Ketogenic Diet And Cancer – Donnie Yance Approach To Whole Foods In Cancer Treatment.

Ketogenic dietAs I have always said diet counts when it comes to fighting cancer. Whatever you eat can either help you evade cancer or increase your risk of getting cancer. Any person concerned about his health must know that there are healthy foods that can help you not only in evading cancer but also in building stronger immune system that will be able to fight against all sorts of disease causing pathogens that may invade the body. Nutritionists have always emphasized consumption of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in antioxidants that help in fighting cancers. In programs like the Gerson’s therapy fruits and vegetables are used as the main treatment ‘tools’. I would not endorse the use of fruits and vegetables as I have already done that and that is the way to go. Some of the dietary approaches to cancer treatment have worked well while some have not been effective as they ought to be but all of them are based on cancer cell metabolism and survival mechanisms and most are geared towards denying the cancer cells their nutrient supplies hence starving them. One of the diets that have been utilized in fighting cancer is the ketogenic diet. However we will look at the ketogenic diet and try to know how doctors regard it. Our today’s doctor will be Donald “Donnie” Yance and we will learn his opinions on the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet as well as his approach to whole food diets for cancer.

A ketogenic diet advocates for high quality proteins and healthy fats while it eliminates all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates. The argument behind the ketogenic diet is that: since cancer cells need glucose to survive and the carbohydrates turn to glucose in the body reducing the amount of glucose in your body starves the cancer cells. The healthy cells also rely on glucose for survival; fortunately our healthy cells are flexible enough to turn to ketone bodies for energy unlike the cancer cells that suffer defects that deny them this flexibility to turn to ketone sources of energy. This gives a loophole to starve the cancer cells by reducing the amount of glucose in the body.

The healthy cells will survive in absence of glucose as they can depend on ketone bodies for energy and live on however the cancer cells solely depend on glucose hence will be starved to death.

The ketogenic diet also minimizes the mTOR pathway that enhances cell proliferation. This diet that restricts all starchy vegetable carbohydrates but advocates for healthy fats and high quality is a better way to kill the cancer cells and should be adopted by anybody not only to treat cancer but as a daily feeding lifestyle as it is an ideal fat burning diet.

Donnie Yance on ketogenic diet

Dr. Donald Yance is a world renowned herbalist and nutritionist who founded the Centre for Natural Healing in 1992, and the Mederi Foundation in 2006. He has vast botanical knowledge that he has used to help people in their journey against cancer as well as other diseases. He shares his view on the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Yance agrees that he has received lots of questions from individuals who are trying to find out if ketogenic diet can work well in cancer treatment or not. He admits that this diet that uses very low carbohydrate diet that contains moderate amounts of protein and a high percentage of fats may work in cancer treatment. He explains that this diet may combat cancer cells since cancer cells rely on glucose for survival and when carbohydrates are reduced the levels of glucose in the body is cut and so the cancer cells will not have no source of glucose and so they will be starved. The healthy cells that typically depends on more than one source of energy, that is primarily oxygen but secondary on glucose, ketone bodies and fatty acids will be able to get ketone bodies from the fats and use it for energy while the cancer cells will be starving.

Dr. Yance accepts that the ketogenic diet seems good on the surface he says he can’t recommend it because it is an improvement of a poor nutritional diet hence not his ideal diet. On ketogenic effectiveness he says that when the cancer cells are deprived of glucose they may adapt, diversify or hijack the metabolic system thereby altering certain amino acids like glutamine for production of energy they need to survive on. Dr. Yance opines that the cancer cells may even make glucose by catabolic breakdown of the healthy tissues. He says that in adverse situations the cancer cells hustle for glucose may result in cancer-related cachexia which leads to weight loss, loss of appetite and muscle atrophy.

Using whole meals for cancer

He advocates for use of whole foods in fighting cancer and these foods are used in their natural forms. He has endorsed the use of vegetables, fruits and even grains. He recommends elimination of refined carbohydrates, simple sugars, processed foods and genetically modified foods from a diet. He says that eatinga wide variety of fresh vegetables (including high carbohydrate root vegetables), fresh fruits, and whole grains provides your body with an abundance of essential phytonutrients that offer potent protection against all types of cancer, as well as every other degenerative disease. He opines that elimination of high carbohydrate vegetables from a diet is not wise.

Ketogenic dietDr. Yance says that grains are not as bad as they have been recently featured in the media but are very healthy foods that even current research has found to be very helpful in fighting cancer and so should be included in every diet. His ideal plate should contain 50 % vegetables, 25% whole grains and 25% proteins. He says that the vegetables should double the size of proteins and grains.

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Ketogenic Diet And Cancer – Donnie Yance Approach To Whole Foods In Cancer Treatment.

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