making effort to root out drug addiction from our systems and by extension to the society at large one of the biggest challenges we are likely to face is that of relapsing along the way. For us to achieve our objective for eradicating the problem of addiction successfully then it is proper that we analyze this topic with a view of understanding its consequences and how to contain it. Because of this great interest relapse is going to form the basis of our discussion in this article. Therefore what is actually the meaning of relapse? It basically falling back to something that you have made effort to disassociate with or from, that is to say falling or sling back into a former or old state, practice, a vice, error, wrongdoing or just backsliding into illness after recovery. From the definition it is all about fall back but for our case in this article we will concentrate on the health aspect of it as we progress with our quest to understand relapse.

Relapse is a significant factor in the process of addiction recovery which many patients fall prey to however when it happen it is important that patients should not contemplate this as an admission of failure or point of weak character. Emphasis should be made to the effect that discontinuing an addiction to drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc. is a tedious, difficult and take a long process which would ordinarily require soundness and reasonable amount of courage and willpower to emerge the victor.

The challenge of relapse is such an uphill task not just to some but all patients whether in the rehab or not. Nonetheless many people who have succeeded will testify that they met several obstacles before their great success. It is therefore important to be positive all through even if they relapse once, twice or even several times the focus and determination to triumphant should be loaded for the ultimate result of beating an addiction.

We acknowledge that the whole process can be very frustrating to the patients themselves and even to their friends and relatives when they make and put a lot of effort in an attempt of trying to knock out their addiction related habits and then all over sudden they succumb in to the cravings. For sure this will be absolutely demoralizing and the patient being human will be right to feel discouraged because all the hard work and time they have invested appears to have been for nothing and that they may not beat their addiction but I want to give you hope that the effort is worth it and they must never look back. Relapse is real and is just one of the obstacle to overcome, so dear friend keep the good work you are almost there don’t give up because that is not an option your great life is a head of you and you are just about to repossesses it.

Essentials of Relapse Eradication-Don’t give up

Acknowledging that the process of addiction recovery will not be easy is a motivation factor. Many addicts go wrong in the process by giving in to temptations, dear friend as eluded in the above points turn around all the hindrances to be positive in this process. Take note that a relapse is a manageable risk and that you/we are all human and falling into temptations is normal. Desire to be transformative in approaching all matters of addiction recovery by igniting the light of hope and that despite the surrounding you are on course and progressing well with treatment plan. Take the greatest asset here which is your family and friend. They are all very much proud of you and are behind you and are supporting you all the way.

As we said before the journey will not be full of roses and so if for whatever reason you relapse and smoked a stick of cigarette or took a sip of alcohol don’t let this wear you down forge a head accept that it has happen and take note of when it happen, why it happen and what might have been the cause for it happening and finally how you purpose to prevent it from recurring again. With this notes taken take another step the moment you are able to soberly communicate, take it upon yourself to share with your psychotherapist or counselor and seek help from them on how to elude this from occurring again. Be sure that they are professionals and will be able to assemble a work plan containing ways of dealing with this new development. With this information your counselor is likely to speak to someone from your self-help group not to demine you but this is an indicator that you need a little more extra support and motivation to help keep you on the recovery track.

Essentials of Relapse Eradication-Essentials to help you avoid a relapse

There are steps you can take to prevent this from happening. These include:

  • Ensuring that you are not in close contact with those things which comprised your addiction, for example alcohol in the house or medicine bottles (e.g. painkillers).
  • Try and elude circumstances in which your emotions are involved which will cause you in seeing your addiction as the answer or a form of escape.
  • Try to elude events or social situations in which you may be attracted to relapse. For example if your colleagues ask you to go for a drink after work. It is better to decline until you are at a point where cravings are no longer a problem and you feel relaxed about having a soft drink with them.
  • If you were part of a group of friends who take drugs than avoid them and make new friends.
  • Keep a telephone number of an addiction help line or your local support group close to hand so that you contact them if you feel as if you are going to relapse.
  • Keep attending self-help groups, counseling sessions and support networks even if you feel as if you don’t need their help any more. They can often spot the signs of a potential relapse long before you do and will advise you on how to deal with this.
  • If you suffer a relapse be honest with yourself as to why it has happened, accept that it has and carry on with your treatment.

Finally we must work together to defeat addiction, relapse is sometimes very discouraging but with experts like Dr. Dalal Akoury, Founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, the challenge will be professionally handled, look at a brief effort doctor Akoury is making together with her team of experience experts. They are offering exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to addicted patients globally as well to other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars, this is all you need and any qualified professional in all disciplines can now be a part of this truly successful and fast addiction recovery treatment.

Essentials of Relapse Eradication-Drug Addiction