Simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy: Understanding stem cells

Simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy

Simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy can go along way in offering solutions to those who are struggling with all forms of addiction.

We are going to have a series of articles about stem cells as we progress, but in the meantime we begin by giving a simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy a what really stem cell are? These (Stem cells) are elemental cells that can develop into any type of specialized cells on their own. It simply means that stem cell can become any of the over two hundred different cells in the human body (brain cell, kidney cell, lung cell etc.) and like I have mention, these cells have a unique ability for self- regeneration or renewal through mitosis (cell duplication). That ordinarily means that each cell is capable of producing more stem cells on its own. Doctor Dalal Akoury one of the most respected addiction expert’s reports that stem cells come in two major basic categories including embryonic cells which are withdrawn from the umbilical cord blood and adult cells extracted from the bone marrow adipose tissue or processed blood which are potentially used in medical practices.

Simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy: Stem cell technology for addiction

Scientifically so many studies have established that more than fifty percent of addictions are as a result of genetic predisposition. For instance, children born out of drug addicts parents are 7-9 times more prone to developing an addiction in their life. We can say that their brain is prewired for drug abuse, alcohol abuse or any other substance abuse, and the danger is that even after they have been taken treatment therapy successful they may relapse into some other form of addictions meaning that they are genetically bound to such substances. Besides that even if a person have lower predisposition for dependencies, they may as well and up with some kind of addiction. How does that happen? Ordinarily these do happen by abusing any addictive substances and connecting it with joyful feelings, the effect of that is that we are training our brain to associate that substance with happiness and the consequences of that is, we will be motivated to seek for that substance more often thereby resulting to addiction.

Doctor Akoury from her many years of experience says that with all these practices taking place, it is almost becoming obvious that product of all these process which is  drug addiction becomes very difficult to treat irrespective of whether it is genetically imposed or acquired over time. The difficulty is coming because the brain in this case will need some kind of rewiring. When the brain chemistry has changed, what follows is that brain cells become addicted meaning that treatment must be performed on cellular level. That is the technicality we are likely to face from such experience however, the good news is that with the numerous researches done in the past decades experts have established that treatment can actually be successfully achieved with the application of stem cell therapy.

Simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy: Stem cell addiction therapy as a method of treating drug and alcohol addiction

As we pointed out earlier, to successfully treat addictions, we need to approach the problem on a cellular level. Brain chemistry must be rebalanced and all the dead cells must also be replaced. According to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury this can be achieved by transplanting cells into the section of the brain which controls reactions to various substances including drugs, alcohol or any other addictive substances. Stem cells then begin their reproduction and conversion into new healthy brain cells. The result of this will be the simultaneous replacement of old and corrupted brain cells whose life cycle has ended. The significance of this action will be that, that section of the brain is overwhelmed with healthy cells. With this practice being done from time to time, eventually, the rebuilding of that section of the brain that controls addictions will lead into complete healing.

The good news about stem cell addiction therapy is that it is the purest method of treating addictions since the process itself mimics natural development of the human body. It is the future of the addiction therapy practice in drug rehab centers, since it is non-toxic (no medication is used), it is painless (unlike some other methods) and above all it is very safe and successful. And now with this discovery of the most efficient and reliable treatment of addiction, we should all remain focus in pursuing our individual and collective objective of kicking out drug and alcohol addiction from our lives and societies. This new treatment technique will not be helpful if we keep the problem to ourselves. Denial is a very big impediment to the success of addiction therapy. Therefore if you or anyone you know a friend or a loved one is struggling with any form of addiction, they you own then a duty of care in ensuring that first you share what you now know and second being the connection point to their treatment process. You have a duty of encouraging them to accept that they have a problem and that the problem is not as a result of anyone’s weakness or weak character but on which is considered a disease. Denial will be there but giving up mush and should not be an option in this fight against substance abuse.

Finally make it up on yourself to share the challenges you may be experiencing with the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center so that you can get all the techniques you need to win your friends over for treatment. When you have achieved that, then you can now schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury either for yourself or on behalf of your loved ones so that a detailed evaluation can be done and you are put on the right treatment program that will leave you much healthier and ready to face life with confidence and live it to the fullest thereafter.

Simple explanations about stem cell addiction therapy: Understanding stem cells