Why you need to prepare for chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that makes use of drugs to kill the cancer cells in the body. Usually, the drugs are made of highly active chemical compounds that directly act on the cancer cells. The nature of the drugs and the way they function in the body presents a number of changes to a patient. Also, the fact that the treatment usually runs for a considerable length of time makes it necessary for one to be fully prepared for it. Therefore, it is important that a patient is fully prepared before chemotherapy is administered.

Ways of preparing for chemotherapy

There are several ways in which a patient can prepare for chemotherapy. The preparation usually follows some basic approaches.

Getting sufficient rest

It is important for one to get sufficient rest in the weeks that precede the treatment. The basic reasoning behind this is simple. Usually, one gets anxious and restless in the days prior to the treatment. Such an emotional state triggers biological responses in the body. When this happens, a person remains in an agitated state throughout the treatment. When the treatment is administered to a person who is already under emotional stress, the side effects of the drugs tend to be increased. It is therefore very important for one to get enough sleep in the weeks prior to undergoing the therapy.


There are several ways in which one can get enough sleep and rest. For example, there are special natural supplements which, when used, can help one sleep well and be fully relaxed before undergoing the treatment. Also, one can get some of the many herbals that are used to induce sleep in individuals. In general, using natural methods to enhance one’s sleep can play a vital role in helping a patient be fully relaxed before undergoing chemotherapy.

Being psychologically prepared

There is always the tendency of patients feeling extremely worried about the effect that the treatment will have on them even before undergoing it. Furthermore, the fact that chemotherapy is a complicated process that takes its toll on the health of a patient makes many people very worried about it. These two factors: fear and worry, can make a patient lose self composure long before the treatment is administered. Therefore, it is important for one to be psychologically prepared for treatment.

Good preparation begins with being fully informed of what chemotherapy is all about, how it will be carried out and the possible side effects that one should expect. This will help one to be fully prepared psychologically before undergoing the treatment.

Being physically prepared

As much as psychological preparation is important, one has to be physically prepared for the treatment as well. Physical preparation takes many different forms. For example, you need to increase your amount of intake of proteins. The reason for this is simple. Proteins perform the all-important function of rebuilding the body. This becomes a critical need in the course of treatment because the drugs used in the treatment kill both cancer and body cells.

Also, physical preparation takes the form of increasing the level of intake of water. This makes the body to be in the right form before one undergoes the treatment.

Why you need restoration after chemotherapy

After successfully undergoing therapy, one’s body is usually weakened by effects of the drugs. Furthermore, there is a buildup of toxic products that are produced by the action of the drugs on cancerous cells in the body. This makes it necessary for one to undergo a comprehensive restoration process after the treatment.

Ways of restoration after chemotherapy

There are several ways in which one can restore the body to its perfect condition after undergoing chemotherapy. The overall objective is to remove all the toxic products that accumulate in the body and repairing cells that have been damaged by the effect of the drugs. This can be done in several ways.

Taking the right kind of foods

Diet plays an important role in restoring the body to an ideal state of health after one has undergone chemotherapy. There are several foods that can help in this course. For example, it is recommended that one increases the amount of fiber in the diet. Fiber is important because it helps one to heal quite fast. Furthermore, the role that fiber plays in the process of digestion can be useful to a patient who has undergone chemotherapy because this will speed up the process of eliminating toxic products from the body. Therefore, one should eat foods that contain a lot of fiber like whole grains and different types of fruits and vegetables.


Physical Restoration Of The Body

Here, one needs to develop a good plan for physical exercise and stick to it. The importance of this is that physical exercise helps the body overcome drug-induced fatigue thus speeding up the healing process. One can start with light exercises and progress as time goes by.

Body restoration through the use of fluid

Fluids like water are important components of a body restoration program after chemotherapy. Fluids serve several important functions in the body. For example, they speed up the rate at which waste products are eliminated from it. Since chemotherapy leads to a buildup of toxins in the body, increased intake of fluids is very useful in removing such toxins.

Whether you are preparing for or recovering from chemotherapy, Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center will be of great help. Spending time with her either before or after chemotherapy will help you be fully prepared for the process and get over its effects, safely, naturally and fast.

Natural Body Restoration Before and After For Chemotherapy