The Internet Is a Difficult Place for A Cancer Patient

InternetThe internet has become the first stop for anybody seeking any information on any subject and medical information is no exception. People will always want to know more about the disease that is troubling them. They want to know all the causes of the disease so that they can avoid its reoccurrence incase it is treated, they want to know the best place to get treatment for the disease and the best treatment of the disease. Cancer being a disease that has caused threat to human population is one of the diseases that are majorly researched on by patients on the internet. This is because cancer is a disease that has kept doctors and researchers doing research everyday and so most of the alternative cancer treatments are still being discovered as a result of these endless researches by these concerned bodies to come up with better treatment that will not only help the cancer patients evade the side effects that some conventional cancer treatment methods are known for but also avail a more cost effective  treatment that every cancer patient can afford yet still effective  in terms of fighting the disease.

The internet however helpful is not 100 percent beneficial to the cancer patients seeking information as it is used by all sorts of people ranging from medical doctors, medical researchers, interest groups and other health groups that will try to avail every helpful information to help the cancer patient to find the best cancer treatment. It is also used by people who are out to con people by providing misleading information that is geared towards extorting money from the cancer patients. Just to remind if you forgot, cancer is one of the most expensive diseases to treat and as cancer patients are saddened by this fact other people and groups are out to exploit the cancer patients who are ready to spend all their savings in pursuit of the best cancer treatment. The internet provides these individuals with a better ground to sell their products that are not approved by any institution such as FDA. It is rather difficult to set up a shop and sell drugs that are not approved but it is very easy to create a website and sponsor all sorts of writers who will avail contents that praise the potency of the drugs on sale to entice the cancer patient to purchase the products. Some of these sites have even sponsored testimonials of people who claim to have been treated by the same product you are needed to buy but in real sense they have never used the product but are just in the business of luring the desperate cancer patients to buy all these ineffective drugs or supplements.

Internet offers anonymity to scammers therefore making it difficult for them to be associated with the information that is on their websites. This anonymity is in itself a great form of protection as they will con you and you will not be able to trace who they are. It is therefore crucial for any cancer patient to verify the credibility of the site he is seeking information on before owning the information that is availed on that site and thereafter using it in his fight against cancer. This might cause very complex problems as the information is misleading and remember they are about drugs.


Commercial sites

Most of the sites that the patient will visit are commercial sites that try to promote the products of a given medical practitioner or hospital. This information may be biased as promotional information is always on the positive side of the products and the expertise of the people behind the site. This may lead to a cancer patient buying a cancer drug that is over rated but does nothing to heal the disease.

It is therefore good for a patient to know the people behind the site. Any site that promotes anonymity of the people who use it should be avoided for matters of security. Here are some of the tips you can use to know whether the site is owned by a credible person or is just one of the platforms on which the online scammers make their contact with the desperate cancer patients to con them.

Know the people behind the site

By knowing the person or institution behind the site you will be able to judge whether the site is credible or just a scam. A site that is created with clearly good intentions will always have the names of the people plus their qualifications and experience on that site. You can do a search on the names availed so that you can see if they are known beyond their site. Medical practitioners who run these websites are those with extensive experience in medicine and are known at least in their countries.

Is the site up to-date?

InternetThere are cancer doctors and cancer care centers that are committed to availing information to cancer patients to help them live longer or better yet get treated. These sites are always up to date. It is good to know if the information is up to date since researchers may have disputed all the core information available on the site. It is also good to check for availability of any available sources of information. Cancer research is done by qualified oncologists and their names and the publications of the findings should be mentioned in the contents so that you can check them for reference. Any information that is not verifiable may be misleading.

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The Internet Is a Difficult Place for A Cancer Patient