The distinction between drug addiction and Crime: Offering the much needed solution

The distinction between drug addiction and Crime

The distinction between drug addiction and Crime is quite debatable whether to treat or prosecute

Most of the drugs that are commonly abused are not only addictive, but are also illegal. Their users are sometimes very much helpless and all that they need is a helping hand in their illicit behavior. We have organizations who are doing all it takes to rehabilitate these people back into the society as sober and productive people. This they do with a lot of legal, emotional and psychological challenges. The challenges come as a result of the illegality of these drugs that are constantly being abused by most addicts. To such groups, these people needs help and not to be locked behind bars while at the same time the law is and must be seen to be applicable to everybody equally and with lots of transparency. This is the dilemma most of us are finding themselves in hence the need to get to the distinction between drug addiction and crime and especially those crimes that are associated to substance abuse.

In this regard it may be a very difficult topic to discuss but all the same, we are still going to discuss it with the help of doctor Dalal Akoury MG and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. We have already seen that the law must take it full course yet again addiction is also a problem that needs to be fixed. The one million dollar question is the jail the best place for helping hard core drug addicts? I don’t think so addicts need to be in hospital and not in jails because even though jails are said to be correctional facilities, they do not offer the perfect environment for treatment of any form of addiction. Most convicts are very angry not just with the authority for their predicaments bur are also anger with their loved ones and friends who initiated the court proceeding that led to their being imprisonment.

The distinction between drug addiction and Crime: Addiction and Crime Punish or treatment

The big question in this context is to punish or not to punish and the other side of it reads that to treat or not to treat. These are the dilemmas that many of the civil societies and even the various governments are struggling with. I really don’t know what is going on in your mind right now but before we continue in that direction of establishing the proper distinction between drug addiction and crime, the problem of drug addiction is a thorn in the flesh of everyone and jail or hospital a lasting solution must be found. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are not keen in being drugged into the debate of prison or rehabilitation because they have made a conscious decision to attend to the problem as it is.

People suffering from addiction are our children, mothers and fathers and the business of treatment is our priority says doctor Dalal Akoury MD and also the founder of the facility. The primary objective of this facility is to transform each individual’s life through increasing awareness about health and wellness and by empowering individuals to find their own inner healing power. Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through healthy lifestyle choices that deal with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patching up symptoms. Therefore if you are struggling with any form of addiction, then you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for the commencement of your treatment. That is our goal and we want to do it to all people professionally and in confidence.

The distinction between drug addiction and Crime: The professionals’ conference

Besides offering treatment to all patients AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury’s care also focuses their effort on Neuroendocrine Restoration (NER) to reinstate normality through realization of the oneness of Spirit, Mind, and Body, Unifying the threesome into ONE. By offering exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to all people including other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars doctor Akoury is succeeding in delivering the much needed solution to the problem at hand. Therefore any qualified professional can now be a part of this truly successful and fast addiction recovery treatment that is only growing from strength to strength. And as a matter of fact AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, one of the leading pioneers in natural and holistic addiction treatment, will be conducting the first Educational, Functional and Integrative Addiction conference tailored for professionals including doctors, counselors, nurses and addiction therapists. The conference will be held in August 23-25 at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This new frontier in Addiction Medicine will be conducted by the most influential group of leading visionaries specializing in the latest advances in natural and integrative addiction medicine, under the theme “The Future of Integrative Addiction”. This is such an opportunity that you don’t want to miss for more information on about the details of the conference log in to or send an email to

The distinction between drug addiction and Crime: The grieving society

The debate about what to be done for the addicts will continue because people will never think the same and that is natural. Therefore the grieving society may feel that people who have committed criminal offences be made to pay for their crime irrespective of whether they were under the influence of drugs at the time of crime or not nonetheless from the medical desk it is a unanimous agreement that people who have committed crimes in order to pay for their addiction may surely benefit more from help by administering treatment to them rather than having them locked up in the prisons. The challenge or problem with prison is that while these offenders are confined in these facilities, it is always believed that they will not have any access to the drugs thereby making their rehabilitation much easier but many at times this is not the case, there is evidence that drugs can be accessed in prison easily through corrupted officers who smuggle in drugs to the prisoners even in their confinement, meaning that the vicious circle continues because such convicts are still able to continue with their bad addictive habit. And for this reason it is not about the distinction between drug addiction and crime or what punishment to give but administering treatment for lasting solutions that will kill the re-occurrence of the vicious circle. To do this talk to us at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and we will be of great help to you.

The distinction between drug addiction and Crime: Offering the much needed solution