Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation

Facial RejuvenationBeauty is in the eye. I’d rather stop it at that rather than completing the common say. Women know this better than men do and this is why they invest so much in their appearance. Their faces ought to be at their best, glistening, moistened and generally healthy. To every woman beauty is an important factor that not only determines how she is perceived but also how she will interact with people herself. When a woman knows that she is beautiful her level of confidence is heightened, she believes in her abilities and will not be deterred by any other factor. Despite our women doing much to enhance their beauty, there is more that they can’t easily handle by themselves and needs medical assistance. There are hormones that are very essential to ensure that women are in good shape and appearance, these hormones has much to do with their weight, the glowing of the skin and their flawlessness. However as women approach 50 years of age a lot will change about them. This is because the production of these hormones will be low or will stop and their input in ensuring that women’s beauty is maintained will no longer be attended to. He names estrogen and progesterone are not new to anybody and their contributions in beauty are known. Today we are looking at another factor that can be utilized so as to help achieve beauty by rejuvenating the face: the stem cells.

Why stem cells for facial rejuvenation?

The face is exposed to all sorts of danger ranging from sunburn to degenerative diseases. As a person is growing old it has always been seen that their faces will tend to lose their lusture and flawlessness, the face will become rough, dried and discolored. This is evidence that some cells are maimed and have malfunctioned or worse still have died. The stem cells’ most popular characteristic is that they have the ability to become any type of cell in the body and so can be used to replace cells that have died or have malfunctioned and this will help restore the face leaving it beautiful and rejuvenated. Therefore ways of supplementing stem cells into the affected tissues can be utilized to ensure that the stem cells are in optimum levels so as to take care of the damaged tissues.

The adult stem cells especially the mesenchymal stem cells are good for this procedure; these stem cells can be collected from the adipose tissues of the patient. When the stem cells are withdrawn from the individual on whom they are used again, it is referred to as autologous stem cell therapy. The best thing with autologous stem cell therapy is that you do not need any donor and secondly the stem cells are from the same individual and so there are no chances of the body rejecting them. There is no risk of any dangerous reaction that may occur when the antibodies begin fighting the stem cells supplemented as foreign bodies. The stem cells are from you and can never be foreign.

Facial rejuvenation with adipose Derived stem cells does not require surgery. The procedure is safe as it avoids any incision in its quest to rejuvenate the face and leave the skin healthy. The stem cell therapy will not only replace the worn out or dead cells on the face just to restore its youthful contours but will also help in restoring the shape of the face. As mentioned earlier, aging interferes or rather degrades the skin quality, exposure to sunlight will also lead to ‘cooking of the face’ a condition known to many as sunburn, with adipose stem cells therapy, the quality of the skin can be restored and is the color irregularities that are caused by exposure to sun and other environmental factors.

facial rejuvenationAnother advantage that a patient can get when she has undergone facial rejuvenation with stem cells therapy is that she will not need some of the frequently used maintenance procedures like the botulinum toxin and cosmetic filler injections. the stem cells ability to rejuvenate the face is owed to the regenerative capacity of the mesenchymal stem cells that divide many times giving rise to highly differentiated cells of different types. Due to their importance in the regenerative medicine, of all the trillion cells in the body, the stem cells have since been regarded as the most important category of cells. They are among the few cells in the body that are specialized and have the potential to become a particular cell type and replace worn and damage cells.

The adipose or fat tissues contain large numbers of the stem cells and several studies have shown that these stem cells can be used to heal degenerative diseases as they can survive when removed from the adipose tissues and planted into affected areas where they will work by either correcting the defects in the cells or replacing the worn out cells all together. Stem cell therapy is a safe and effective approach to facial rejuvenation. When transplanted into the affected areas the adipose Derived stem cells help to restore lost fats, enhancing the volume of the face, and skin elements which would improve both the quality and texture of the skin hence improving health of the skin and beauty.

Finally, the pursuit of beauty has seen many women suffer when they chose to go for some dangerous surgeries; by choosing stem cell therapy you are choosing a safer approach. Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD), founder of the AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center Located at Myrtle Beach, North Caroline is an expert in the treatment of degenerative diseases. Call on her for help.

Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation