The Role of Calorie Restriction, Amino Acid Restriction, Carbohydrate Restriction And The Ketogenic Diet

It is good to appreciate this fact; just like any other normal, healthy body cell, cancer cells also need reliable supply of nutrients to keep living. The best cancer cure that can kill the cancerous cells without affecting the normal cells would be to starve them. Basing our arguments on past research works that have investigated how the cancer cell survives it will be easier to alter diets to ensure that their best sources of nutrients are cut. However in the past it was never easy to starve the cancerous cells while ensuring that the normal healthy cells are well supplied with the nutrients as well as oxygen that are needed in metabolism by the healthy cells. The researchers have tried all experiments to find ways of killing the cancer cells by starving them while leaving the nutrient supplies to the healthy cells unaffected. One of the findings that may help this approach work is that cancer cells depend entirely on glucose to survive. The healthy body cells however can find other sources of nutrients in case the glucose supply is interrupted. Because of this loophole plus others, cancer doctors have developed dietary manipulations that can help in curbing cancer and increase survival rates to those battling with cancer.

Some of the dietary manipulations have proved to be very effective in fighting cancer while others are still not well understood. The researchers are still working on other dietary approaches to cancer treatment and we can only hope that sooner or later we will be able to treat cancer more safely with these dietary approaches. Some of the dietary manipulations that are popularly used in cancer treatment include;

Ketogenic Diet and cancer

A ketogenic diet features high quality proteins and healthy fats while it eliminates all but non-starchy vegetable carbohydrates. The logic behind the ketogenic diet is that: since cancer cells need glucose to survive and the carbohydrates turn to glucose in the body, reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your body starves the cancer cells. Just like cancer cells, the healthy cells rely on glucose but are flexible enough to turn to ketone bodies for energy unlike the cancer cells that suffer defects that deny them this flexibility to turn to ketone sources of energy. This is a loophole that has been used by doctors to kill the cancer cell without affecting the healthy cells.

The ketogenic diet also minimizes the mTOR pathway that enhances cell proliferation. This diet that restricts all starchy vegetable carbohydrates but advocates for healthy fats and high quality is a better way to kill the cancer cells and should be adopted by anybody not only to treat cancer but as a daily feeding lifestyle as it is an ideal fat burning diet.

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Calorie restriction and cancer

Cancer patients who have reduced their calories intake respond better to treatment and are mostly victorious in their fight against cancer. This is a fact that has been supported by many research findings. When calories consumption is reduced, expression of certain proteins that foster cancer cells survival will be inhibited. Basically eating calories results in the calories being broken down to provide energy for building of proteins so when calorie intake is restricted there will be slowed rate of metabolism and the functions of  most proteins will be inhibited. The researchers have also found out that reducing calories intake will help in minimizing over expression of Mcl-1 which is the protein linked to formation and growth of cancer cells.

As I have said glucose is the sole energy for cancer that if restricted then the cancer cells will be starved to death. In this approach sugar is replaced by another energy source; fat, which will help healthy cells but leave the cancer cells with no energy source to keep living. The cancerous cells lack the flexibility to feed on fat as with the healthy cells hence they will starve to death in absence of glucose.

Amino acid restriction and cancer

Amino acids are vital building blocks in our bodies and the cancerous cells are dependent on the amino acids for growth. Two of the amino acids these are phenylalanine and tyrosine have an ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Most cancer cells are dependent on these two amino acids but melanomas, breast cancer and prostate cancer are greatly affected by restriction of these two amino acids. When the amino acids are restricted the growth of cancer cells is inhibited greatly. Restriction of amino acids has also induced apoptosis on many cancer cells. A research that was led by Dr. Meadows who is the Director of the Cancer Prevention & Research Center at Washington State University showed that amino acid restriction can be a very valid alternative cancer treatment.

Carbohydrate Restriction and cancer

DietCarbohydrates are a major source of glucose and the cancer cells solely depend on the glucose for their survival. The cancer cells need more of the glucose than the healthy cells. When there are lots of carbohydrates in the diet the cancer cells are poised to grow and spread even faster. Since the cancer cells can only survive on the glucose when the carbohydrates are restricted they will not find enough glucose to feed on and will therefore starve to death. The normal cells are able to adapt to other sources of energy like fats in the body.

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The Role of Calorie Restriction, Amino Acid Restriction, Carbohydrate Restriction And The Ketogenic Diet