Relieve Chronic Pain without Surgery with Stem Cell

Chronic pain can make your life unbearable. No one wants to be maimed by chronic pain. However there are conditions that may enslave you to chronic pain. Diseases such as cancer and arthritis are known to cause unbearable pains that must be mitigated failure to which the pain may beckon some other grievous conditions that may shorten your life in the long run. There has been various ways through which patients have been put on programs that help them mitigate on the effects of chronic pain. Some of the most common avenues through which chronic pain is managed are through the use of pain drugs such as the opioids. However the use of these drugs also poses a great challenge as the patient may become dependent on them and they can also be easily abused leading to addiction among other problems associated with narcotic drug use.  Apart from the use of these opioid to manage chronic pain there are also circumstances that a chronic pain patient may have to be put to surgery to help reverse the chronic pain and restore normal tissue functioning.

Well, today there are leading regeneration centers that have understood that there must be a better way of dealing with chronic pain. the frustrations that patients go through in search of a better treatment for their pain has put scientist on their heels, researching on better ways that are not only effective but also affordable. Today most regeneration centers dealing with chronic pain are focusing on providing innovative stem cell treatments to our patients in order to reinvigorate their quality of life without complex surgery that most patients maimed by chronic pain dread. With advanced technology, chronic pain patients are getting better treatment that is less invasive by the use of stem cell therapy.

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Stem cell therapy can help in controlling your pain

Stem cell therapy is a highly beneficial treatment that aims to assist patients who typically suffer from chronic pain, take back control of their lives. Stem cells have contributed to the healing process of various patients with medical conditions that resulted in damage to the joints or nervous system. You will however need to find a reputable hospital or doctor who has experience in treating chronic pain with stem cell therapy to help you take back control of your life. Generally, the use of stem cell therapy in pain management has seen many patients of pain for example those maimed by osteoarthritis, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, knee joint pain and rotator cuff syndrome get relief from pain and improve quality of their lives. Stem cell therapy is yet to replace the old ways of managing pain such as use of opioids that may make the patient addicted to them in the long run and surgery that is dangerously invasive and cause myriads of discomfort. Today, reputable doctors are utilizing stem cell therapy for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, neurological diseases and degenerative conditions. The pain treatment is now aimed at reducing pain, increasing strength, increasing flexibility, increasing mobility and energy of chronic pain patients that suffer from these conditions.

How is it done?

Chronic PainAs mentioned earlier, the stem cells are responsible for healing of the body, the body needs to have enough of these stem cells to be able to heal incases of acute pain. However the stem cells may get diminished as a person ages there by utilizing the power of stem cell therapy, the patient’s own stem cells can be harvested and injected right into the area where they are most needed. The process involves isolating these stem cells from a sample of the patient’s blood, bone marrow or adipose tissue and injecting them into the damaged body part to promote healing. Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP), a concentrated suspension of platelets (blood cells that cause clotting of blood) and growth factors, may also be used to assist the process of repair. The stem cell therapy works to repair the damaged tissues by utilizing the healing ability of undifferentiated cells that form all other cells in our bodies.

Before, the harvesting of the stem cells that are to be used in the treatment, a doctor will apply a local anesthetic in the area from which these stem cells will be harvested. After which, about 30-60cc of bone marrow stem cells or about 20cc of adipose-derived stem cells is extracted. What follows is separation of stem cells and the platelets from the rest of the body by the help of a centrifugal machine. Finally, the    Healthy stem cells and growth factors are then injected directly into the damaged area where they facilitate healing of the damaged tissues. After this stem cell injection, PRP injection may also be given after four to six weeks should there be need.

At AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center we assist a wide variety of patients who suffer from chronic pain with our stem cell therapy. Chronic pain can be overbearing, draining, and leave you feeling hopeless. That’s why it’s important to remember that there is help available at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. Our lead doctor, Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) has a vast experience in the field of integrative medicine that pain patients can tap on for their own good. Call on her today at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and find out how she can harness the power of stem cell therapy to help you win back control of your life.

Relieve Chronic Pain without Surgery with Stem Cell