Understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain: Overcoming addiction and staying drug free

Understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain

Understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain is very necessary to avoid being in serious health complications

Before any contaminant is associated with the brain, the brain is very free and effective in its functions as one of the most sensitive organs of the body. The functions of the brain are very precise and any infringement to them impacts negatively to the whole body and that is why we must guard it by all means. Take for instance the problem of drug addiction that involves cravings for something intensely, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences. When one is addicted to any substance, this process normally causes serious changes in the brain by subverting the way it registers pleasure and then it graduates by corrupting other normal drives like learning and motivation. This is what we must not allow by all means and that is why we want to engage the experts’ opinion in understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain functions. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are going to be very helpful in shading some light about all these concerns. But before we get into that let us first start by introducing what really causes addiction.

Understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain: What causes addiction?

It will interest you to note that this word addiction actually originated from a Latin word meaning enslaved by or bound to. You may not understand what it feels like to be addicted to a substance until you are addicted to it or if you are caring for someone who is struggling with the problem of addiction. Doctor Akoury says that addiction impacts powerfully and influences the brain functions in three distinctive ways that is to say; by craving for the object of addiction, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite dangerous and harmful consequences.

For a very long time now, experts believed that only alcohol and powerful drugs could cause addiction. Nonetheless new neuroimaging technologies and more recent research have shown that certain pleasurable activities besides the known drugs both hard and soft, such as gambling, shopping, and sex, can also co-opt the brain. So whenever you are talking about addiction, you must not narrow your augment on drugs alone. From our previous article we mention something about a standard U.S. diagnostic manual (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition or DSM-IV) that describes multiple addictions with each tied to a specific substance or activity, experts across the globe are building consensus that these may represent multiple expressions of a common underlying brain process. To that effect it would be very important that we all seek for medical attention immediately we suspect something in our health. You can actually schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more in-depth analysis of your situation with a view of finding lasting solutions that will leave health and comfortable.

Understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain: The Future of Integrative Addiction

The effects of addiction to the brain is very sensitive and unless we pool together to find lasting solutions, we may be time bad. This rush against time is what doctor Dalal Akoury is trying to deal with from all avenues. Like we had indicated above that doctor Akoury founded a health facility to primarily help the direct victims of drug addiction. This facility is doing a phenomenon job to the community and even to the professionals caring for the addicts. Like for instance AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, which is one of the leading pioneers in natural and holistic addiction treatment, will be conducting the first ever Educational, Functional and Integrative Addiction conference for doctors, counselors, nurses and addiction therapists. The conference is actually scheduled for August 23-25 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This new frontier in Addiction Medicine will be conducted by the most influential group of leading visionaries specializing in the latest advances in natural and integrative addiction medicine, under the theme “The Future of Integrative Addiction”.

It is important to appreciate that this Integrative Addiction Conference 2015 mission is to provide prevention education, awareness, options and support to patients and physicians dealing with addiction. It is also tailored at empowering physicians to be involved in determining their personal “best answer for addiction” and promoting physician/patient awareness of a natural, yet profoundly effective, addiction treatment options that result in you “thriving while surviving” during treatment and recovery. Integrative Addiction Conference 2015 will cover topics such as addiction as a holistic body ecosystem derangement, the interaction between stress, survivorship, pain and addiction, the role of hormonal imbalance in the disease of addiction, the genetic and epigenetic influences on the disease of addiction, psycho neuroendocrine immune restoration essential to reverse addiction as well as new and future therapies in the horizon for addiction treatment including stem therapy for psycho neuroendocrine immune restoration. This is one educative occasion you cannot afford to miss and for more information about the conference you can login to www.integrativeaddiction2015.com or email sharon@integrativeaddiction2015.com. You can also call the event organizer directly Sharon Phillips on telephone number 954 540 1896 and you will be attended to with dignity.

In the meantime let me take this earliest opportunity to officially invite you to this conference as the lead speaker of the three day conference. And just to pre-empt of what to expect as the keynote speaker, Dalal Akoury, MD will be discussing The Hijacked Mind: How does it get there and how does is leave? Sean Devlin, DO, HMD, will be focusing on “How to Recognize Addiction: Emergency care room and Addiction. Preliminary diagnostics and coping with life-saving measures when patients have overdose on substances of abuse/alcohol and drugs. I can tell you for sure that this will be the turning point for all of us in the addiction industry so that we can even deliver better to our client. We must defeat this common enemy called addiction. So let me see you at the conference.

Understanding how addiction is hijacking the brain: Overcoming addiction and staying drug free