Fasting and Ketogenic Diet Are Effective In Cancer Treatment

FastingTo treat cancer more effectively, it is good to know more about the activities of the cancerous cells. How and where they get their nutrients that enable them to grow and metastasize. When the metabolic adaptation of the cancer cells is known it becomes easier to kill them without hurting the healthy body cells. In the past it was never easy to starve the cancer cell since both the cancer cells and the healthy body cells rely on certain supplies of nutrients to survive. Many nutritionists have suggested that the best way to safely kill the cancerous cells is to starve them. Both the healthy body cells and the cancerous cells rely on glucose for nutrients that they use to generate ATP energy.  Through researchers work it was discovered that cancerous cells rely solely on sugar for survival. However the healthy body cells rely on sugar but are flexible enough to adapt to other sources of energy when sugar source of energy are restricted. With this loophole other alternative cancer treatments have been made. Fortunately these alternatives are safer as they do not leave the patients with life threatening side effects that most conventional cancer treatments are known for. Some of the approaches that have been made to kill the cancer cells more effectively without any side effects are the ketogenic diet and fasting.

Fasting and ketogenic diet are just a few of the many dietary manipulations that are used in integrative cancer treatment. Some of these dietary manipulations have been found to be very effective in fighting cancer while some are not as effective as they are purported to be while some are still being researched on up to date.

Fasting and cancer

Fasting generally means eating no food and drinking only water for a period of days. There are different approaches to fasting. In some cases a person may neither eat nor drink water throughout the period of fasting. This is normally called the dry fasting. Dry fasting should not go on for a long time as the body may get dehydrated hence causing other complications. A person may be taking only water during the entire fasting period. This is known as juice fast. He will only be taking water but no other foods even tea and other beverages. Compared to dry fast juice fasting can go on for quite a long time as the body gets water that keeps the cells hydrated. Among other benefits, fasting is known to be an effective way of detoxifying the body. Detoxification is known to play a major role in cancer treatment as it gets rid of all the toxins that cause the disease. Fasting can also be used alongside other alternative cancer treatments especially in the detoxification phase of these alternative cancer therapies.

Cancer is majorly caused by toxins from our environments. These toxins need to be gotten rid off by detoxifying the body. Fasting is a sure way of detoxifying the body and cleansing it off these toxins. When fasting the food that the body cells need must come from within therefore it encourages breaking of fats to release energy therefore clearing the fatty lining of the blood vessels, improving blood circulation and white blood cell mobility to other areas of the body. Researchers have also discovered that fasting helps in improving the flow of oxygen in the body which makes it hard for cancer cells to thrive since they thrive in anaerobic conditions. Fasting also allows the body to focus its energy in healing and cleansing itself.

Some supporters of fasting as an alternative to cancer treatment have also proposed that fasting denies the cancerous cells their nutrients supplies and so they die. This may be true because they only rely on glucose that when cut they can’t live unlike healthy cells that will survive on other energy source like fats.

Fasting also helps in self discovery, improving mental clarity, self esteem and spiritual awareness which are key in whole person healing. Fasting should be done under observation of qualified integrative oncologists.

Ketogenic Diet and cancer

A ketogenic diet advocates for high quality proteins and healthy fats while it eliminates all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates. The argument behind the ketogenic diet is that: since cancer cells need glucose to survive and the carbohydrates turn to glucose in the body reducing the amount of glucose in your body starves the cancer cells. The healthy cells also rely on glucose for survival, fortunately our healthy cells are flexible enough to turn to ketone bodies for energy unlike the cancer cells that suffer defects that deny them this flexibility to turn to ketone sources of energy. This gives a loophole to starve the cancer cells by reducing the amount of glucose in the body.

The healthy cells will survive in absence of glucose as they can depend on keton bodies for energy and live on however the cancer cells solely depend on glucose hence will be starved to death.

FastingThe ketogenic diet also minimizes the mTOR pathway that enhances cell proliferation. This diet that restricts all starchy vegetable carbohydrates but advocates for healthy fats and high quality is a better way to kill the cancer cells and should be adopted by anybody not only to treat cancer but as a daily feeding lifestyle as it is an ideal fat burning diet.

Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) is an experienced integrative cancer doctor that has helped many cancer patients in their fight against the disease. She has worked hard not only in treating the disease but also in availing informational support to cancer patients at Awaremed which has become a place called home for many cancer patients. Call on her now and get help on cancer.

Fasting and Ketogenic Diet Are Effective In Cancer Treatment

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