Stem Cell Therapy Used By Pro Athletes to Heal Injuries

The intriguing medicinal abilities of the stem cell therapy seem to have got embraced by athletes.  today there are athletes who are using the stem cell therapy to help heal joint related injuries that they get in the course of playing their games and ultimately reduce their ability to play as well as they ought to. Stem cell therapy seems to be a game changing strategy in treating injuries that would rather be complicated treating with surgery alone. however despite the known benefits of the stem cell therapy and its exceptional relief it offers to patients given that it is the most versatile approach to treatment of diseases, It has not got into mainstream medical treatments for sports medicine and most of the time the teams do not pay for the costs incurred by athletes who opt to get treated through the stem cell therapy needless to mention it is still not recognized in the US. Despite these some athletes have chosen to tap into the immense potential of stem cell therapy to heal their respective injuries.

Chris Johnson, 28 is one of the many of NFL players who have opted to have their injuries a stem cell therapy treatment having heard of the amazing potential of the stem cell therapy when he visited orthopedic surgeon James Andrews in January, 2014 to fix his ailing left knee. Johnson had suffered a torn meniscus while in action for the Titans. When Dr. James Andrews presented him with the idea of stem cell therapy he decided to give it a try.

Knee injuries

“When I tore my meniscus and played the season out, through the wear and tear, I lost a lot of cartilage,” says Johnson, who was signed by the Jets to bring explosiveness to their offense. “When you put the stem cells in, it might be able to help rebuild that cartilage in your knee. Hopefully, it makes your knee better for even more years.” he adds.

Having agreed to have the therapy done, Johnson had stem cells siphoned from bone marrow with along needle from the iliac crest of his pelvis and had these stem cells injected directly on his injured knee. This was done with hopes that the stem cells will not only work as anti-inflammatory agents but also hasten the healing of the knee by repairing the torn meniscus.

Stem cell therapy is popular among NFL Players

Evidently, Johnson is not the only athletes who have used the stem cell therapy to heal his injury. Another Pro athlete, Peyton Manning is reported to have tried a stem-cell treatment in Europe in 2011, which was his final year with the Colts with an aim of fast-tracking his recovery from neck surgery.  another athlete, Prince Amukamara, Giants cornerback had a slow-healing broken metatarsal treated with stem cells by a foot specialist in North Carolina after his team’s Super Bowl XLVI run. One NFL linebacker paid $6,000 a pop for a 1-milliliter vial of donated placenta tissue containing stem cells to be injected into each of his beat-up knees this offseason but asked for his name not to be used in this story because he didn’t tell his team’s medical staff. This shows how amazing the stem cell therapy is in view of these pro-athletes.

It is reported that stem cell therapy has become more popular with NFL athletes, as it now stands, of the 32 teams, hundreds of the players have got stem cell treatment for their various injuries. This averages to six players per team which is impressive, however the stem cell therapy is still not a mainstream treatment and it still is somehow a shadow that is not understood by many. however, evidence of the stem cell therapy’s usefulness in treating athletes’ injuries is so far largely anecdotal, NFL teams often will not pick up the bill for players, and the overseas market for treatments not approved in the U.S. makes the whole field seem somewhat taboo but this has not discouraged the athletes which may mean that they have seen some benefits with the therapy.

Knee injuriesThe sports doctors have been recently pushing for the NFL teams to pick the bills that athletes incur while getting the stem cell therapy and to shun this view of stem cell therapy as farfetched. Dr. Andrews who is an expert in biologics – term refers to substances that are produced in living systems such as humans, animals and microorganisms, rather than manufactured like drugs is an important in this push. it is expected that when the US embraces the stem cell treatment for the athletes then the sport doctors like Dr. Andrews will be able to offer their star-studded clientele more of these treatments more effectively in the U.S. in this agenda the retired NFL players will be studied to prove how well the stem cell therapy works in treating arthritis of the knee, this is a more regenerating approach to treatment of injuries.

“We have had one big revelation in sports medicine over the last 50 years, and that was the arthroscope,” Andrews says. “I’ve been looking for the next wave, and I think the biologics, particularly stem-cell therapy and enhancement of the healing properties, will be it.”

“We’ve been saying that since the new decade of this new millennium, so we’re already behind.” he concludes.

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Stem Cell Therapy Used By Pro Athletes to Heal Injuries