Integrative Treatment for Cancer: Finding Lasting Solutions

Integrative TreatmentThere is continued change in people’s feeding patterns from traditional to modern; with more chemical components being introduced to the food chain that eventually find their way into the human system. This coupled with environmental factors and chemicals to which people get exposed on a daily basis, cases of cancer have been on the rise. There is increased probability of an individual getting diagnosed with cancer at a much early age today.

This is dreadful to many people. Latest studies show that about one in three people will have to confront cancer at some point in their lives. There is a general fear of having a greater percentage of the population being patients and victims of the disease.

In attempting to arrest the menace, science is working hard to find lasting cure for the disease. Changes are cropping up in the world of cancer treatment to move away from pure medical therapies to embrace more integrative approaches to cancer treatment.

The benefits that arise from integrative cancer care are fast seeing the number of cancer survivors growing globally each year. These approaches have shown effectiveness at helping adjust the body chemistry to better ward off cancer. They involve supplementing all of the medical work with some more holistic ideas including intravenous nutritional therapy among other treatments.

Cancer patients are probably familiar with the type of chemotherapy designed to help them get over the various forms of the disease. Insofar as these medical treatments for cancer have been helpful to the patients they have strong side effects and the condition may recur. The emerging integrative approaches have largely been as a result of the search for more effectiveness and minimum side-effect alternative treatments.

A number of practices are being undertaken by cancer patients to supplement their chemotherapies Dahn Yoga for instance is being regarded by people with cancer as a generally positive approach which has been proven very successful in various occasions in the complementary and integrative treatment field.

Patients have reported strengthening their immune system prior to a cancer surgery by taking Dahn Yoga classes more often- engaging in acupuncture treatment and receiving individual holistic healings from their respective Dahn Yoga centers or individual trained healing professionals.

This program tracing its origin in Korea involves different forms of intense physical activity characterized with the mastery and use of energy, enhancing the body-brain connection and self-managed, holistic health care.

Integrative Treatment

Dahn Yoga not only has physical benefits to the body’s health, it is also important in strengthening one’s morale, attitude and viewpoint. Tension and even conflict between the different health treatments for cancer are commonly witnessed as things could always go wrong during the surgery. It is therefore vital that the victim remains positive without relenting at the face of these possibilities. It is at such circumstances that Dahn Yoga becomes elementary.


Visualization is yet another tool that usually goes hand in hand with many, if not all the successful cancer therapies. The patient is advised to breathe along with his or her therapist while visualizing the chemotherapy as a white light going into their body to cleanse them. At this point the tool of visualization is recommended to be used in a consistent way. There is no guarantee the patient will find this process easy at all. There are points when they backslide into the reality of having the disease and the possibility of imminent fatality.

Integrative cancer treatment also requires the patient to have a daily drill of exercise, eating and sleep in order to support the medical treatment and lessen its negative side effects while enjoying the benefit of a positive mental attitude.

The power of vision should not be underestimated in treatment of cancer. Just the same way it applies to all other aspects of life in general, it is vital to have a big vision or purpose-build on something you wish to live for. This could be one’s family which they are to take care of, a job that solely relies on the person for its brighter future, a people or nation to be led, a battle whose victory is hinged on the vital input of this individual or even some divinely inspired purpose to serve a people. All these can provide a cancer patient with a strong reason to live and inspire their fight to get well.

Pranic Healing treatment

The side-effects of Chemotherapy can be minimized by this form of treatment. Pranic healing is a highly evolved system of energy medicine that has been tested and found suitable for cancer integrative therapy. It was developed by a Chinese GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. This exercise utilizes prana (life-force) to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes.

Experts observe that this invisible vital bio-energy is responsible for keeping the body alive and maintaining a state of good health. It is based on the principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity with the ability to heal itself. A Pranic healer can draw in life energy from the surroundings (sun, air and ground) to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.

Integrative Treatment for Cancer: Finding Lasting Solutions