The Cancer Machine

Cancer is a common medical condition that in the years has claimed the lives of not only the old folks but also the young. For years medical practitioners have worked tirelessly to find a breakthrough in the cure for cancer.

Surgery, radiation and chemo therapy are the leading cancer management techniques. Surgery seeks to remove the cancerous tumors from the patient before it spreads to other parts of the body. The other methods aim at killing the cancerous cells to stop their growth.

However, there has been a breakthrough in the medical field that has sent researchers investing greatly in it. This breakthrough has something to do with the Kanzius cancer machine. Researchers are investing in it in order to test its efficiency.

The Kanzius Machine

John Kanzius is a man who proved that cancer could be concurred. With no medical background or knowledge in science, the fellow built a radio wave machine he hoped would cure cancer. This may be hard to believe because he only did this with pie pans belonging to his wife.

Kanzius was diagnosed with leukemia which had cost him a lot through dozens of chemotherapy sessions. This is where the inspiration came from. Having undergone several sessions of chemotherapy he figured out that the medical field could do with something better.

Cancer patients did not have to endure the pain that comes with chemotherapy. Chemo therapy is meant to kill the cancer cells and slow down their multiplication.

The Cancer Machine

One day, he woke up at night and went to the kitchen. He stated assembling his wife’s pie pans to build a radio wave machine to help cure cancer. Later with $200,000 he was able to build a more advanced machine.

The Kanzius cancer machine has today proved to be a breakthrough in medicine. Researchers are now pouring millions of dollars to testing the machine.

The medical trials on the machine have still a long way to go before it becomes applicable. If the machine proves efficient, it will be the answer to millions of cancer patients who have to undergo expensive procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery to kill the cancer cells and remove cancerous tumors.

The cancer machine will destroy the cancer cells without the need for chemo therapy. The main reason Kanzius came up with the machine was to act as an alternative for chemotherapy. He himself having been a cancer patient, he was familiar with the shortcomings that come with chemotherapy.

The machine will work by destroying all cancer cells in the body. This will happen without the need for surgery or drugs. The good news is that, unlike other cancer management techniques, the Kanzius machine will have no side effects.

Cancer patients will be able to go through the cancer process without experiencing side effects that come with cancer, for example hair loss in patients exposed to chemotherapy.

How the Cancer Machine Works

The cancer machine is made up of different radio wave boxes. Radio waves move from one box to another. This creates energy that is enough to activate gas that is contained in a fluorescent light. It is common knowledge among folks that, metal heats up when it is exposed to powered radio waves. A tumor that is injected with some kind of metal will be destroyed when a beam of radio wave is focused on it.

The cancer machine will require doctors to inject metal nanoparticles into the tumor. When this is done the tumor is then exposed to radio wave beams. This creates a process where the tumor is destroyed by killing the cells that make up the tumor. This happens without necessarily destroying the tissues that surrounds the tumor.

Researchers believe that use of molecules that are specially programmed to reach cancer cells and attaching to them nanoparticles, the machine will have the ability of targeting even the microscopic cells in the body.

The Cancer Machine

This cancer machine will prove to be a great relief to cancer patients. It will enable patients to recover from cancer without side effects.

Alternative ways of reducing cancer risks

Meanwhile before scientists can verify the workability of the Kanzius machine here are some ways to reduce your risk of getting cancer:

  • Take regular exercises
  • Reduce your intake of processed sugars, foods and grain carbohydrate.
  • Get sufficient night sleep
  • Reduce exposure to chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.
  • Avoid being overweight as obesity is a risk factor for cancer.
  • Always ensure that you take a balanced diet.

With these healthy procedures you will be able to a large extent reduce your cancer risk. Cancer is a lifestyle disease and your health depends on how you treat your body. You can find out more about this from Dr. Dalal Akoury who has wide experience with cancer patients. Many patients who have recovered bear testimony to her good work and wide knowledge and experience. For more health and wellness tips just visit

Understanding The Cancer Machine