Sexual Dysfunction & Substance Abuse – Real time Solution with the Experts

Sexual dysfunction

If you want satisfaction in sex the a void elements that may cause Sexual Dysfunction like Substance Abuse. You ore yourself the satisfaction, so do the wright thing.

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects many men and women in their lifetime. The condition covers a range of sexual problems including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation in men
  • Pain associated with intercourse
  • Low libido and
  • Poor response to sexual contact

Drugs and alcohol are known to affect a person’s sexual behavior, ability to function and sensations. Drugs and alcohol are often taken as a way to hide psychological or emotional problems or to ignore physical difficulties that are contributing to sexual dysfunction. However we have four main categories of sexual dysfunction disorders which include:

  • Sexual desire
  • Sexual arousal
  • Orgasm
  • Sexual pain disorders

Each one has distinct symptoms, yet all are negatively contributed to by drugs and alcohol. Some drugs have been found to make sexual problems worse, others are milder. Regardless, sexual problems can cause major relationship and psychological problems if unresolved.

Sexual Desire Disorders

Sexual desire disorders are more commonly referred to as a loss or decrease in libido. This condition may be caused by the influence of substances, fatigue, depression or anxiety. Some medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications are known to cause a loss of libido. Alcohol and other substances can also negatively impact on a persons’ libido. Fatigue associated with an alcohol or drug binge may also affect a person’s desire to have sex.

Chronic, long term marijuana use is known to contribute to a loss of libido, especially in women. This lack of sex drive is a symptom of bigger motivational issues that many people suffer when using this drug. For the most part, a persons’ sex drive will return to normal with discontinuation of using marijuana.

Sexual Arousal Disorder

Alcohol is one of the most common substances to affect a persons’ ability to be aroused or maintain arousal. A sexual arousal disorder typically refers to problems associated with getting and maintaining an erection, or for women, to be able to maintain arousal during intercourse. Cocaine and other stimulants can also cause a person to have difficulty in becoming aroused or maintaining a level of arousal.

Orgasm Disorder

Men and women often find they have trouble reaching orgasm when under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Women are especially sensitive to the effect that drugs can have on their ability to orgasm and men can have premature or delayed ejaculation as a result of being high or drunk. Most orgasm disorders, or anorgasmia, are the result of undiagnosed or untreated psychological issues that a person is suffering. Chronic fatigue and insomnia can also affect a persons’ ability to achieve a normal level of orgasm. Opiate addiction is known to cause anorgasmia.

Anorgasmia can cause significant personal and relationship problems. Frustration arising from an inability to orgasm despite stimulation and arousal can cause irreversible relationship breakdowns, especially in the case of men. For women the disorder is more common and can lead to unhappiness, depression and feelings of inadequacy. Therefore having known the consequences of these sexual disorders, it will only be wise that you seek for treatment in good time. The home of sexual disorders solution can only be at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care. This is health institution was primarily established by doctor Dalal Akoury to meet and restore hope for those who are losing it due to problems like sexual dysfunctions. It may not matter how long you’ve been having this problem, what is important is that you reach out for help by calling doctor Akoury today.

Sexual Pain Disorder

Sexual pain disorders are primarily a female condition. It is a condition which causes a woman to feel immense pain and discomfort when having sex. It is regrettable that this is happening at this point of time, even with the available help offered by very many professionals across the globe. Ladies is pleasurable and should not cause you any pain, it is true that there are two main types of this disorder, dyspareunia or painful intercourse and vaginismus which is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. Take that bold step and call doctor Akoury today for help, you must not be frustrated by this condition, doctor Akoury will turn your frustrations and pain into lasting fulfillment in your sex life professionally and in confidence.

Alcohol-induced Sexual Dysfunction

Even though it is believed that moderate drinking may increase the likelihood of sexual contact, I want to disassociate this discussion with that theory. Alcohol is very addictive and difficult to control ones consumption abilities. Quite often alcohol consumption is abused and the consequences of this are not friendly at all. Abuse of alcohol will cause partial impotence in men which can be very embarrassing to both sex partners. As for women tis can cause problems with attainment of orgasm, and problems of maintaining arousal and sexual desires. That notwithstanding, alcohol has a way of triggering conflicts and revisiting certain past problems especially when one is suffering from depression and anxiety.

It is important noting that long term, chronic alcohol abuse can affect the sexual impulses in a person, which can cause impotence and additional sexual problems which in many cases may not reversible or treatable.

Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Finally this is very critical for you and any other person you may know who is suffering from sexual dysfunctions of any kind. Your starting point will be calling doctor Akoury today for help remember sexual dysfunction can easily be treated through a number of different methods doctor Akoury will advise upon making personal evaluation and assessment to your condition, I recommend that before you think of libido boosting medications like Viagra, seek for professional opinion from doctor Akoury and follow on the medication as advised professionally. The good news about doctor Akoury is that besides being a sexual dysfunction expert she is also an addiction expert who has been in practice for over two decades thereby making her the best option for all your conditions. Remember that abusing drugs and alcohol causes many problems for an individual including sexual issues and the only solution is to stop using the drug before the issues become permanent, something you will be able to do conveniently well under the care of doctor Dalal Akoury.

Sexual Dysfunction & Substance Abuse – Real time Solution with the Experts