Forms Of Fear And Addiction And How To Manage

Ever found yourself at a scene of accident? Ever watched a horror movie? Well many of us have.

It is indeed dreadful. These two however brings out different kinds of fear in many of us. One is the kind you never want to experience ever. The other is the kind that despite the fact it holds our breaths and makes our hearts beat a little faster we still mole around and find some fun in them. Or who enjoys accident scenes; trust me not even the corps. How about anaconda, or the vampire diaries, aren’t they some of your favorites? The answer is obvious. Now back to our subject, fear and addiction.

One of the greatest concerns of an addict on rehab is fear. The following are some of the most common forms of fear among the addicts.

  1. Fear of recovery from addiction

As mentioned in many other reports, addiction is both rewarding and reinforcing. One major concern therefore is losing the very substances that gave them a sense of happiness and joy, losing their primary forms of pleasure and replacing the same with new ones that do not in essence give similar kind of pleasure quickly. Many addicts wonder whether really they are able to sustain recovery and their life after victory.


  1. Fear of Failure to Recover

It has also been mentioned a number times recovery is a long journey. In the course of it, there are several pitfalls and failures. There are times of doubt; there are those times the addict thinks s/he set her/his goals so high. At which point they think they do not have what it takes. And they attempt to fall back due to fear and addiction.

  1. Fear of Victory over Addiction

Isn’t it ironical this comes after that of disappointment? Could be there are good reasons for this too. Naturally human beings are curious. They often wonder what it is on the other side. Usually they do not know. This develops into a form of fear similar to one of the most dreaded, fear of the unknown. Isn’t it true people fear walking in the dark? Similarly addicts may not know exactly what would happen once they recover. They may know the benefits yes, but they may not yet know a whole lot of other things including; how to deal with the past, and new identities.

  1. Fear of Denial by Family and Friends           

Many addicts are slow on coming to terms with reality. They fail to admit they have a problem. They go about recovery either discretely or normally and in total disregard of their situation. They find it hard in the face of mockery and or rejection by their old friends. It could be the ones who led them into the problem in the first place or the new recruits who are probably still blinded by the short-term benefits of addiction and are yet to face any real consequences. Many addicts fear being judged. However the worst form of fear under this category is the fear to seek support.

  1. Fear of Falling Back

There are never assurances to recovery. They are never clear cut treatment. These make this form of fear very real. Recovery demands a lot of commitment. Many addicts therefore fail to take any steps concerned the whole process might fail they shall be right back where they started, states of both fear and addiction.

The road leading to addiction is straight and smooth. Addiction is both rewarding and repetitive, literally making the ride fun. But there are consequences, most of the time dreadful. This reminds us the way back to recovery. Unlike the road down to addiction, the one back to sobriety is rough and bumpy. Sometimes it is so rocky we get stuck, other times it’s so muddy and slippery we get back down to addiction and wait for another season. Faced with both fear and addiction, it is important to be bold and take the right steps back to recovery. What then must we do to manage such fear and addiction?

  1. Based on Fear of Recovery

The first thing to do when faced with any form of fear is to recognize it. The other thing to do is to overcome. However the latter is never easy. It is advisable to take a step at a time. Also, it is advisable to share the same with a therapist who will be able to walk you through the steps. The other forum, rather one of the best is sign up in a support group where you will likely meet other addicts undergoing the process, probably harboring the same fears. Don’t they say always there is security in numbers?


  1. Based on Fear of Failure

It is simple, first recognize the fact there are failures along this path. Second everyone is unique; it might be a simple straight path as so and so. Once these facts have settled drop a perfectionist kind of attitude and go through the process. When faced with difficulties, share the same with the therapist and try another approach. Also, persistence is crucial in managing this form of fear and addiction.

  1. Based on Fear of Victory

How about try not resisting this kind of fear? How about identifying it and yet letting it be? Many however have found a secret in simply letting the future be and living in the present.

  1. Based on Fear of Denial

This form of fear demands great support by trusted family and friends. It is overcome by signing up into support groups.

  1. Based on Fear of Falling Back

This has been solved by the discovery of the brain’s ability to reorganize itself to a state of normal functioning, neuroplasticity. The secret here is in abstinence; this is so that the brain is able to remold back to a former state of sobriety. It also involves exposing yourself more to alternative forms of pleasure.

The above, very important, are a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to fear and addiction you may find very useful to you. Click on to find a whole piece of information on fear and addiction.

Forms Of Fear And Addiction And How To Manage