Fighting substance abuse at the Rehab centers: How Addiction Works

Fighting substance abuse at the Rehab centers

Fighting substance abuse at the Rehab centers is good but the consequences of drug abuse could be fatal and costly

It is amazing how people make effort to defeat addiction. It is also amazing how many people who have done the right thing for a long time to eliminate addiction often find themselves relapsing into their old habits. The many success stories we hear today has very huge challenges met and dealt with on the way towards fighting substance abuse at the rehab centers addiction recovery can be attained. How many times have you seen or heard who is who in the society being admitted into the rehab centers? It’s actually the same old story celebrities check in and after sometimes maybe a month they check out with stories of a miraculous turnaround. And then, sometimes, they check right back in again. One would wonder what may have happen to the successful story that was told when they first checked out. In that state of confusion you would ask is it poor self-control, or poor treatment? We spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury an expert in substance abuse treatment and also the founder of Founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help us understand the misery behind drug addiction.

As a professional doctor Akoury reiterates that treatment can be very effective. But to understand how to gauge effectiveness, it is important that you are well informed of about how addiction works. Experts across the globe are currently agreeing that addiction is a brain disease with a genetic component, Doctor Akoury says. But it’s also affected by behavior. The behavioral component makes addiction closely associated with other chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Medicine has not found a way to “cure” these diseases with a pill or an operation. Instead, they require a lifetime of treatment, coupled with lifetime behavioral changes.

While most addiction treatment programs set abstinence as a goal, a relapse isn’t a reason to give up on a patient as hopeless just as you wouldn’t give up on a diabetes patient who goes on a sugar binge. Addicts have their ups and downs, but you can take that information and work with it to see how to do better.

About 50% of patients on treatment programs remain clean and sober for a year after treatment, doctor Akoury says. But many of those who relapse don’t go into a black hole, she adds. Instead they return to treatment to build on the behavioral skills they learned during the first time. Studies show a connection between treatment success and the length and intensity of treatment. That usually means at least three weeks of treatment lasting several hours a day (whether as an inpatient or outpatient), followed by frequent attendance at AA or other group therapy for about a year.

Fighting substance abuse at the Rehab centers: Who Benefits from Inpatient Care?

A 30-day stay in a clinic used to be the standard treatment for addicts. But with the rise of managed care in the 1980s, insurers balked at the costs. Many clinics shut down, and for years it was very difficult to get an insurer to cover any inpatient treatment. Now some insurance plans will cover inpatient stays at relatively inexpensive facilities.

Experts say inpatient treatment is most needed by addicts coming from a chaotic environment or who suffer from a severe psychiatric illness. For example, if family members are substance abusers, an inpatient program will get them out of that environment so some intensive work can be done, Doctor Akoury says. By contrast, outpatient treatment may be fine for a patient who is married and has a steady job.

A homeless single mom in a drug-infested neighborhood might well qualify for inpatient treatment, experts say; so would a hard-partying celebrity who is constantly traveling between movie sets or concert stages. The difference, of course, is that celebrities can spend a thousand dollars a day or more on treatment, while the homeless mom is at the mercy of the public health system.

Fighting substance abuse at the Rehab centers: High Cost of Treatment

Treatment at most of the rehab centers is really costly. In some centers a patient could spend up to $1,200 daily in treatment. Such centers are completely furnished with all that you will need besides equipment that are directly beneficial to the recovery process. Some of the amenities may include a lavish pool, spa, gym, climbing wall and even equestrian tables. The accommodation facility will be of the standard of super five star hotels. In such facilities patients will be spending most of their working hours in emotionally draining activities even as they receive intensive treatment that delivers real time results. However the cost will vary from different rehab centers for both inpatient and outpatient. The relatively pocket friendly clinics would charge up to $8,500 for one month inpatient stay. This may still be out of rich for many people since many insurers are not very keen in insuring this as a product.

How to find a good clinic is and must be the starting point. If you get the best from the start then you can be safe and sound that the end result will be satisfactory. However you must have made a decision to go ahead with the exercise because your acknowledgement that you have a problem that needs to be fixed is the key to your success otherwise if you are in denial, then you may not make progress. A good clinic would be that which is staffed with addiction-certified counselors and medical staff. And therefore look for a clinic with medical staff that can treat the psychiatric problems that so often accompany substance abuse. That usually means access to psychiatrists as well as counselors. That is why doctor Dalal Akoury founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility which is equipped with all that you need to get over your addiction problems. You may want to schedule for an appointment with the experts at this facility to experience wellness. You may choose to go for the inpatient or outpatient and we will be of help to you.

Fighting substance abuse at the Rehab centers: How Addiction Works