Herbicides and Cancer Risk

Herbicides are a class of chemicals used in agriculture. Most products containing herbicides are used in our farms and homes to control weeds and pests. These chemicals can find their way into our water and foods. When herbicides are used in plants, they end up remaining in the plant and are consumed in the food when we eat it.

Herbicides are used in all agricultural settings. It is therefore hard to do away with them if your crops are to remain healthy and yield expected results. However, there are crops that are grown without the application of herbicides.

Biotech agriculture has spread rapidly. Farmers are widely dependant on chemicals to increase yields. These chemicals have been linked to health conditions such as cancer. One of the causative factors for cancer is chemicals found in agricultural chemicals.

Most of the foods that we consume if not genetically modified is grown from chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals find their way into our body metabolism. This causes them to alter our body function which has been shown to greatly contribute to diseases such as cancer.


Cancer is referred to as a lifestyle disease. The food you chose to eat defines your lifestyle. If your diet is mostly composed of chemical induced foods then the more likely you are at the risk of getting terminal illnesses. Refusing to regularly take exercises defines your lifestyle as well.

Exposure to herbicides occurs repeatedly and unknowingly. They are applied in different settings. Herbicides are sprayed on crops where they remain and are ingested finally in the food when we eat it. The chemicals in herbicides can also find their way into our homes through water. They are often not filtered out from our water and we end up drinking them.

Facts about Cancer

One of the factors that have been linked to cancer is chemicals. Others include, diet, lack of enough exercise, inheritance of cancer genes and infections. Cancers refer to uncontrollably growing cells in the body. This occurs when the cells are destroyed by things like chemicals. This causes cells to lose their control functions.

Cells then begin to grow uncontrollably and this leads to development of lump tissues called tumors. These tumors become toxic and end up affecting the body functioning. The cancer cells starve normal cells of energy as they consume a valuable amount of it. They grow very rapidly that they render normal cells useless.

They then start spreading to other parts of the body. They produce toxics that harm normal cells and this translates to the severe pain experienced by cancer patients.

The most common management of cancer is through surgery. Surgery is conducted on the patient to remove the cancerous tumors before they spread to other parts. If this does not work other methods such as radiation or chemo therapy are applied to kill the cancer cells and stop their growth. Others include immune therapy, stem cells transplant and many others.

How Herbicides Increase Cancer Risks

Chemicals in herbicides act as oestrogen. In normal conditions oestrogen is very important in the body. Aside from the role it plays in the reproductive cycle, it also increases essential cholesterol, maintains elasticity of blood vessels and strengthens bones for calcium absorption.

However accumulation of too much oestrogen can cause untold problems to cells by increasing their growth as well as multiplication. Increasing number of cells end up forming tumors. For this reason oestrogen is linked to breast cancer in females.

There are very many kinds of oestrogens. The natural body oestrogen is known as strong oestrogen while that found in plant foods is called weak oestrogen. Weak oestriogen counterbalances strong oestrogens and they both circulate in the body.

Herbicides causing cancer

There is also chemical oestrogen that is found in herbicides and pesticides which act like body oestrogens. All types of oestrogens work by locking onto cell receptors. High level of oestrogen in the body increases your risk of cancer.

Herbicides are continually used in agricultural setting to kill weeds and pests. The chemicals in the herbicides remain in the plant and they are ingested. Continually ingesting food grown with pesticides increases the amount of chemical oestrogen in the body. This then alters normal cell functioning leading then to grow rapidly and out of control.

In this way, chemicals found in pesticides can increase your potential for cancer. When the cells over grow they form tumors which can be cancerous. Washing vegetables and fruits well can be a remedy against consuming these chemicals found in herbicides.

Dr. Dalal Akoury has been in the medical practice for many years. She has a wide experience with cancer patients and most of them owe their health improvements to her. You too can be a part of the AwareMed community.

Can Herbicide Cause Cancer