Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin: The Social and Physical Complications

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin must be dealt with decisively if we have to get rid of the drug injections from our lives.

Drug abuse is not anything you would want to wish away casually. The roots of substance abuse are deeply rooted in most societies and the effects are escalating to economic sabotage. Looking at heroine for example, both long and short term effects of heroin use is and can destroy every aspect of your life. It doesn’t care the genesis or the end. The effects are felt from your physical health to your finances, career and relationships. Surprisingly even with the knowledge of such consequences the intense euphoria and heavy sedation of a heroin high are so addictive that users would not care and are willing to run these risks in order to continue their love affair with the drug. This is happening because of one reason, and that is the drug is addictive. We must therefore take the initiative to address addiction as apriority if we have to bring this to manageable levels.

As professionals and ordinary people we all have a role to play. And as experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care we are in the front lane making corrections where people have failed and if you are struggling with any form of addiction then you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury for professional addiction treatment. However when you take a look at how heroin affect you after sometimes of abuse, you will notice that recovering from addiction to this devastating drug is absolutely worth the effort. And most importantly you will notice that it was well worth it when you decided to enter a top exclusive private rehabilitation center. We want to encourage you to be part of the solution by making such important decisions that brings real life changes in the societies.

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin: Dependence and Addiction

Tolerance, dependence and addiction may be the greatest dangers of heroin use. Throughout the country, the percentage of heroin users who become physically or psychologically dependent on this drug is disturbing. In most states heroin abuse is one of the most common reasons for drug treatment admissions treatment facilities. This tells you that when you’re abusing a drug, you are simply risking your health and jeopardize your abilities to have a bright and successful future. While appreciating the difficulties in taking that step of quitting addiction, the good news is that with all the difficulties it is still possible for you to stop and quite all together. This is the objective we have to help you get out of this addiction and dependency on drugs for survival. Get in touch with doctor Dalal Akoury for any concerns you may be having in line of addiction. In the meantime this can help you make certain resolutions towards this. Like for instance when you’re dependent on a drug, your body and mind rely on that substance to function. Therefore how do you then know when your addiction has crossed the line into heroin dependence? The following can offer good guidance.

Tolerance – You need more of the drug to get the kind of high you want.

Physical withdrawal – You start to experience heroin withdrawal symptoms nausea, vomiting and sweating, shaking, chills when you can’t use the drug.

Psychological withdrawal – You feel anxious, unfocused or depressed when you can’t use heroin.

Failure to quit – Even if you’re aware of the way heroin is harming your body, mind, relationships and work life, you can’t quit, in spite of repeated attempts to get clean.

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin: Effects on the Heart and Blood Vessels

Many of the long-term effects of heroin are closely linked with the dangers of intravenous drug use. Although heroin can be injected into muscles, smoked or snorted, users prefer IV injection because it is the fastest way to get that euphoric rush. Just in a few seconds of the injection heroin will be able to meander through the blood and into the brain barrier, where it’s converted into morphine which is a powerful narcotic, by the brain. One of the greatest dangers is that unlike the germ-free solutions and pharmaceuticals that are injected into the veins in a clinical setting, the heroin injection done in the street is obviously not pure or clean. Which is a further risk for health and besides all the users who inject heroin directly into their bloodstream, they are not just doing that but are also passing on substances known as diluents which are primarily responsible for the enhancement of the effects of the drug in question. In one of the study analysis it was established that injectable heroin might contain the following:

  • Caffeine
  • Procaine
  • Starches or sugars
  • Paracetamol
  • Strychnine
  • Fentanyl

Besides that, sharing of needles and other equipment may also be responsible for injecting bacterial contaminants. Bacteria traveling through the bloodstream may cause infections in the circulatory system, including the blood vessels and the heart itself. In heavy heroin users, abscesses and subcutaneous tissue infections (cellulitis) may occur, and veins can become scarred and permanently damaged.

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin: Exposure to Disease

Like all other drugs the use of heroin for a long period of time is likely to introduce your body to a collection of blood-borne diseases. Like for instance, sharing needles and having unprotected sex while you’re under the influence can expose you to deadly viral infections like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Hepatitis can cause permanent damage to your liver, interfering with your body’s ability to metabolize nutrients and eliminate toxic wastes. Hepatitis C, which is becoming increasingly common among IV heroin users, can cause serious long-term complications including:

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin: Effects on the Lungs

Even though the use of heroin is believed to bring high its addicts, this may not be so when it comes to the central nerve system. Heroin for sure will slow down your central nervous system and suppresses your body’s involuntary processes, like respiration. Besides that it will also suppress the impulse to cough, a healthy reflex that clears all the debris, mucus and harmful organisms from your lungs. If this continues then it causes your lungs to be vulnerable to lung complications like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Of all these concerns, what is very painful is that most long term heroin users often neglect their health and as a result their general health deteriorates thereby worsening the consequences of lung diseases.

Finally in dealing with both the long and short term effects of heroin, it is important to note that all is not lost no matter the state you are in. with good care and professional recovery programs available at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, your conditions will be turn around into jubilation if only you can schedule for that very important appointment with doctor Akoury today. If this has taken a toll on you, it will not be easy but it is still not impossible.

Long and Short Term Effects of Heroin: The Social and Physical Complications