Discover How Nervous Tension Causes Dancer at the Cellular-Level


Nervous tension

Nervous tension

In this article, we shall learn how nervous tension and stress causes cancer at the cellular level. Quite specifically, we shall learn how prolonged stress levels are the root cause of a complex physiological process that ultimately leads to cancer. Of course this is a complicated process but before we get into the complex specifics, it is important that we summarize the process here so that you can visualize how exactly things unfold during this process.

Summary of How Nervous Tension Causes Cancer at the Cellular Level

Physiological and psychological stress triggers a process in which the cells of the body lose their normal levels of adrenaline. When this happens, there is a sharp and uncontrolled increase in the amount of sugar within the cells. The corresponding effect is that there is a decrease in the levels of oxygen within the cell. It is this condition that makes it quite easy for normal body cells to turn cancerous and set off the process of metastasis. This is so because cancer cells are anaerobic in nature and as a result; thrive quite comfortably in environments that are characterized by low levels of adrenaline and oxygen against high levels of sugar.

Of course there are many other complex steps that occur in – between this. Let us now look at exactly how this happens. We have divided it into steps so that the process is completely clear.

Step One: Initial Stress and Nervous Tension 

At this step, a completely normal person is subjected to emotional or psychological nervous tension for an extended period of time. Now, there are several things that happen to the body of a person who is subjected to such conditions. What is important to us though, is that when a person is subjected to such conditions, the production of the melatonin in the body subsides. Stress & nervous tension interferes with the special mechanisms that are responsible for production of melatonin. Yet melatonin is a highly important hormone in our body since it plays a key role in stimulating and sustaining the functioning of the immune system. Also, melatonin is responsible for preventing possible development of cancer cells in our bodies. Therefore, its inhibition by exposure to extended nervous tension predisposes the body to the process that definitely leads to development of cancer.

Another process that occurs in the body during this stage is increased production of cortisol. This is a special hormone that is automatically released by our bodies when we are exposed to intense stress and nervous tension. Although cortisol seeks to help us cope with the level of stress we are subjected to, its effect on the body is always undesirable. The hormone leads to depletion of adrenaline within the cells of the body.

Step two: Effect of Stress & Nervous Tension on the Immune System

At this stage, the effect of the stress and nervous tension on the immune system begins to be apparent. It was stated before that suppression of melatonin production leads to the immune system being compromised. Although this is true, it is not accurate. Low production of melatonin does not directly lead to a decline in the efficiency of the immune system. There are several steps involved in the process. What actually happens is that when melatonin levels in the body get depleted as a result of extended nervous tension, production of an important hormone called interleukin 2 is suppressed. Since this is the hormone that is directly responsible for strengthening the immune system, its depletion directly leads to suppression of the immune system. This is a necessary condition for the onset of cancer.

Depletion of adrenaline at the first stage also leads to a number of consequences that are experienced at this stage of the process. For instance, a low level of adrenaline in the body cells of a person directly leads to a decrease in the levels of two important hormones: dopamine and tryptophan. Since tryptophan and dopamine, just like interleukin 2, are important hormones for the normal functioning of the immune system, their depletion directly leads to the immune system being completely compromised; therefore creating the right environment for cancer to develop.

Step Three: Low Immune System to Cancer

At this stage there are three key processes that occur and lead to cancer. The first two are directly linked to the development of cancer in the body while the third one occurs through a series of interconnected steps.

In the first process the highly compromised immune system, as a result of the consequences of depletion of melatonin, directly predispose the cells of the body to development of cancer.

In the second process, the low levels of adrenaline that have been discussed in step two above lead to depletion of vitamin C in the body. When Vitamin C is depleted in the body, the body cells are in the risk of undergoing mutation at any time. Therefore, adrenaline depletion leads to depletion of vitamin C which leads to mutation of body cells thus causing cancer to develop.

In the third process, low levels of adrenaline causes the oxygen available in the cell to be broken down. This process triggers a complex reaction in the form of fermentation within the cells and an increase in the amount of lactic acid in the cells. It is this environment that leads to somatids giving rise to cancer causing microorganisms, resulting to the onset of cancer within the body.


Nervous tension

Nervous tension

We have discussed how exposure to intense stress and nervous tension sets the stage for the process of cancer development. It is important to note that with the right methods, this process can be arrested and cancer development nipped in the bud. This is the motivation that drives Dr. Dalal Akoury of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Having served fellowships in oncology and years of experience handling a diverse clientele, she understands the importance of health and fitness in helping you manage your stress levels. It is this approach that has helped many to reverse the process of cancer development. Feel free to contact us at any time and book an appointment with Dr. Dalal Akoury.

Discover How Stress & Nervous Tension Causes Cancer at the Cellular-Level


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